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  1. I see you stopped by for Spirit Week, but not Fall Classic. I am disappoint.

  2. Been a minute since I've been around these parts. Lets go KSI! Also, yes I still want my award dangit!
  3. I can't speak much to a lot of what the people in his division can, but I can attest to his character and what I did see from him in the little interactions we did have. Gump was a standup member. He was loved by the leader he came up with, and the members he helped train and motivate day in and day out. Gump was a fighter. He proved that every day with the sickness he was battling at home and the uphill battle he was fighting trying to improve DL. He makes me proud to be a leader in KSI, he makes me proud to know that we could have such a great member here, he makes me feel blessed to have been able to meet him. It's not much, but I'm confident his legacy will live on in DL for generations to come, directly and indirectly. For all of these reasons and many more that I'm sure will be mentioned in the coming nominations, KSI xMr Gumpx 7 deserves DL hall of fame. Hell, maybe even KSI hall of fame.
  4. A few of us decided we'd like to show our appreciation for the two of you. So we decided to write a few things up: some memories, stories, and best wishes but most of all we all want to thank both of you for everything you've done for this place! The steps we as a community have taken and the progress we've all made along the way is thanks to the hard work and dedication from both of you. Scotland - KSI Fuzzymeep 7. There are a lot of things I want to say about this man, some publically, and some privately only between himself, and myself. Those that are private are so the rest of the world does not see me being mushy and overly affectionate. With that, I will start again! KSI Fuzzymeep 7, known to many as the Father of KSIs fresh start, the king of .org and mentor to us all. It took me around a year of being in KSI to fully realise who Fuzzy was, I had always thought of him as a figure head, or a big brother figure who watched over us without saying much, however I have never been so wrong. I fully started my interactions with him after I made AAP Department head, which was one of the most intimidating moments of my being in KSI, being in a party with Fuzzy as he asked me questions about my direction, goals and ambitions. Oh boy! It was then that I met Fuzzy. The fuzzy who has a voice, and opinion and knowledge about everything. The man of legend that I had been hearing about. I said I was wrong about him being big brother, I was wrong, he is the big brother that will argue with you when you are wrong, but teach you how to do it properly. He is the person that will take time out of his rest time after a 17hour shift to make sure you are fine after you have a moment, or in my case a few moments. Since then, I have spent time laughing, crying, arguing and debating with him, all for the betterment of myself and for the community. There are few persons in this community, and likely to be very few like him after today that will take the same care and initiative that he has done. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for what you not only have done for this community, but for myself personally. You took my desire and wishes to be able to help this community on a greater and grander scale and made it a reality. You made me believe in myself, which is not something I accept lightly, once again thank you for all you have done. RiiOT - Fuzzy - To my longest xbl friend, enjoy retirement. Didnt think this would be a think I'd be writing while we were playing cops and robbers on H2 or sword cancelling out of maps. You are one sexy sob and we need to renovate the secret base soon js its getting a bit dusty. Rags - I have your job so I guess retirement is the next option. I guess ill continue to send you under the kilt pictures maybe or at the very least at a reduced price. Kitty - Fuzzy and Raggy... actually retiring? I'll believe it when I see it!! I've only been involved with KSI for just over two years, and you both have had a huge influence on my time as an officer and as a 7. Fuzzy, being more involved on a community level was always someone I could look up to. I never really got the time to sit down and ask for your advice specifically, but you were always an example on how I should handle myself in certain situations. You were, and always will be what I think KSI represents, and I thank you for playing such a crucial role in making KSI what it is today. A safe and fun environment for gamers to come together. The fruits of your endless work and dedication will be around for years to come. Raggy on the other hand I came across on accident! It is one of the best accidents that has ever happened to me. That day, I gained one of my best friends, a "little brother" who is there for me whenever I need him. Raggy, I'm glad that you always made yourself available to vent to, whether that be KSI related, or something that's going on in my life. You've talked me down in several situations, and helped me make a more clear decision. Even though I will still talk to you everyday, I'll definitely miss having you around in a KSI aspect. <3 Wrapping up, with their retirement KSI will be losing two major pillars that have shaped and cared for this community for over ten years. Thank you for your time and effort, all of the mentoring you've done for the countless members, and the ideas that have come into play that have made our community a better place! Luci - Over the last 10 years I have seen these two go thru some good moments and some terrible days where things looked like nothing would be fine. For Rags I have known you for several years now you still manage to put up with me after 10 years without having killed me. I consider you to be one of my dearest friends To which I have the utmost respect and love for you. There Have been some notable days with the pair of us where we could go from wanting to kill each other to wanting to just grab a drink and laugh at something stupid. You have taught me Most of the things i needed to learn as a admin and to try to keep my anger in check. My hope for the future is that you continue to be around and have less stress to deal with and that your work goes well.I will miss your advice on things like what anime to watch and good shows to try to get into. For Fuzzy: Dylan you've been one of the best friends and bosses i have ever had, you take things in stride the most leaders put their hands up and walk away from instead of sticking around and toughing it out like you have done so for all these years. How you have remained sane is beyond me lol. you supported me when it came to tough things like the creation of LB, you're always there for people who need advice and to have somebody they can count on to try their damm best to direct them into the desired path. I remember you when you were that slightly chubby volunteer fireman who has grown into the EMT, Fireman and Fine gentlemen I know you turned into. === To the Pair of you i wish you the best......and all the random Stuff that comes up that makes you remember my dumb window licking self...You'll be missed. RiiTa - Fuzzy You've been a best friend, a mentor, and a brother to me. You've been the most influential person to my KSI career and I somehow haven't been blacklisted lol. You've made this place run smoothly for 10 years, yet you always put your all in and never seem deterred. We owe a lot to you and I hope you know that we're thankful for all you've done. I still remember the first party I met you in. You were high on pain meds because you had recently had your shoulder surgery and didn't have to join, but you did. You spoke to me, a lowly captain like a person and valued my opinion. Every other experience I had had with leaders was always negative, or I felt belittled but not with you. I later came to find out that's just how you were, you cared about each and every member and valued us. It was from that moment on I knew I wanted to help you run this place and I'm happy and honored that I had the ability to. Rags For a long time I had never met rags, I heard about him, but I never met him. When I finally did, I realized that he wanted to blacklist me because I (unknowingly) changed my gamertag to a hall of famers old tag. Thankfully, he didn't lol. Rags has been a huge part of my development here, and I can confidently say that without Rags going full Dr. Phil for me a few times I wouldn't be here today. He cares about this place (sometimes too much) which has led to many arguments that lasted about 10 min before one of us messaged each other to apologize. He's not as in the spotlight as Fuzzy or ImPyyy etc. but he's just as important to KSI as anyone has been. You're a great mentor and friend, thank you!
  5. I'd like to prestige in COD BO4 once this year, that'd be cool.
  6. Warpriest is a phenomenal leader and has been dince I've known him. I first met Jacob when i was a gen back in firebird and that first thing i noticed was his drive and his willingness to learn even from someone like me at the time who had only been in for a few months and was a fresh gen. He was always there for me and that squad, and he eventually followed in my footsteps to run that squad after my 2nd in command to the point of splitting it. Something that I was never able to do. He made such an impact on firebird and it's split torque that I decided to make him the co-founder over the xbox one squads, a job he did very well and was always on for the members. I can't attest to much of what is posted above because of how long he was in before me, but I'd say based off of what I have seen from him he definitely deserves to be listed among my name and swaggs for putting in just as much work as we did to make FI what it was.
  7. I can vouch, I've seen him give name changes, hold tournaments with his own money and even buy gold for people. He's earned both awards for all that he has given to this community and it's members, even at times he might not have always had a ton of money for himself, he always put KSI and his members first. I don't know an exact number, but over his years of service to the community he has definitely helped at least 15-20 people and thats from my own experiences not counting what he did before I joined.
  8. I can attest. Swagg was an instrumental part of the FI split to create TI. He worked with Azrael to help create a better FI, and set the standard for leaders of that division in the future. Swagg is a motivator to say the least, he is constantly pushing his members to do better than even they thought possible. I am a product of swagg's leadership. Swagg helped shape me into not only a good leader, but a positive one. At the time I was coming up I was going through some difficult times, I didn't really have any friends because I had to cut them off and at times I felt secluded from the rest of society. Joining KSI helped me with some of that, but meeting swagg made me in the simplest way I can put it, happy. He was an energetic, motivated leader and for once it felt like someone actually took me seriously. In a lot of ways Swagg and FI saved my life. I took him for granted and had the tendency to complain about his busy schedule and his inability to get online as much as I wanted him to. I was only 16 at the time I felt jaded, but that never deterred swagg in the slightest and he never took me being a whiny teenage brat to heart because deep down he had faith that I could be better and I hope that I have become better. Swagg is someone I'll never forget, I may tease him from time to time and act like I don't care but I love him to death he is literally like a brother. This isn't just about me though, swagg did this day in and day out for FI and there are a lot of people he has impacted. it's for that reason and some of the accomplishments I'm going to list below that I believe without a doubt he deserves this recognition. Split countless squads in FI (I mean countless, I literally can't think of all of them.) Split FI Set a new standard for FI leadership Made it to Director In closing Swagg is a true testament to what a leader should be, and he is everything I strive to be. I love you to death buddy, I hope you know how much of an impact you've made on me and that no matter what we will always be brothers. - KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Senior Director & Proud Swagg mentee
  9. Trendies is phenomenal in a multitude of ways as a leader. He has created lasting relationships with leaders and divisions that at one point in time were considered impossible to actually form a relationship with as an outsider. Trendies does this by always remaining level-headed and calm in every scenario thrown at him, and I mean every scenario. He strives to do his best for the members of the divisions that he is over, while always remaining objective. He has been an influential leader of this community for a long time, he was even a Co-Division Leader in WD when I became Co-Founder to give you a time reference. Trendies did a lot for WI when it was still around and continued that trend with WD once the merge happened. He helped start a shift in momentum in that division which eventually led it to the position that it's in now with a strong and stable 7s staff, and a knowledgeable, hardworking, dedicated officers staff below them. Trendies is a pillar of this community and without a doubt in my mind I can say that he deserves this award for all that he has done for this community and it's members.
  10. Tex has been an influential leader and member of the community for about 3 years now that is evident in the accolades and recognition she has gotten over the course of her career, some of which I will mention now. OTY's Co-Founder - 2016 Division Leader - 2017 Outstanding service Level 1 Other notable awards: LEAD 101 Graduate LEAD Mentor (Hard to achieve) In my time with working with Tex the one thing that I have noticed above all else is her commitment to her members and the leaders in the Divisions she oversees. She is a hands-on, hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable leader, and I without her influence some of our divisions might not even be here. She's been a mentor and huge influence in the lives and careers of the leaders she works with on a day to day basis. Tex without a doubt is a shining example of what every leader should strive to become. She puts her members above all else including herself (even when sometimes that means myself and her have to 1v1 in an xbox party) and thats rare in anything in life. She is truly selfless and in doing so has helped establish an amazing atmosphere in her divisions and KSI. I'm thankful to have her as a Director, in all honesty she probably deserves OS 3 for all that she has done. Thanks Tex, KSI wouldn't be the same without you.
  11. There's not much I can say about firemomma that hasn't been said already but I'll try my best. Firemomma inherited a division of fluff, inactivity and poorly trained officers and leadership. It was through the efforts of firemomma that DL began to repair itself with new leaders being trained, inactive members being fluffed and squad activities being reintroduced to DL after such a long time that there wasn't any. She has faced obstacle after obstacle and has never slowed down or given up. Reviving a nearly dead division is no easy feat, but firemomma with the help of prophecy and tex did just that, and that's why she deserves OS 1 and probably OS 2 as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my witness statement I hope it's helpful.
  12. I've had the opportunity to work alongside DL for several months now. I've seen DL at it's absolute lowest and at it's best which I believe is right now. Prophecy has been a huge part of this transition by constantly being online for his members, becoming acting gen of squads that needed it (saving them in the process) and being the voice of reason whenever firemomma is away. Prophecy has done all he can to train and mentor those coming up behind him by helping in any way he can with workshops, meetings and events. In short, he's a valuable resource in DL and has undoubtedly earned OS lvl 1.
  13. Leaders like RiiOT come around maybe once in several generations of KSI. He is constantly doing his best to improve both the forums in any way that he can, while always being there for the mods and senior mods under him to provide knowledge. RiiOT currently is the User Support Admin for the forums in this role he assists both the forums staff and the member base on technical issues ranging from a variety of difficulty and time consumption yet he always has the time to do whatever is asked of him. The simple truth is from my sphere of KSI it's hard to quite grasp the magnitude of what he does, even with my Senior Mod access on the forums; but one thing is certain, without RiiOT this website wouldn't run at the capacity and success that it is. RiiOT is also currently running the AAP. Taking the department to new heights with new policies being implemented, staff being hired, and awards being created. RiiOT is a true representation of what a leader here should be and I hope you all consider not only the amount of statements but who is saying them. All of these people have been significantly impacted by him and his presence here. In closing, I want emphasize the importance of his role here, he is literally one of the most valuable assets in leadership we have. Over his years of service to KSI and it's members he's influenced hundreds if not thousands of people. RiiOT truly has earned this award 10 times over and i hope you all agree.
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