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  1. #TopTier #Clean&Classy thanks @Dragons 7. It looks great.
  2. Type of Image/Size: - Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437914277228314624/613486983158956116/image0.png Main Text: What would you like the title of the graphic to be... Wynter Subtext (if any): Any quotes or phrases you want added. #DO4R KSI Logo (yes/no): Do you want the KSI logo implemented? yes Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, etc.? umm... just like a snow effect so it looks like snow is falling/accumulating at the bottom? Besides that only request is wintery colors like light blues/whites/dark purples. will I be able to set it as my Twitter picture? Most Recent Past Request: Please provide a link your last request topic. (Type "FIRST REQUEST" here if you have no past requests)
  3. KSI Daddy1246 Round of Applaude/Winter is Coming @KSI Fax i have 20 awards and a staff award
  4. yup. nope. i missed that. that is my bad. will be doing his name change later today. will update as soon as i get it done.
  5. LordOfHunter689 @Hunterking Gamerscore Hoarder Gamerscore Master he has 50113 gamerscore.
  6. CoFo KSI Dragons 7 DM Hellborn/Insanity @Dragons 7 man i haven’t done one of these in months. should probably not post that. going to... but probably shouldn’t. anyway. this man has had my back since i came back and decided to be an officer again. from helping me hide the bodies to giving me advice and pointers he’s always been there. he balances RL and Xbox like he’s been walking a knifes edge since he was a kid and always tries to make himself available to anyone that needs him. i’ve seen him in parties late into the night and when i’d ask what he was doing the next day “dealing with issues man. you know how it is.” unfortunately no i do not. not the point tho. Cpt KSI UppishB592 DM/Hellborn @KSI UppishB592 its funny. if Dragons is the sounding board for my ideas, then Uppish is the brush with which i make my vision come to life. whether it’s handling meetings because i’m either out or in a meeting of my own, or dealing with the squad when i’m in my own head, he’s always there ready to enact my plan. we don’t always see eye to eye but most of the time we are on the same page. we’ve messaged each other like yo need to talk then when we hook up it’s like YOOO I WAS JUST THINKING THAT SAME THING! he’s an awesome Captain, and he’ll make an excellent Gen one day. he just needs to slow down a bit and enjoy the migraine free days while they last. Lt KSIxMissVixen DM/Hellborn @KSIxMissVixen shes been my newest go-to when i need something done delicately. she’s always available and i know that when i need someone to gently tell a member something i can trust that she’ll get it done with no muss or fallout. she’s been an integral part of the team since she’s joined. doing promos and trainings with a zeal and flair i haven’t seen in a while. not to mention the sheer excitement she exudes when it comes to her gamenights. i’ve NEVER seen anyone more excited to host a gamenight. SSGT KSIxTHOR DM/Hellborn @KSIxTHOR He kinda had a bit of a slow start where he was trying to find his legs, but once he did he was frickin GONE! he’s taken to being an officer like a fish takes to water or like white takes to rice. he’s the most rounded officer i know, he just needs a bit more confidence. so i’ve been stress testing him which kinda looks like bullying. was just looking for him to tell me to stop. but 3 recruits in 2 days isn’t bad for a newbie. i hope to be able to watch him grow for a long time to come.
  7. KSI Fax @KSI Fax Forums Newb i have 163ish posts and kinda new forums.
  8. KSI UppishB592 @KSI UppishB592 Helping Hand A member of Hellborn was considering becoming an officer. the only obstacle was he didn't have a KSI name. my mans Uppish went to the store and got this man a 10$ code to get a new name. (he was previously UnbeltedGold 753. hes now KSI Unbelted) @Dragons 7 can you witness my mans?
  9. KSI Nevermore @KSI Nevermore im self nominating for On Point because i have 15 awards. Staff award i would like is Destiny. proof is right around vv there ish
  10. Dragons... jesus christ this man has been thru the wringer. from 2 generals going AWOL to me messaging members of blacklisted communities to request their KSI Gamertag. this man has dealt with all of it and kept a smile on his face, despite knowing that there have been a few situations that if we were face to face he’d have probably strangled me with that same smile and gone about his day like nothing happened. i personally think that he deserves it just for having to put up with me but that’s not gonna be enough. i know he’s been thru a lot before we met but i’m hesitant to ask about that time because i don’t want to be told it’s none of my business. so i’ll leave it at the dumb stuff ive done and put him thru.
  11. ok. so i have an idea. not sure if it’s already been said but there are 38 pages and i’m hella lazy and i don’t want to read all of them. so the idea is a Squad level Outstanding Service award. requirements should be similar the the normal Outstanding Servince. going above and beyond for your squad. witness statements would need to be from officers and 7s directly responsible for your squad. it should be capped at Captain or lower because as far as i’m concerned there is no “Above and Beyond” for a general your responsibility is the health and wellbeing of your squad and you can’t go out of your way to do something you are already suppose to be doing.
  12. KSI UppishB592 @KSI UppishB592 Outstanding Service 1 I've known Uppish personally since he joined Hellborn in March. However I had heard of his penchant for helping anyone who had a question or didn't know how to do something regardless of their squad. After joining Hellborn he made an immediate impact by sending out invites without being told, he would send out party invites to members throughout the day regardless of whether or not he was hosting gamenight. As well as making sure to introduce himself to any members that he didn't know and trying to make all the members feel welcome. he never wants anyone to feel unwelcome and he goes out of his way in parties to include all party members in the discussion. When I was promoted to Gen of Hellborn I was honestly surprised because I figured it would have been him, regardless of who was 3rd or 4th Captain. But it was me and instead of being upset he said he would strive to be the best captain he could be and make the squad the most successful version of itself we could. within the first week I had 2 officers request a transfer to Cruelty and 2 officers step down due to personal reasons. I fully expected Uppish to cut ties and jump ship. I wouldn't have blamed him. It looked like Hellborn was doomed and I knew he had high aspirations. Thankfully Uppish stayed, he stuck it out and helped me rebuild Hellborn from the ground up. Finding new officers, and still recruiting like a champ. In fact, he was awarded Top Recruiter of the Month for Demonic Mayhem for the months of March and May, as well as Cpt DOTM in April. With his help, we've got Hellborn back on track and flourishing with new life. During all that, Uppish ran 2 gamenights a week while competing in HeadHunters and preparing for finals. He got mad when I tried to take his second gamenight so he didn't get burned out and told me that if I was gonna do 2 he was as well. Uppish is a man who doesn't quit, he is a phenomenal leader, and a great guy. Uppish consistently goes out of his way to make sure every new recruit knows who he is and that they know that they aren't just a number on a stat chart. He's a standup guy and I'm immeasurably proud and thankful to have him as my officer. And I'm positive Romeo, Dragons, or DontAsk can say a lot more about him. So I guess I will go ahead and pass the baton at this point to the next witness.
  13. KSI UppishB592 Captain Hellborn DM @KSI UppishB592 Capped Out he is in TandE and A A P and a member of Clan Ops. as his General i can confirm he is in Clan Ops.
  14. @KSI Taywick 77 yes. i am fully behind this award. i hope i can finally secure this elusive award.
  15. iPhone. ive owner both on numerous occasions and i keep finding that android phones tend to slow down noticeably after 4-6 months and become nearly unusable at 8-10. my iPhone only slows down when i don’t install the new lest update so that can be annoying but i just update it and it’s back to normal.
  16. KSI UppishB592 - Captain/DM/Hellborn @KSIUppishB592 Hes been an amazing Captain since joining Hellborn in March. in the last month he’s been instrumental in helping me to keep my sanity and Squad from falling apart at the seams(dear god don’t tell him i said that). He stepped up big when everyone else stepped down. he’s been steadily pulling recruits and hosting 2 gamenights. he’s been a bouncing board for some of my crazier ideas that i can’t run by a 7 first. sometimes that works... other times not so much. i honestly dont think there would be a Hellborn without him right now. KSI Dragons 7 - CoFounder/DM/Hellborn @Dragons 7 Jesus what can i say about this lump. he’s been the guiding hand ive needed since stepping into his massive ass shoes. whenever i have a question or concern he’s always there with both a smartass answer and a real answer. he knows that while some of my ideas would be considered against CoC if i went thru with them he doesn’t get mad and strip me of Gen but he gently explains that “no. joint gamenights with blacklisted communities, while sounding hilarious, are not a good idea. and please stop suggesting them.” hes also been there when i had moments where i was afraid i was gonna run hellborn into the ground both before and after stepping up to General. he’s why i’m here. and he’s why i will continue to be here for as long as you will have me.
  17. @Scotland could i get Support Group?
  18. KSI UppishB592 @KSIUppishB592 Legen- because he has 8 awards
  19. KSI Nevermore @KSI Nevermore Ripple Effect was supposed to come with a staff award.
  20. KSI Nevermore @KSI Nevermore Ripple Effect i have 12 forum awards as seen below
  21. so how many people need to look at this before it happens?
  22. @KSI Jynxiethose 2 will put me at 10. do i wait until they are added to nominate for Ripple Effect or can i just say it now and save everyone an extra few hours?
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