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  1. Happy Birthday Man 


  2. I claim Hebrew my mentor, he's brought me into KSI and has given me great advice and even pushes people to strive for better. He gives himself little credit, for the big things he's done to help out.
  3. KSI PaladnMouth Divine Reign Of course I like pie!!
  4. Gamertag: KSI ApBlis 7 Rank: DR Co-Fo Link to profile: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35643-ksi-apblis-7/ Reason: Ever since I joined KSI, almost a year ago, she's pushed me to be a great leader an mentor for others. But, she's always been my mentor since I joined TROCITY, the split to PARAGON, the Div change from LS to DR, and even now that she's a Co-Fo and I'm the General of PARAGON, I still look up to her as my mentor, and she is always pushing me to strive to be great!
  5. Hoping everything is going great in TROCITY! Crazy to think we're both Gens now, but it's reality. What's the name of your profile song? I like it, just don't know the name. :P  

  6. General KSI ApBlis 7 (DR Co-Founder) http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35643-ksi-apblis-7/ She was the General, and pushed all of her officers and members to strive for something greater. She kept positivity, and when there was a problem she never hesitated. She never went over her head with issues, but dealt with many. And since moving to DR from LS she's been pushing me and KSI REX to make sure we know how to run the squad. She's been a tremendous help inside and outside KSI. I know that is I have a problem and I'm unsure I can ask her, or if I just don't feel okay she's there
  7. How has it been? Push TROCITY to be great!!


  8. Divine Reign KSI PaladnMouth
  9. Gamertag: KSI iPreVail Link to Forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/39060-iprevail-xxx/ Award: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason: This member has over 20,000 Gamerscore!
  10. Gamertag: KSI PsychoPanda Link to Forums account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/21182-ksi-psychopanda/ Award: Gamerscore Hoarder. Reason: This member has over 20,000 Gamerscore.
  11. Gamertag: KSI PsychoPanda http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/21182-ksi-psychopanda/ This member has over 20,000 Gamerscore.
  12. Gamertag: KSI iPreVail http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/39060-iprevail-xxx/ This member has over 20,000 Gamerscore!
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