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  1. Sounds good man. I got some things I got to take care of with it being my day off as well. So we will try to catch up with each other today.
  2. I will give you two recent examples: Here’s one where the applicant called upon witnesses but nobody posted on the thread or said evidence sent to AAP chat. I strongly believe even more since the member is in AAP it should be shown even more. My other example is this one: No witnesses called upon. Just take yourself out of AAP world for a second with the members looking in. Just look back in the archive and you’ll see more of what I’m talking about. I’ve also heard from a source lately that I asked why he said yes instead of no on a nomination if that’s what the
  3. This shoutout is going out to @KSI xATHENAx for helping me once again find my “Why”. KSI is fortunate to have you here in the community. Your never give up attitude will get you far. I hope nothing but the best for you. Thanks for all you do for the community!!
  4. Why isn’t the AAP department required to show all evidence on nominations anymore like back in the day? The members deserve to see the evidence of why someone got an award. On some awards given out lately, Witnesses aren’t even called forward and/or even said evidence sent to AAP chat. After hearing from multiple members I will be the voice here also because I agree.
  5. made you look....now you ow me a penny


  6. The KSI Community Server was built to bring KSI as a whole closer together. There are channels setup up to help you navigate the forums with links. There are also LFG channels to help you find members to play your favorite games with. Plus much more. If you aren’t currently in the community server and you are in KSI then post your gamertag, division, discord down below and we will get you into the server in a timely manner. If you know members that need help getting in you can also send them here. Gamertag: Division: Discord:
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  8. Knowledge is the Strength to have Integrity. That is all...

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