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    England, East Midlands
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    Gaming, Guitar/Music, Socializing, Discovering the world and culture.
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    KSI ApexWolf
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About Me

First Joined March 2017 in Succubus ES

Prom to SGT by KSI EvntulChkn in March on joining

Prom to SSGT by KSI LadyJenny 7 in July.

Left KSI Due to Personal reasons


Joined Banshee ES

Rejoined and Rcted by KSI Got Em 7 on 12/13/17

Ment and Trned by KSI BuMPer 7 on 12/14/17

(Officially Ment by KSI Eyonia and KSI Reaper2010) 

Prom to SSGT by KSI BuMPer 7 on 12/29/17

Prom to 3rd LT by KSI Eyonia on 1/15/18

Prom to 1st LT by KSI Eyonia on 2/18

Left KSI


Rejoined Griffin at RCT by Eyonia 7 on 8/25/18

Trned to SGT and Approved to Rct by KSI Eyonia 7 on 8/31/18

Transferred to Banshee by KSI Eyonia 7 on  9/6/18

Approved and Trans at SGT to Banshee by KSI Eyonia 7 on 9/7/18

Prom to SSGT by KSI Squeek 7 on 10/21/18

Prom to 4th LT by KSI Eyonia 7 on 11/16/18

Stepped down to SGT on 1/16/19, my own choice

Training Credits To

KSI LadyJenny 7 - ES SGT (Gen and Co-Founder)

KSI Eyonia 7- ES Div (Gen and Co-Div)

KSI Reapers 7 - ES (4th and 3rd Capt)

KSI Hatter 7 - ES 1st Capt (Alt Div's Gen)

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