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  1. Gamertag: KSI xMinion Profile Link: @KSI xMinion Award: Committed Any evidence if required: Been in KSI for a year
  2. Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Profile Link: @KSI xKamikaze Award: Committed Any evidence if required: Been in KSI for a year
  3. Looooove movies so that’s why I chose movie nights... it’s something Everyone can get involved in and would be interesting to see what kind of genres people are in to...
  4. Name: KSI xMinion Link to Forums Account: @KSI xMinion Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb, Meta Award for 15 (On Point) (Requesting Garyetta Please ) Meta Award for 20 (Round of Applause) (Requesting Scotlands Jacobites please ) Reason-/-Evidence: have 271 posts and 25 awards
  5. I’m not American but I’ve spent mine prepping and baking at work for tomorrow’s American Theme Night at work ☺️ Happy 4th Amigos :3
  6. Fadez is a wise caring person who welcomes everyone he meets. The very first time we met he was funny and chatty and very approachable, however after certain events transpired we ended up disliking each other for like no reason (which luckily we can both now look back on and laugh) yet even though we (mostly me) were basically being stupid, he still remained to be professional and handle things like a true pro does. No matter what gets thrown at him he handles it calmly and with dignity, admirable qualities that are clearly reflected by his standing within the community. Fadez has his fingers in many different departmental pies; •Court Judge •HSI Head •Join Moderator •News Team Member to name a few, which yet again is surely proof that he is worthy of the OS Level 2 award.. Fadez is always there on the sidelines to offer wisdom, advice and guidance regardless of the topic of conversation is.. He makes himself available to advise on situations both KSI and non KSI related.. If you’re struggling to find your Why or you need advice on where your heading next, he has your back.. One of his best qualities is his compassion and the interest he shows to everybody individually. Whenever i have doubted my ability to succeed as an officer he has always been at hand to encourage and listen. He has helped me personally to better myself as an officer by giving me tips and advice from his past experiences aswell as sitting in parties with me to do mock recruitments. When I doubted myself as a writer he would stay up to help me make things make sense. Every time I can’t find my way around the forums he’s there. Its this kind of support and care is one of Fadez’ most admirable qualities and the best part is, he is like this with everyone... if you need help within any area of KSI you can guarantee he will be there to help or will point you in the direction of somebody who can.. Fadez puts a lot of his free time into KSI and tries to do everything he can to help as many as can in whichever way he can. He is one of the most dedicated people I know and it’s his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent that make him Ru Paul’s next- I mean the deserving recipient of this Award. I truly appreciate him for his loyalty, compassion and pride in all that he does. He is beyond trustworthy and he truly is a diamond in the rough, I personally am glad that I have the privilege of knowing him. #DaddyLiiiiiiiiiike
  7. KSI xMinion

    Table Displays

    Quite often, fresh fruit is used as a centrepiece for a table, organised to look appealing to all. If however, articles are removed, the display is then altered. Arguably the produce will eventually start to ripen and mould.. So the question is, Is it socially acceptable to eat fruit from a centrepiece?
  8. Who is your favourite music artist? Favourite colour? opinion on otters? pepsi or coke? Thor with braided beard or trimmed beard?
  9. I’m also here to witness for Harmony. From the moment i joined DW she was there, warm welcoming..an all round ray of sunshine. I didn’t want to be an officer at first but when i finally took the leap and decided to do so, even though we were both in different squads she went out of her way to help me out and support me throughout my journey. Harmony is kind to all, she always goes above and beyond with members and is always laughing and joking with all in the community. Aswell as being a 2CPT in Hannibal she is constantly entertaining everybody with her fire articles, memes, pictures, jokes and cooking tips. If you ever find yourself in a jam in need of someone to talk things through, you better believe she’s already there waiting to give you the help/advice/ear to listen to... Harmony is extremely hardworking, kind, passionate and dedicated to KSI. She deserves this OS1
  10. Type of Image/Size: Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: Apex Legends - Bangalore Main Text: xMinion Subtext (if any): None KSI Logo (yes/no): Do you want the KSI logo implemented? Yes Please Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Preferably in Blue, Gray and Black Most Recent Past Request:
  11. Hmmm where to start? I mean, I could the start with last years award show, where our lovely Greenday decided she was gunna stay in the party for the majority of the show. I could briefly touch upon the fact that she tries (and fails) to steal Fadez away from me like ALL the time - bless her little cotton socks, she never learns he’s actually loyal to me. I could bring up the fact that she pierces everybody's eardrums when she gets super excited (which is quite a lot) or I could just simply say that drama sticks to Natalie like a tramp on chips. I feel like a screenwriter would have a field day writing a play about her life as it is just chocca block full of drama. Plus she also said if i didn’t witness she’d cut me, so there’s that too i guess.
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