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  1. Hello Buddy I hope to catch up with you soon. I hope life is treating you well.

  2. I would like to witness for this award. Bane, there are many words to describe this member, strange is one, slightly annoying is another two ! But the real word I would use is "Passionate" ! I have watched Bane grow from a little irritating acorn, into a mighty fine oak! He has grown so much as a leader it is quite astounding ! He has such a rapore with his members and leaders within the community, that Bane has really made a name for himself! When I heard that Bane would be a General of a squad I was intrigued as to how he would perform ! He is doing a sterling job ensuring a tasks are completed and ensuring all members are being trained correctly and efficiently! Bane is a great leader within this community, I'm sure he will continue to strive to do his best at everything he does! Working with Bane in productions was also a very enjoyable experience ! When I was the Head of the Department there was always one member I could count on in an emergency! That was Bane ! He was always ready to drop what he was doing in order to help stream a weekend warfare or an event during Spirit Week! He is now the Co Head of the Department which I feel was long overdue! In conclusion Bane is an inspirational member to new and old members of this community ! He always knows how to make you feel better of you're having a bad day and always offers words of encouragement ! You will make a great Co Founder one day dude ! Keep on doing what you do best @Bane
  3. I would like to witness for this well deserved award.... KSI xMinion joined KSI around May 2018. Around that time I was the Division Leader for Divine Warriors. In that time I saw Minion go above and beyond on way more than the 'odd' occasion. She has such a way with people that i'm sure many members in her division would consider her their own personal therapist. She always has time for her members and fellow officer staff and is always willing to share knowledge if people need to know something. She has a great understanding of KSI standards and always sets her own standards as high as possible and tries to push others to do the same, myself included. It has been a real pleasure watching Minion develop from someone who wasn't sure if they would make a good officer, to a someone who is held in such high regard by her peers and leaders. She always thinks up intuitive ways for people to have fun and always shows great initiative if a problem occurs. It was a real pleasure being her Division Leader! In conclusion Minion is going to make one amazing General and I can't wait to watch where she goes from here! This member without a doubt deserves this award. Keep up the great work @KSI xMinion
  4. Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: So I first met Ronin in December of 2017, he pulled me in a party and introduced himself, he told me of a plan to merge LW with another division ! At firstit seemed like a mountain of a task, but with the guidance and support Ronin provided for me he helped me make DW into a powerhouse division. If you need ro find something out or need to clarity on a situation then Ronin is your man! But let me tell you, when this dude starts talking he starts talking, there is no escape.....but in all seriousness, Ronin along with other leaders really helped shape me into the leader I am today! And i appreciateall the hard work he has put into the community! Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Grimshot 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI GrimShot 77 Reasons they deserve this award: Before becoming EO's Director, i had the pleasure of working with Grim in productions ! So I knew a bit about the dude. But when I became his director I soon realised the dedication and commitment this guy has for his members and the community! No matter how bleak a situation looks, Grim always approaches it with a cool, level head and a positve attitude! If you were to ask any member of EO what they thought about Grim as a Div Leader, I'm 100 percent sure that all they would have to say would be positive things ! Keep up the hard work Grim!! Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award: I first met King when he joined what was LW! Our first interaction wasn't the greatest or most well received. But we moved past it and looked forward. King has proven himself time and time again that perseverance always prevails! He has a major foothold in most areas in the community whether that's in Clan Ops, Department Ops or Web Ops! He always works to a very high standard and provides his members with a fun and proactive environment ! I have no doubt that King will continue to do well in the community in all areas he is apart of ! Keep up the hard work man!! Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Forums Account Link: @Mr. DropShot Reasons they deserve this award: So I didn't have much interaction with this dude before I became Director of the Division he apart of. But since then I have seen a guy who has earned the respect of the entire division and divisional leadership! He sets the bar high for himself and always pushes his members to better themselves and acheive whatever they can! He has a really unique attitude and leadership style that really shows in his work. The guy is a court judge aswell as a member of the DLs 7 staff but always manages to find time to do what his needs to do for his division and department ! Category: General Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Forums Account Link: @Nebula 7 Reasons they deserve this award: So me and Nebby have known each other for a good while now and we have both watched each other grow within the community together ! When Nebby was an officer the suggestion of making Nebula a General was a bit of a wild card, we wernt really sure how it would play out. But we thought why not let's see what the dude can do! So he was promoter to General and from that moment i watched this young kid turn into a man! Watching Nebula develop on a community level and a personal level has been amazing ! He has changed so much over the past year or so and I honestly thing being General of a squad really helped ! Nebula will find time for anyone whether they are in his division or not ! He has a huge heart and is always there to lend an ear or even a shoulder ! Since being a co founder he has continued to develop even further and I can honestly say he is a different person! Keep up the amazing work man!!! Category: Sergeant/Staff Sergeant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Forums Account Link: @KSI xMinion Reasons they deserve this award: So Minion came into DW early to mid 2017. When she did I was so happy because there was another Brit among us ! Minion is a kind hearted and positive person! She always is there to lend a hand or provide advice ! She is always sending positive vibes to her squad and divisions and doesn't let anything get her down ! Since leaving DW she still seeks me out to provide her with advice and knowledge. That's one thing about Minion is she is always wanting to learn more ! When i first suggested the idea of becoming an officer to Minion, she kind of shrugged it of as she didn't think she would be good enough! Boy was she wrong ! The amount this person has developed over such a short amount of time is admirable! Minion will always try to do the right thing and doesn't have a bad bone in her ! She has a very bright future in this community and i can't wait to watch her grow even more! Keep it up!!
  5. Name: KSI Gary 7 Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/40003-ksi-gary-7/ Award-/-Achievement: Legan - Highest of fives Reason-/-Evidence: I have 57 awards on the forums. All Lower Award Tier(s): Legen, Ripple Effect, On Point, Round of Applause, Three Cheers, Award Hobbyist, Requested Staff Award(s): Foxy Foxy, The Love Doctor, Imagine Dragons, Winter is Coming, The Double Agent, Tavioli's Ravioli Additional Comments: With these new awards it would put me too 71 awards, if so the staff awards I would want for the next 2 tiers is Cult of Worst, CerosLittle Helper
  6. I would like to witness for this award ! KSI Skarzx 77! This guy! I have had the pleasure of working with Skarzx on a department level and a clan ops level (although not for long). His head is full of innovative and unique ideas that really show what kind of leader he is ! He constantly strives to get the best out of himself and others around him by pushing himself and others. Many times while we worked together in Productions he would have some amazing ideas and suggestions. He is a definite person who will not be afraid to speak up and voice his opinion which is a rare quality these days. I became EOs Director nearly a month ago and I had the pleasure of working with Skarzx on a clan ops level ! It is very clear his dedication and commitment to the community in all avenues. He introduced an information and training system for EO which he was a forerunner in getting it started. And that has really helped EO and it's members get the information they need quickly and efficiently! He was the brains behind the DHOF and I constantly see articles written by him being posted on the News site ! To say that Skarzx deserves this award is an understatement! Keep up the great work man !!
  7. I will witness for this award. I can indeed confirm during Kams time with KSI he has recruited in excess of 90 members within KSI ! He is one of the strongest recruiters DW has and without him we wouldn't be close him the numbers we have achieved!
  8. Crispea Clip Commander http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46171-crispea Evidence: A clip they submitted has been featured on the KSI YouTube.
  9. I would like to witness for this award... Me and Nebby have been together in the same divisions for a looooong time now! He joined 4 or 5 months after I joined! We have both been through the real bad times and we have both been through the real good times ! He did what I did and stuck at it even when things seemed hopeless and lost ! I have seen this guy go from being an immature kid to a mature young man! He has done incredibly to develop his skills! When Nebula was promoted to General back in July '17 it was I guess a gamble of sorts, i wasn't really too sure how he would perform as a General but thought I would give him a shot ! The dude was a General for just over 1 year and due to issues within the Division at the time ! But nebula powered on through all the bullPoop and has become an amazing leader within the community! Nebula without a doubt deserves this award! He is a figure head within Divine Warriors and isna valuable asset ! It has been a pleasure @Nebula 7
  10. I would like to witness for this award... VENUM has been one of the stronger members of this division since day one! With his work as a General, managing Samurai into a squad that splits and then bringing his A game when it comes to his Co Founder responsibility! He is an incredibly reliable member of my 7 staff and if I need something doing and doing well he is always at the top of my list ! He is always going out of his way to ensure members have people to play with and I consistantly see him in party's with other members ! I am very excited to see what he can do further up the ranks ! Thanks for all you do VENUM ! I appreciate it all!
  11. Name of Applicant: KSI Gary 7 Division Name: Divine Warriors Name of Milestone being applied for: Division of the Month 3 wins. Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: We have been division of the month 3 times.
  12. Name of Applicant: KSI Gary 7 Division Name: Divine Warriors Name of Milestone being applied for: Spirit Week 2nd Place 2018 Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: We gained 2nd place in 2018s Spirit Week ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Applicant: KSI Gary 7 Division Name: Divine Warriors Name of Milestone being applied for: Full 7 staff Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: As of the 27th of July we have a full 7 staff Div Leader - KSI Gary 7 Co Div Leader - KSI HAVOC 7 Founder - KSI xKing 77 Co Founder - KSI VENUM 7 Co Founder - KSI Nebula 7
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