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  1. Director: Gt: KSI Gruntier 7 Link @KSI Gruntier 7 Reason : Grunt always makes himself available to members. He provides good, sound advice and actively listens to help resolve any problem. You never feel like you're bothering him when you ask him for help. Grunt is an asset to this community and a good friend. Division Leader: GT: KSIxRomeo 7 Link @KSIxROMEO 7 Reason: Romeo is another one that is always available to the members. You will often find him joining via the app while at work to handle an issue. He leads by example. For instance, he recently asked
  2. Host: KSI Trixie 7 Award: Basic Training Attended Basic Training Workshop 11/30/19 KSi MoistBob @SBob KSI Lady Satan @LadySatan Insaneferr3t @INSANEFERR3T KSI refined @KSI refined KSI Swendel @KSI Swendel KSI Thickskull @KSI Thickskull
  3. Award: Forums Worshop Host: KSI Trixie 7 Evidence: Attended Forums Workshop 11/23/19 Attendance: @KSI Emslawson @KSI Flash Dope @Sir Galahad @KSI Fraught
  4. Award: Forums Workshop Evidence: Attended Forums Worskhop Host: KSI Trixie 7 Attendance: KSI Slater @KSI SLATER MowinPussWappin @MowinPussWappin
  5. Team Captain: KSI Trixie 7 Division: DM Partner: KSI LadySatan Division: DM
  6. Category: Director GT: KSI Gruntier 7 Link: @KSI Gruntier 7 Reason: Grunt is always busy doing something KSI, but that does not stop him from helping members of every level. He will make himself available at the drop of the hat for any member that needs it. Grunt always takes time to listen and provides good, sound advice to help solve your problem, He listens without judging and hears with an open mind. He is truly what makes KSI great. I know I can always count on him when I need help. I truly consider him a friend even though i have never met him irl. When I came to him
  7. Gamertag: KSI Trixie 7 Link: @KSI Trixie 7 Award: Friendly & Good Karma Reason: I have won the day three times and have a rep of 110
  8. Well I originally joined KSI because my husband did and I figured I would need to join, too, if I wanted more time with him. I didnt expect much from it. I mean I was joining a gaming community. As I stayed, I learned to love this community. I have gotten to know so many on a personal level that I never expected. I have people I have never met that I call my friends. This community has become bigger than gaming. I couldnt imagine my life without KSI now. There are people I know I can count on in a heartbeat for any reason. I had gone through a big change in my life and had more free time. KSI
  9. Gamertag: KSI Siren82 Link: @KSI Siren82 Award: OS1 Reasoning: Siren82 is definitely an outstanding member of this community. She is the right hand man of wrath and does everything she can to make sure things run smoothly. She goes put of her way to help members with any problems they may have. She had personally helped me with games so I could play with everyone when I did not have money to do so, and food when I didnt have money to buy it. She does all this silently without asking for anything in return. She is truly a selfless person and a loyal friend. She never
  10. Gamertag: KSI Trixie Link to forums: @KSI Trixie Award: Three Cheers/ Staff Award RiiMPY 2k18 Reason:I have 30 awards
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