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  1. KSI Fax @KSI Fax Forums Newb i have 163ish posts and kinda new forums.
  2. well that turned out faaaar better then i had hoped... thank you @Sins it looks amazing
  3. @Bane 7 it should be fixed now
  4. KSI UppishB592 @KSI UppishB592 Helping Hand A member of Hellborn was considering becoming an officer. the only obstacle was he didn't have a KSI name. my mans Uppish went to the store and got this man a 10$ code to get a new name. (he was previously UnbeltedGold 753. hes now KSI Unbelted) @Dragons 7 can you witness my mans?
  5. it’s for my xbox profile. but if you use the smart glass app it drops the 1080x1080 requirement. @December
  6. KSI Nevermore @KSI Nevermore im self nominating for On Point because i have 15 awards. Staff award i would like is Destiny. proof is right around vv there ish
  7. Type of Image/Size: Gamerpic (using app which doesn’t have the 1080x1080 requirement Image: will be attached below Main Text: Waves will Rage 11.15 Subtext (if any): #DO4R KSI Logo (yes/no): no Deadline: before i die? so like many years. but sooner is always appreciated. Additional Comments: am i able to request a forums header? or do i have to make my own?
  8. Dragons... jesus christ this man has been thru the wringer. from 2 generals going AWOL to me messaging members of blacklisted communities to request their KSI Gamertag. this man has dealt with all of it and kept a smile on his face, despite knowing that there have been a few situations that if we were face to face he’d have probably strangled me with that same smile and gone about his day like nothing happened. i personally think that he deserves it just for having to put up with me but that’s not gonna be enough. i know he’s been thru a lot before we met but i’m hesitant to ask about that time because i don’t want to be told it’s none of my business. so i’ll leave it at the dumb stuff ive done and put him thru.
  9. ok. so i have an idea. not sure if it’s already been said but there are 38 pages and i’m hella lazy and i don’t want to read all of them. so the idea is a Squad level Outstanding Service award. requirements should be similar the the normal Outstanding Servince. going above and beyond for your squad. witness statements would need to be from officers and 7s directly responsible for your squad. it should be capped at Captain or lower because as far as i’m concerned there is no “Above and Beyond” for a general your responsibility is the health and wellbeing of your squad and you can’t go out of your way to do something you are already suppose to be doing.
  10. KSI UppishB592 @KSI UppishB592 Outstanding Service 1 I've known Uppish personally since he joined Hellborn in March. However I had heard of his penchant for helping anyone who had a question or didn't know how to do something regardless of their squad. After joining Hellborn he made an immediate impact by sending out invites without being told, he would send out party invites to members throughout the day regardless of whether or not he was hosting gamenight. As well as making sure to introduce himself to any members that he didn't know and trying to make all the members feel welcome. he never wants anyone to feel unwelcome and he goes out of his way in parties to include all party members in the discussion. When I was promoted to Gen of Hellborn I was honestly surprised because I figured it would have been him, regardless of who was 3rd or 4th Captain. But it was me and instead of being upset he said he would strive to be the best captain he could be and make the squad the most successful version of itself we could. within the first week I had 2 officers request a transfer to Cruelty and 2 officers step down due to personal reasons. I fully expected Uppish to cut ties and jump ship. I wouldn't have blamed him. It looked like Hellborn was doomed and I knew he had high aspirations. Thankfully Uppish stayed, he stuck it out and helped me rebuild Hellborn from the ground up. Finding new officers, and still recruiting like a champ. In fact, he was awarded Top Recruiter of the Month for Demonic Mayhem for the months of March and May, as well as Cpt DOTM in April. With his help, we've got Hellborn back on track and flourishing with new life. During all that, Uppish ran 2 gamenights a week while competing in HeadHunters and preparing for finals. He got mad when I tried to take his second gamenight so he didn't get burned out and told me that if I was gonna do 2 he was as well. Uppish is a man who doesn't quit, he is a phenomenal leader, and a great guy. Uppish consistently goes out of his way to make sure every new recruit knows who he is and that they know that they aren't just a number on a stat chart. He's a standup guy and I'm immeasurably proud and thankful to have him as my officer. And I'm positive Romeo, Dragons, or DontAsk can say a lot more about him. So I guess I will go ahead and pass the baton at this point to the next witness.
  11. KSI UppishB592 Captain Hellborn DM @KSI UppishB592 Capped Out he is in TandE and A A P and a member of Clan Ops. as his General i can confirm he is in Clan Ops.
  12. @KSI Taywick 77 yes. i am fully behind this award. i hope i can finally secure this elusive award.
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