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  1. Team Captain: KSI Torch096 Division: ES Teammate: EatMorCkin Division: ES
  2. Team Captain Gamertag:KSI Torch096 Division/squad:ES/Banshee Team Members Gamertag: RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division/squad:ES/Banshee Gamertag:EatMorCkin Division/Squad:ES/Banshee Sub:KSI Tempest115
  3. Name: KSI Torch096 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Torch096 Award-/-Achievement: 2019 donor Reason-/-Evidence: @KSI Taywick 77
  4. Killer instinct For Honor Titanfall2 Warframe dojo duals
  5. Team Captain: KSI Torch096 Division: ES Teammate #2:RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division: ES Teammate #3: Rupp Horde Division: ES Sub: EatMorCkin Division: ES
  6. Team Captain:KSI Torch096 Gamertag:KSI Torch096 Division: ES Teammates Gamertag:KSI PRicanMatos Division: ES Gamertag:KSI DarkAngel 7 Division: ES
  7. Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Hatter 77 Founder_ES_Banshee Link to forums account - @Hatter 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - She is the one reason I joined and one of the few that I stay. She has made my time in KSI so much fun and has given me some new friends to hang out with. When she isn't busy with r.l or officer duties she will play with you on almost anything..... unless she is already on minecraft because then she will never stop playing it. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Jynxie General_ES_Banshee Link to forums account - @KSI Jynxie Reasoning why they deserve this - I believe she deserves this because out of everyone in Banshee she has worked the hardest of it. If someone had a problem then she would make time to listen to what the person had to say and would work to fix it. She has also picked her officer staff not on if they were her friends or not but on if she thought they would make Banshee a fun, happy place where we could play games and just chill out..... except this one guy, He's a bit of a pr*ck (KSI Torch096). But other then that she is one stand up individual who looks out for everyone.
  8. Team Captian: KSI Torch096 Division:ES Teammate: RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division:ES
  9. Team Captain:KSI Torch096 Division:ES Teammate:RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division:ES Teammate:ZealousEqualty Division:ES
  10. Team Captain:KSI Torch096 Division:ES Teammate: RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division:ES Teammate:TGOD Cris Division:ES
  11. Ima throw in my vote as well. I never thought I would join KSI again because of why I left the first time. Then Hatter came to me talking about the good 'ol days and asked if I would like to join again.... I really wasnt sure about it, but on a whim I said yes and put in my rejoin app. Hatter was the ONLY reason I joined and Jynxie is one of the VERY FEW reasons that I stay. She has been an irreplaceable friend to me, something I don't have alot of. She has made being in KSI very worthwhile and hella fun. She is an amazing general with a very high resistance to stupid ( I would know because I test that resistance everyday) which is why she very rarely gets angry with people even though they do some dumb s***. Even when I became an officer she gave me all the rules and pointers I needed, and if I had a question she would take the time to answer me and make sure I understood it. She makes sure this squad runs perfectly with her amazingly hard work.( now if only she could apply all this hard work to her gaming and she would be perfect) She makes everyday in KSI fun and interactive and I couldn't see this squad improving without her.
  12. Team Captain:KSI Torch096 Division:ES Teammate:RUSTYMARSHMELOW Division:ES Teammate:Rupp Horde Division:ES Sub: PKxsparks
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