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  1. We all dream about it. "What would I do if I had a billion dollars?" Would you save it all? Invest it? Buy a KSI Mansion? So, tell us what you would do with a billion dollars! It's time to look through your game clips and submit them into the Monthly Clip Submission. This thread will be open from JULY 5TH through JULY 27TH. Voting will be open to the community. Weekend Warfare: Forza Horizon 2 (7/18/20) Weekend Warfare: Mortal Kombat X (7/25/18) Weekend Warfare: Community choice poll (8/1/20)
  2. If you play any of the games on the poll please post on this topic with the following Template. Xbox Gamertag: Cross-Platform Game: Username for Cross-Platform Game:
  3. Thank one person for their hard work and dedication or thank someone who has helped you in the community. My Shout-Out goes out to @KSI xSmitty for his hardwork in Napalm. He has been doing his best to get all of his officer duties done while trying to expand his knowledge for the next level in his KSI Career. Keep up the great work.
  4. Legen - Yes Ripple Effect - Yes On Point - Yes Round of Applause - Yes Staff awards: Airborne's Legion Execute Order 77 The Elite Heart and Soul
  5. GamerScore Hoarder - Yes Dedicated - Yes Committed - Yes
  6. Legen - Yes Ripple Effect - Yes On Point - Yes Round of Applause - Yes Three Cheers - Yes Award Hobbyist - Yes Highest of Fives - Yes Staff Awards/Meta Awards - Starset Vs The World Heart and Soul Optic Requiem Halo Army Lady Luck Battlefield
  7. Ripple Effect - Yes Staff Award - Starset Vs The World
  8. Big Kahuna - Yes Staff Award: Starset vs the World
  9. Big Kahuna- Yes Staff Award - Starset vs The World
  10. GamerScore Hoarder - Yes Spring Chicken - Yes May The 4th Be With You - Yes Merica - Yes
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