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  1. Gamerscore Hoarder: Verified - Yes
  2. Gamerscore Master: Verified - Yes
  3. Gamerscore Hoarder: Verified - Yes
  4. I love me - Yes 2020 donor - Yes
  5. Name: KSI xLittio Link to Forums Account: @KSI xLittio Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: Member has 27,251 Gamerscore. https://www.xboxgamertag.com/search/Ksi-xLittio
  6. Award Senpai - Yes Staff Award: Airborne's Legion
  7. Name: KSIDntAskImAwfl Link to Forums Account: @KSIdontask Award-/-Achievement: Member Assistance Reason-/-Evidence: She has answered questions in the past for me about KSI related subjects along with sitting down in parties with me just to chat about what I was going through. She also welcomed me into her division with open arms and got me the know people around her. Thank You Pam.
  8. I haven’t personally met Chad yet but I have sat through countless parties with this member and he He is the voice of many. Sometimes I even think he has a voice changer on the other side of the mic. Everything is in good fun and I would say 8/10 times I leave his party laughing. Hey we have to be serious sometimes. Thanks for cheering my days up man. Here is to one day meeting Chad.
  9. Novice Recruiter - Yes Pro Recruiter - Yes
  10. A email should have been sent to you. You can take a screenshot of that and send it to Airborne or Starset.
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