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  1. My favorite part of christmas is watching my grand-daughters face when she gets what she wanted.
  2. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL67x7 Award: Excelsior Link: @KSIxRONL67x7 Evidence: with this post (I have 120) Gamer Tag: KSIxRonl67x7 Award: Supplemental "Lady Luck" Link: @KSIxRONL67x7 Evidence: with this post
  3. Gamer Tag: xRONL67x7 Award: Enduring Subscriber Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox Gamer Tag: xRONL67x7 Award: With the Fur (already have Naughty or Nice) Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox
  4. Hey everyone, AAP is getting bored not having anything to do. So let's get those nominations in and get them back to work.

    There are many different awards you can self nominate for such as gamer score to meta awards, there are more but it has to be a co-fo or higher to do so. but before nominating read the qualifications for that award.

    Show your appreciation for a member by nominating them, to see all the awards go to the awards section on the forums and see if you or someone qualifies, this is the link to get you there:https://www.ksiforums.org/awards/. Good luck.

  5. GT: xRONL67x7 Award: Gang Beasts Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox
  6. KSI DC 77 Achievement Noob - Yes Achievement Hunter - Yes Achievement Fanatic - Yes
  7. KSIxAsuma 77 Dary - Yes Madden - Yes
  8. KSI Sanji Noob - Yes Hunter - Yes Fanatic - Yes
  9. KSI Bane 7 Halloween Spirit (verified) - Yes
  10. KSISparky Fly Forums Newb (verified-has101) - Yes
  11. KSIxAsuma 77 Veriithots - Yes Extra - Yes Anniversary Subscriber - Yes
  12. Squad Builder - KSI Gambit 7 - Yes Squad Builder - KSI MammaBear - Yes Squad Builder - KSI Bane 7 - Yes Squad Builder - KSI Kakuzu666 - Yes
  13. KSI Hatter 77 Double Trouble (verified by KSI xKing 77) - Yes Forums Novice - Yes Influencer - Yes
  14. @KSI xKing 77can you verify KSI Hatter 77 double trouble nom??
  15. KSI OddBa11 Three Cheers (verified) - Yes Award Hobbiest (verified) - Yes Veriithots - Yes Pull the lever Crunk - Yes
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