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  1. Awoken Lucifer's post in Bring KSI Raider 66 Back To General in Blackout!!! was marked as the answer   
    @ KSI No1BigDaddy as has already been stated but doesnt seem to have registered during reading thru this topic so im going to list up a nice easily found and accesable load of information complete with links and information which doesnt take me long to find since i wrote and updated the vast majority of each link i will be posting.

    KIK IS NOT TO BE USED TO RUN A DIVISION....or to take "attendance and notes"...thats what there is this wonderfull forums for....which hell the reason people have started using KIK or SKYPE...is out of sheer unadulterated LAZYNESS....and again all this is in the SOG.
    Link to the SOG: http://www.ksiforums.org/page/KSI/standard_operating_guidelines.html
    Link to the KSI Handbook: http://www.ksiforums.org/page/KSI/ksi_handbook.html

    Gamertags settings basics: if any of these are not met then you are indeed out of uniform.
    friends list: friends only view
    Motto/bio: ALL
    Recent activity: Open to all.

    Lockdown: NOBODY is above this in clan ops. Even the directors, senior directors and large majority of the Board of Directors adhere to this rule of locking parties down.......regardless of it making easier on your friends.

    Oh and As for activity....hi im luci I am really really OCD with information and cataloging it.....im the guy who actually monitors peoples activity on very specific things...which everybody ranked General to Board of directors is checked.

    Oh and as for your blatant discontent and disrespect towards others who have posted regarding the situation i am going to take this oppertunity to also remind you All of this.
    You will ALL keep a civil tongue when you write or for a rare change i will fully inforce the rules of the open door section in conjunction with the rules of the forums for sheer disrespect towards others am i clear?
  2. Awoken Lucifer's post in Lets build a Magnetic Field Generator as a project for KSI? (denied, Spam, renamed) was marked as the answer   
    on the list of pointless and irreverent topics or suggestions....this one is kinda stinging of troll vibes....and Science fiction writing
    Same answer as listed in the link below
    "The open door area is for bringing ideas, questions or complaints to your leaders.
    ...not to post flights of fancy and fiction"
  3. Awoken Lucifer's post in Xbox Nvision (spam) was marked as the answer   
    The open door area is for bringing ideas, questions or complaints to your leaders.
    ....not to post flights of fancy and fiction.
  4. Awoken Lucifer's post in KSI Young Guns (dead topic) was marked as the answer   
    and you know how they could get 15K in young members......probably becuase they want to look better and bigger than they are.....and the best way to do that is to just tell them bring your friends in regardless of age.

    I also means that they will have an incredibly disrespectful section that is left to do wtf it feels like
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