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  1. Happy 4th of July everyone. As for me I think I'm going to kick back and have fun with my grand-daughter and go to the drive-in which I haven't done for many years. You all be safe this 4th and enjoy yourself.
  2. No, this is the only thing I have. I'm not very savy with these smart phones. What I posted isn't good enough.
  3. KSIxRONL66x7


    Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL66x7 Award: MERICA Link: @KSIxRONL66x7 Evidence: Josh Hickman -negative $15.00 July 1, 2020 Donation Paid with Mastercard MasterCard Card x-5027 You'll see "PAYPAL *DONATE" on your card statement. Transaction ID 0T8188948B947071U Sent to Josh Hickman donate@ksiforums.com Total $15.00 Purchase details Forum Donation $15.00 Item #37656
  4. DM all the way :bow:

  5. KSI and DM are the best :imNotWorthy::bow:

  6. Hope everyone is being safe out there. Now that the various states are opening back up, time to be more safe until we whip this Covid-19. Be careful and safe everyone.  :dance::abe::fear:

  7. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL66x7 Award: Out for Summer Link To Forums: @KSIxRONL66x7 Evidence: Seht to Starset on Discord
  8. Kicking back and enjoying web ops to the fullest :dance::imNotWorthy::Peace:

  9. Web Ops is busting, Love web ops. :bow:

  10. Many things change in in life as does many in KSI. Some good some not so good, but if we hold our heads high and take a deep breath who knows how it will work out at the end of the day.

    Be strong and you will preserver.  :super:

  11. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL66x7 Award: May The 4th With You Link: @KSIxRONL66x7 Evidence: Sent to KSI Starset 7
  12. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL66x7 Award: Jack of all Trades Link to forums: @KSIxRONL66x7 Evidence: My awards on forums @KSIxRONL66x7
  13. WD is the best division in KSI :cool:

  14. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL66x7 Award: META/ Highest of Five Link to Forums: @KSIxRONL66x7 Evidence: In my profile on the forums. Staff Award: Impy's Cuddle Party
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