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  1. KSIxRonl65 Award: META Three Cheers Staff Award: The Oneiroi Collective Evidence: @KSIxRONL65
  2. Not much with me, going to spend time with the wifey and play some Destiny2 mostly. ya'all have a happy and SAFE 4th of July.
  3. Would like to thank everyone who participated in the recruiting tournament for ABADDON and bring in 10 new recruits.

    KSI Ballistic18 took #1 

    KSI Keidil #2

    MysticWarrior #3


  4. KSI Brunan 7 is the founder. Fun to be around and play with, always ready to give support and advice to anyone.

  5. Want to acknowledge KSI ZeusKillr21 for going above and beyond in supporting the squad, GOOD JOB. :Devil:

  6. Want to thank everyone who participated in the forums challenge.

  7. where has the good times gone.

  8. Gamer tag: KSIxRONL65 Award: Member Assistance Link: @KSIxRONL65http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/37656-ksixronl65/
  9. KSIxRONL65

    Mad Max

    Gamer tag: KSI Athydian Award: Mad Max Link: @KSI Athydian Evidence: From the day I re-recruited this person he has been helping and dealing with KSI stuff on the 360 side and the xbox 1 side of KSI. He takes pride in helping handle squad problems and personal problems of other members. @KSIxRONL65
  10. KSIxRONL65

    Mad Max

    Gamer tag: KSI SEXYMOMA Award: Mad Max Link: @KSI SEXYMOMA Evidence: Ever since I have known this person she has been helping deal with KSI stuff and personal stuff from different people in KSI. I have been witness to some of this in my two years of knowing this person. @KSIxRONL65
  11. Gamer tag: KSIxRONL65 Award: Navy Support Award: Destiny Support Link: @KSIxRONL65 Evidence: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/37656-ksixronl65/
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