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  1. As I dont really celebrate 4th of July cos I'm based in the UK i wish a happy 4th for all members of the community based in the states
  2. I will repost this again but plz could you add warframe in the sun forums and I will gladly report on it as a game journalist Plz and thank you
  3. A once in a life time award, looking at the amount of posts on the forums, this award can only be awarded once. Open to anyone in the community with a KSI Tag BUT For the award to be given to one singular person they must have at least 100 reputation on the forums and been in KSI for at least 1 year and hold a KSI tag for 6 months of that. Award - Millionth post
  4. KSI M3NTALIST 7 @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Award - Three cheers ( i have attained 30 awards on the forums) accompanying award - bacon (please)
  5. Well to say that Spirit week 2019 was an event that took an immense amount of work by all involved from the the organisers to the participants. This post is just a massive shout out and a thank you to everyone that made the event a massive success. On to the next event for more success and involvement from all this great community NUFF SAID
  6. KSI M3NTALIST 7 @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Clip Commander
  7. KSI M3NTALIST 7 BANSHEE ES https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-m3ntalist-7/video/75752955 Just a bit of fun and a mixture of games
  8. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI Pathfinder @KSI Pathfinder KSI Ambwub @Ambwub KSI Galahad 7 @Sir Galahad Award Train the Trainer Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) Profile Link if possible - all forums account links are adjacent to gamer tags
  9. Senior Leader Gamertag KSI Scotland 7 Chief dept manager, all of KSI Link to forums account - @Scotland Reasoning why they deserve this - regardless of whether he has this award or not I think it is fully deserved due to the fact that since i have been in KSI from Last Strike to Eternal Souls now Scotland has always been there to help me out with issues and advice when I needed it not just in KSI but in the real world to. A very knowledgeable man who passes down knowledge as and when needed. Also has not just a select few people who respect him from the community but a multitude of the people he has met and gamed with, held in high regard by many. This award is definitely deserved Division Leader Gamertag KSI xKing 77 Division leader ES Link to forums account - @KSI xKing 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - Undoubtedly fully deserving of this award due to the fact he has a successful division with a knowledgeable 7's staff (there is only one lol ) and not forgetting the generals and squad officers. With ES wining spring break this year it just goes to show that the participating members in ES was large and also shows that officers are doing what they have to and have soaked in the knowledge of the officers above them. Founder KSI Hatter 77, Founder ES Link to forums account - @Hatter 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - now what to say about this exceptional woman and KSI member, I have risen the ranks with this lady over in Last Strike and now Eternal Souls, hatter is now my founder ( how the roles have reversed lol ) all Hatter wants to do is strive for greatness for the good of her division and the community, will sit down with people and explain things on a regular basis in a party if they are confused about something or just need advice in general. A superb leader in KSI and this award couldn't be more fitting General KSI Jynxie General Banshee ES Link to forums account - @KSI Jynxie Reasoning why the deserve this - Undoubtedly jynxie deserves this award because her attitude towards her squad members and the community never falters (unless you drop the N bomb lol) but no all jokes aside jynxie is a very informative general who has am immense knowledge to pass down to her squad and any member who asks and if jynxie can't find the answer which is rare she will get the answer from someone. A true inspiration to anyone KSI Captain KSI Siggy BANSHEE ES 2nd Cpt link to forums- @KSI Siggy Reasoning why they deserve this For me being a recent addition to banshee ES and the officers staff the first person who would reach out was Siggy and not just for the inevitable welcome message but for knowledge so he can be the best he can be and soak in as much knowledge he can to better himself and the squad. Fully deserving of this award and may I add a great future leader of KSI
  10. Now we all have seen or know someone who has had a great or bad gamer tag, but who out of all of us in KSI has had the best or the worst gamer tag from days gone by put a comment with your old tags and we can all judge lol Mine were x81ViNNiE07x and NFG RAGER And go..............
  11. Where to start with this witness statement for a such a wonderful member of this community hmmmmmmmmm well when I first encountered Jynxie in a party I could instantly tell that there was a demeanour about her (a good one obviously), and that she would fit in to the fold so to speak. When Jynxie first joined in to Trocity LS she hit the ground running and made a lot of friends not just in her squad but in the division as well, rising the ranks at a fast pace due to the fact of her unyielding determination to better the squad, division and community also with a work ethic to rival very few in clan ops ranks. Getting to the rank of CPT in Trocity LS with a multitude of recruits under her belt wasn’t an easy task but was made to look easy by Jynxie as she takes everything in her stride, and then the division transfer happened and my god what an impact Jynxie made once the transfer was complete, hitting the ground running and then rising the ranks again in a new division to inevitably become general of Banshee ES and show everyone that she is a fantastic leader and to this day still runs her squad with a firm hand and yet 9 times out of 10 all of Jynxie’s parties are always full and funny. I am without a doubt proud to see someone like Jynxie be nominated for this award to show the recognition that is deserved for all her hard work and determination in both of the divisions that she has been part of and will no doubt be a superb “7” when the time comes to pass the squad on to someone else. And to end this statement with - I can’t think of anyone more deserving for OS1 than Jynxie NUFF SAID
  12. I will happily be a witness for this amazing person Throughout my time rising the ranks in Legend LS I always had a counterpart in Trocity LS to compete with for the highest rank, but sure enough I was always beaten to the next promotion by December but by the the time he had settled in to the rank I got a promotion and changed the game lol sorry. If it weren’t for Decembers “friendly” competition rising through the ranks I would have not got to the position of founder in LS before stepping away without his constant knowledge and always pushing for me to be better and to join a department to broaden my horizons in the community. I will hold my hands up and say that December is one of my mentors in the community and I am sure there will be many more that claim December as there mentor to. I am not going to list all of the departments that this man has been in let’s just say a finger in every KSI pie and that should be enough lol, now without this mans brilliance and determination to make this community better for everyone not just in the departments but in web operations as well, this community would most likely be in a different state (not saying nobody else contributes though lol because they do). This man is held in high regard by a multitude of people in this community and is more than deserving of this prestigious award to ad to his already extensive collection in my mind there are very few that are currently better qualified for this NUFF SAID
  13. I will post a witness statement for Hatter Without a shadow of a doubt this award couldnt be more fitting for this lady to top of an already illustrious collection of awards. In my time since I’ve met hatter I have learned more about how things run in this community than I would say from anyone else, Everyone has their own opinion of hatter when they meet her for the first time and my opinion was what an organised and efficient leader she was going to become (again) always making sure that her squad weather it be Trocity LS or Banshee ES was involved in events like spring break or turkey bowl just to name two, to always making sure that her members felt welcomed and involved in anything that was going on. During her time in LS she flew up the ranks to general of trocity and had the most active squad until her inevitable transfer to ES where hatters workhorse attitude was carried over and implemented in that division to the point that ES won the most recent event (spring break) with ease. Always willing to help anyone with anything and honestly I would of lost my mind if hadn’t been ordered in to a party so hatter could talk me about what was going on and always new how to calm a situation with not just myself but with anyone in the division. An unrivalled power house in this community with not just a division to look out for due to her recent promotion to Co-founder but multiple departments hatter is a part of and juggles all this responsibility in KSI with looking after her family among other thing. Hatter is more than deserving of this award
  14. Name - KSI MFLSWagg 7 link to forums - @KSI MFLSwagg 7 Award - OS Level 2 Evidence - without a shadow of doubt this man is more than deserving of this prestigious award, this being his second time round rising the ranks in the community has already achieved the co-founder rank in Last Strike. With his undeniable work ethic towards this great community he has gone above and beyond for many people since his first recruitment which was a few years ago. Rising the ranks in his first and home division Forced Induction made it to the 7’s position with multiple below him whom he trained and were future leaders and one to note on that training was KSI Veriitas 7 who Made it all the way to higher echelons of the 7’s ranks. Swagg has also rising through the ranks this time around not only passing down his knowledge to his squad while he was general of Legend but letting other squads know that he was there for them for Info or even just talk to. From my personal experience swag not only cares about his division but he cares for the whole community and his full knowledge of the community and the way he does things will always be available as all you have to do is ask. In my mind there is very few people more deserving for this award than Swagg
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