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  1. 40's Jazz, 50's Blues, 60's Blues, 70's Rock, 80's Rock, 90's Nu-Metal, And too much pop so far in the naughties. . . not a fan
  2. KSI Bushy 7 - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35860-ksi-bushy-7/ For the committed award - Over a year with KSI prefix
  3. Member: KSI BadKitty For: Captain of the Month Squad: Cruelty DM Link to Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/40631-ksi-badkitty/ Kitty has shown me that she has the drive and dedication to really make her squad feel like a place people can come and hang out, She is an excellent recruiter and will help all those who need it, she fulfils her dutys and sets a standard for the lower ranking members. She deserves this Award for 5 reasons: The people she has brought to the community people who are all exactly the calibre of people that are to be expected in KSI Her motivation not only to see the job done, but to see that its done correctly The dedication shown to the squad and the people in it. Her willingness to teach and help anyone and everyone in KSI Her professionalism towards the job in hand is inspiring and makes others want to do their jobs better Director of the Month: Nomination: KSI True 7 http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/21248-true-7/ True has shown me through out my time in DM that her dedication to this community is inspirational, her knowledge of all things KSI is like a library and i know anyone can ask for help if they ever need it, her commitment over the past few weeks, even through tough times manages to serve her dutys with a professional attitude and deserves commending for her resilience and perseverance.
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  5. Elkram is a 100% loyal and dedicated member and leader within our community, his high standards set the benchmark for the squads in our division, and for it the division couldn't be a more stable and structured place. i cant speak for his previous achievements and contributions to this community, however what I have heard and having known him for 4 months and in that time, he has risen through the ranks and split a squad to which I am the general. He has shown me strong leadership in a hard time in DM, He never flinches from his duty's too his squads and when the chips are down he doesn't back down. He's considerate to other members and always seems to bring the best out in people which Is a trait many people seem to overlook. Elkram is a top class bloke who's contributions in this community, including productions and being a judge in ksi along with the duty's of a co-founder has shown his organizational skills and commitment to this community, I feel proud to have a leader like him in our community.
  6. Member: KSI Elkram 7 Position: Co-founder Elkram has been a reliable, hardworking and honest member, who is all ways ready to help another fellow member, having been through the ranks with elkram, I found that he is a great leader with strong morals, will and determination who deserves the recognition of this community for his hard work and the sacrifices he has made for the betterment of this division.
  7. GEN Notes - 07JUL16


    Sweep members for Members for Blacklisted members/Communities


    Get rid of Fluff - you have 24 hrs - 


    Weekly update at 8pm eastern, Return of the Town hall, Q and A, 


    7:30 pm eastern



    • Nominations are up.
    • please read them before you nominate-


    News and Productions 

    • still hiring  



    • revamping, apps will be up in a few weeks



    • Apps are up close 12JUL16 (only 2)



    • accepting apps


    Weekend Warfare



    GTA 5 - muscle car -8pm



    2v2 Rocket league -8pm


    Both at TnE  section of the forms closes at 




    Squad Tag

    • Send out blacklisted messages on the Squad Chats



    • KSI Sycdan 7 promoted to Founder
    • KSI FluffyDuck 7 promoted to CoFo


    Special Announcement 


    Halo 5 HH team ( Divisional ) 

    • Open to 14JUL16 at 830pm est
    • Tryout on the 16JUL16
    • only 8 members
    • Sign up on the Forums.


    Divisional Forge Team

    • Put in application
    • Taking requests for people in the division and out
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      KSI Elkram 7

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