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  1. Hope everyone is having a stellar start to the new year! This year for is really shaping up to be a great one for us here in the community. We have a lot of plans for 2021, and one of the things we have been working on for a bit is updating the community merchandise available to you all. I hope some of the new options are to your liking. We have new Jerseys (short and long sleeve), Jackets, Hoodies and Flags. Each have color options of Blue, Red, Green and Pink. We also now have Dad Hats instead of only straight bill Snapback hats. For those of you looking to add some KSI gear to your wa
  2. I dont know much about his situations, but from what I do know, there are definitely a multitude of things outside of KSI right now that require a lot of effort and attention from him. To the extent that I am amazed he still has time and effort to put into making this community better. He isn't giving up, and as far as Departments his activity has actually increased as well. I cannot speak to his Clan Ops involvement, as I don't know and that's not my arena but I see several others have.
  3. Gamertag: KSI Airborne 7 Division (If Not available, please put N/A): N/A My wife would also like to participate, seeing as it's an open tournament. I can relay all of the rules and information to her, thanks
  4. Name: KSI Dropshot 7 Link to Forums Account: @Mr. DropShot Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service lvl. 2 Reason-/-Evidence: Speaking from being around Drop for literal YEARS we have worked together, it's a crime that this man doesn't have OS lvl 2 already. He has been around for most of a decade, and he has contributed In several areas of the community, making his way to earning a "7" in each possible way, clan ops, web ops and dept ops. He was a great resource for the Courts, as the guy has stayed a Judge since like 2013 (correct me if I'm off on that Drop). Every time we had ne
  5. Kakashii was one the people who got me involved with the community. The man joined in late 2011, and is still around. THATS ALMOST A DECADE LATER and he is still here and not just standing on the sidelines, he contributes. He has been on 7s staff several times throughout the years, and is a great source of knowledge because of it. He now keeps the LC poised in the right direction for the betterment of KSI as well. I really feel like this time through has been his best, as he got to be a crucial part of training and guiding SL, and is still making impact in other areas of the community as well.
  6. For Departments, DC has been a contributor both in the News and AAP departments. When we "rebooted" News this past year, he was one of the main reasons the department got on track considering we had 100% turnover. He also busted his A$$ in the AAP this year, to the extent he realistically could've been named Co-Head of either department, before he was given that title in the AAP. Now, he has been spending most of his time and effort on improving KSI's education standards and workshops. As the Head of Education this guy is going to continue to improve the classes and information documents them
  7. Correctly, the first way. I definitely also pronounce it wrong though. "In the eastern US, especially the Northeast, apricot is pronounced "ap-ri-kot". "Ay-pri-kot" is the common pronunciation in the rest of the US"
  8. My favorite part now is getting to see my daughter excited about it all and seeing family as much as we can
  9. I've seen it played in VR as well. I feel like that would be really fun
  10. My family has always done this when I was a kid, and my wife and I do this now still.
  11. Issue with award system, when we can add awards to the system, people will be awarded the costume party award
  12. awarded the eligible awards, member did not choose 3 staff awards for their Metas. Awarded and closed
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