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  1. I am witness to killer king in getting the outstanding service award not only because he has help build numbers within KSI but also make sure any officer or member feel right at home. He is not only a great man but a great leader, giving his officer staff the tools needed to carry out the day to day and even gaming with new recruits! My time in KSI has been short to say the least but in that time I have seen killer king do nothing but outshine everyone with the way he does things! With that being said long live the king!
  2. KSI Ot0micdonut https://account.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?GamerTag=KSI%20Ot0micdonut Gamerscore Hoarder award I have over 20k gamerscore.
  3. Killer king....what can I say other than that this man has been the guy to look up to as not only a gen but as a kind hearted person as well I back everything above me as well and believe that everyone should take notes on how inspiring killer can be
  4. Donut!!!!!(>^.^<) ahh hi hiii!!<3 just wanted to stop by and let everyone that looks at your wall see and read that you are amazing and a true friend along with a hard worker and dedicated to KSI and I love youz>.< I hope we can hang out and play some time soon Cx it's been a while and I miss it!! Okie bye donut! Don't forget! You owe me donuts!!

  5. finally got my page all nice and pretty so come check it guys :) 

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