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  1. For 2 staff awards I would like to do execute order 77 and imagine dragons would be my two picks
  2. name: Ksi countdukeu awards: legen- ripple effect profile link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/27865-ksi-sir-alucard/ evidence: I have over 5 and 10 awards
  3. What about pubg turnaments now that custom games are out. I know a lot of people play it so it might be a good idea.
  4. Members who completed training ksi wintermoth @KSI WinterMoth ksi blarin @KSI Blarin ksi hollywood82 @KSI Hollywood82 i can be a witness for all the above as I hosted the workshop
  5. Ksi fats mcgee gen insanity dm @KSI Fats McGee reasons: ever since fats took over as gen for our squad he has pushed us to work harder and try to even save our squad at one point. He tries to answer any questions we have even if it means admitting that he doesn’t know and then goes and finds the answer. He isn’t the perfect gen but he does his best. It even got to a point where we yelled at each other about some stupid stuff but I think even that was a good memory. He really works hard and I think he deserves it!
  6. I say keep it eastern swapping time now would just confuse everyone and the east coast would have to stay up even later then they do now so it wouldn’t be fair. I live on the west coast and I know it’s hard for some of us to make it to some things but usually if it’s a gamenight that can go on for a few hours and by the time we get home over here the festivities are still going on so it’s not that big of a deal.
  7. I’m not listed but I am in dm and I do see kitty everywhere. She is also my mentor right now. She has done everything in her power to help every squad in dm. Even if she has to repeat herself 50 times she does it. I’ve never heard one bad thing about her. She is long overdue for this I feel.
  8. Name: ksi Countdukeu Link to Forums Account: @KSI SIR ALUCARDAward-/-Achievement: Gamer score hoarderReason-/-Evidence: I have a gamer score of over 20,000 on a ksi tag let me know if you need witnesses
  9. Team captain: ksi countdukeu divison: dm teammate: prokiller124 division: dm teammate: toxxicducky divison: dm
  10. Welcome to the forums dashierocks :)

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