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  1. Man Fadez, The guy deserves every bit of this award, hes a motivator, a teacher, he'll tutor, he grinds and doesn't stop for this community. I don't even know were to actually begin . Kacey is moral mixed with consistency stirred in with Dedication. I watched a member with social issues push and overcome the uncomfortabilties of dealing with people speaking in front of others and handling situations take over and become a leader because Kacey was there because he put in the effort to always look out for that memeber because he cares for them. I've seen a different member that goes through some of the worse struggles in life almost losing someone close to them because of an uncontrollable tragedy and they are on the brink of ending it all bounce back because Kaceywouldnt let them give up he wouldnt let that member throw it away. I've bared witness to a member that had no friends and was accustomed to hurting there selves and couldnt find any other way to relieve it change and that member pull a full 360 and go under his wing and start learning from Kacey because he wanted to help people the way Kacey does. Fadez has helped members find a fuller potential through web ops through clan ops through this community which has allowed the areas that he touches thrive. Kacey is more than a memeber, a department head, hes more then a friend or a brother, hes family. For me personally man .... I cant even lie I'm sitting her freakin crying, as I think to my own past that I really might not be here in this community in this life with out him. (I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME CRY RIGHT NOW KACE).Because he was there when things got so dark for me. It started with me guiding him, and When I fell he helped me get up and he guided me. He taught me how to extend my self to others around and be a family member to those not only who he would be around but to people I'm around everyday. The leadership kacey has you cant teach, the work and literal hours days and months kacey puts into these people in the community is untouchable you can not and will not find another that does what he does. It be insane to think other wise and it be blasphemous to not give him this award. Fadez is the very Definition of this Award. Please Recognize this!
  2. Greenday... few I really feel like I'm about to gas up my sister right now. (If I had one). Miss Foxy here is by far the most resilient member to have ever stepped through these KSI doors. The amount of devotion Greenday has put in this community isnt as good as everybodys, Its better. We shouldnt even be talking OS lvl 2, this should of already been gifted awhile ago. There isnt a member Greenday wont help Poopy members to amazing memebers. You cant teach a beautiful heart, there made that way and Greenday really is one of a kind sacrificing 99% of her time to KSI while her blood sweat and tears drag along Literally, as well as her own finances, I've seen this girl go so out her way for people. It sometimes even makes me question why. 5 years GIRL 5years your Dedication to this community has only risen. We've had our ups and down. And you've still always been there. Greenday came into this community under great leadership and to none for granted shes blossomed into one of the top influential members this community has ever seen weather it has been on a personal level or KSI level. You've told me at one point you had seen me as a mentor. But the roll is truly reversed. I've seen this girls tank run on E and she still remain unstoppable. Thank you for everything you do for this community this past year you have assisted in helping me believe KSI has moved on to better places then where it once was. And I cant thank you enough for giving that to me and every other member that has had the privilege of getting to know you. Greenday deserves this award 10fold,1000%.
  3. Fadez is 110% deserving of OS lvl2. Over 6 1/2 years I've known this guy. Ever sense literally the first week of me knowing Kacey(fadez) hes impacted me as a KSI member a friend and a brother. Back In the days when DR was still standing in way earlier times, there was a problem in DR with past upperleadership pushing aside gens and below, "if you didnt have a 7 you were treated lower" for lack of better words. KSI Airborne 7 can witness to this being true as well. The biggest goal of all was to push equality as a person and to be able to bring more 7s with all non 7s. Well here we are now DR's gone. Most of the members scattered or have left, but Fadez took that idea and made it massive. Fadez took the idea and made it his own. (--Court Judge, HSI Head, Join Moderator, News Team Member, and although hes not currently working clan ops hes still in touch with many members that are.) Allowing what some of us call a second home to be real. See not everyones life is great and not every 17 yr old or 18 yr old etc. Has friends or has someone to talk to and some of us even if we do, we feel alone. Fadez has been that KSI member to go the extra mile to hear what you need to let out before something bad happens. Fadez has impacted this community in ways that alot of us would have never expected. Weather its encouragement and motivation to get out of your comfort zone within KSI or Real life scenarios. Fadez will sit and break down your situation. Kaceys been apart of one of the toughest times in my life and when I was on the edge ready to fall, This guy made sure to help me back up. And I've seen him do it for countless others. He really doesnt know how much he is loved. 
  4. I can witness for this 100%. Im not able to see the thread but theres no need. I was the Division Leader of DR that oversaw the split.
  5. Here to witness For Airborne (Cody) Back when i was the final leader Of the Division Double Helix. The Division was broken down taking its small remaining members and merging into DR. Airborne was the First Divine Reign Memeber i had met. A General at the time. He put fourth the effort to seek me out and find out what needed to be done to make not only his squad but the division as a whole better. Back then 7s in this Division limited the communication of talking to squad members. So Airborne knowing he may not get an answer based off of what he was used to still came ready and willing to do what needed to be done. I have not only watched this man split sqauds in DR, ive personally handed him his 7, hes enstilled other memebers with the knowledge and know how to split squads. He not only helped me create some of the best members this community has ever seen. But hes stepped in when my life and my codivs life wasnt the best. Some of the best members hes trained are, heads and co heads thru out the Division. Airborne did more then just work to make the division better. Something that Division to my knowledge hadnt seen he helped create more then a thriving Division where he split squads and help split the Division later on after i had stepped down, membera under Airborne have learned things that they will always remember. IMO Airbornes Name should go to the top of the list for the DR HOF. Because MP wouldnt exsist, great memebers to the left and right of you wouldnt be on these forms with out Airborne. KSI Airborne 7 Plays a huge part in the Success that Divine Regin Had. -KSI Arc 7
  6. Please dont take down currently writing my statement
  7. If anyone can help me figure out how to add new pictures t=in my About mE That be Great, Apparently i cant figure it out. -_- 

  8. IN a World with Such Corruption What Side will You Chose What Change Will you Make.

  9. MA-ive seen him help out multiple members.The guys not even in my squad and hes helped me get members in my squad get going and help train them
  10. 3years and a Day <3KSI

  11. Teach your self to drink, to drink from the bowl, Dont rely on somone to hold it for you.

  12. Teach your self to drink, to drink from the bowl, Dont rely on somone to hold it for you.

  13. OSLV1 Since i recruited this clown hes been the best guy ive ever recruited and ive been here awhile. at one point he was helping out a numerous amount of squads out with multiple issues each. Hes an awsome Cofo and will be an even greater leader in time to come. Hes made KSI apart of his life something that he didnt have to accept but that KSI had to except hes done more then his share and continues to do more and more each week.
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