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  2. Host: KSI Grifful 7 Award: CT 201 Graduate Evidence: I hosted and can verify all five members participated in the class. Attendance: KSI Barb 7/ @KSI Barb130 KSI Blitz11 / @KSI Blitz11 KSI LadySatan / @KSI LadySatan KSI xRELICx / @KSI xRELICx KSI xKami77/ @KSI xKami 77
  3. As his previous director, I can verify.
  4. Name: KSI Grifful 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Grifful 7 Award-/-Achievement: Friendly Reason-/-Evidence: I have won 6 days on the forums. Award-/-Achievement: Approachable Reason-/-Evidence: I have won 6 days on the forums Award-/-Achievement: Three Cheers Reason-/-Evidence: I have more then 35 awards (For the Staff Award, give me whatever you want to give me. Something cool. Also, if you could do me a favor and get rid of the Foxy Roxy and replace it with something else, that'd be cool too. If not, understandable.)
  5. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI LGNDKIL4 / @Xx LGNDK1LL4 xX KSI Wrathom / @KSI Wrathom KSI xGrimm / @KSI xGrimm KSIWhitedeth / @KSIWhitedeth Award: Squad Leadership Any evidence: I hosted a Squad Leadership workshop on 4/3/20 and this is the attendance.
  6. Name: KSI Grifful 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Grifful 7 Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb Reason-/-Evidence: I have 660 posts. Award-/-Achievement: Forums Rookie Reason-/-Evidence: I have 660 posts. Award-/-Achievement: Good Karma Reason-/-Evidence: I have 102 Rep on the forums
  7. Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Swag 77 (Division Leader of SL) Link to forums account: @KSI Swag 77 Testimony: Swag has been a Division Leader for SL for about three months now. Every single day this guy gives his division his all. He is always in a party with his members, getting to know everyone. He handles all situations, good or bad, with his respective Co-Founder with precision and extreme attention to detail. He has never had a day where he has not signed into his Omega. Since being his director, there is not one thing I have called him on that was proven to be delinquent or negligent. His ability to forecast potential hazards for SL, has been out of this world and has saved him a fair amount of grief to encounter in the future. He is not greedy for success, he has shown me he is willing to take the ethical approach to a shared success amongst his 7's staff. This month he made a decision that will secure future victories for SL. That was to mini-split Templar into Prestige to give it aid and enhance the development process of building Prestige into a powerhouse SL can bank off in the future. To me, this speaks volumes of his character. The average Division Leader would use to opportunity to create their squad, to build a sense of personal success within the division. But, he put his pride away and went to work to build the best division he can, within his control. He is simply on top of his game. Please feel free to read the best selling book I wrote about him on his OS3 nomination post for more details on Swag. I'm proud of you man. Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI DC 7 (Co-Founder of SL) Link to account: @KSI DC 7 Testimony: DC 7 had a huge hand to play in the overall success of Templar for March. Yesterday, Templar started its process to mini-split into Prestige, a move that seriously needed to happen to enhance the infrastructure within Prestige. This move was pivotal for the division and will secure more victories for SL in time to come. DC 7 spoke to his General, SlickNick more then often to go over the dynamics of Templar to ensure the squad would thrive after the move. They also checked on fluff, the officer core's strength and weakness's in its entirety, activity, recruiting, etc. Slick is one of the newer Gens SL has. So, it was a huge win for DC 7, Slick, and the entire Officer Core of Templar. As of now, the mini-split is already yielding results for Prestige, proving it to be the right decision for both squads. I thank all of the divisional staff for SL for their proven dedication, resilience, and energy for everything each of them has put into SL to make this division what it is. I cant thank you guys enough. I am extremely proud of you guys. Honorable mentions to Cody and DC. Keep up the great work guys. General Gamertag: KSI SlickNick (General of Templar, SL) Link to forums account: @KSI SlickNick Testimony: To kick this off, this guy has only been a General since February 20th. Yet, on March 30th, he conducted a mini-split (refer to above) that is heavily valued to the division. Templar was alotted to carry out this action, mainly because Slick has grown Templar out quite extensively, at the time of his promotion. Templar was at 82 people. One month after his promotion, Templar was rocking out at 120+. One of our squads has had somewhat of a rough time, since they were dealt a less than desirable set of cards about two months ago. Prestige has been working through it diligently, but Templar's mini-split will enhance the process and make Prestige a powerhouse squad for SL. This would not be possible without the extreme amount of work SlickNick has been putting in since wearing the rank of General. He hit the ground running and hasn't looked back. He came into the rank with the right mindset, and it shows. He took over Templar and was immediately respected by his Officers. Every time I look at the Templar Officer Chat, I see a group of guys that put away personal distress aside and make stuff happen. SlickNick has been a diamond in the rough for SL, and I cant wait to see what other wonders he will conjure for SL as his tenure progresses. Captain Gamertag: KSI HIPPARU (Captain of Prestige, SL) Link to forums account: @KSI HIPPARU Testimony: KSI HIPPARU in March has proven to be a valuable asset for Prestige and SL overall. I always see her in discord directing the squad into workshops, game nights, meetings etc. She and her peers have carried the activity of the squad and has made Prestige truly a place to call home for her members. HIPPARU has pushed through the pressure the division has placed on her. In SL, the bar is high. She has acknowledged that, and has made that her platform for success. She party hops, mentors, trains, recruits almost on a daily. When she isn't recruiting, she assists KSI Kakashii 77 as the sole captain of Prestige. HIPPARU didn't come into KSI looking for any rank, or any whopping plans of world domination. But, she saw a need for leadership, and she dove head first into the position. Starting, she didn't know what she was doing. The training was to par, but she did not have much time to grow. So, what we are seeing here is a Officer who is figuring out as she goes, while adhering to the standards the division has placed on all squads. Yet, shes rocking it out of the park. The squad would truly not be where it is without her. With her resilience, empathy, confidence, and personal accountability, she is becoming a force to be reckoned with and I think the division is seeing a General in training at the moment. LT Gamertag: KSI xReckless (LT of Knights, SL) Link to forums account: @KSI xReckless Testimony: Reckless is the missing piece of the Knights puzzle. Reckless has been in KSI for almost a year, but until this month hasn't come out of his shell. But, he didn't come out of the cocoon until he felt truly ready. Right off the bat, this guy started going to work for Templar, and then Knights. This guy has been on top of recruiting, but his main specialty has been mentoring. I have personally sat in multiple parties where he connecting the dots for our junior members, showing them how we operate and why. You can almost see a light bulb glowing in the party screen because Reckless has mastered mentally gauging the readiness of his lower-ranking personnel. From the way he talks, I can see the train of thought diving and weave in the party. He has a way of proving the information needed for success, without overdoing it and maybe losing the interest of an SSG candidate. He has made himself invaluable to his squad. He regularly teaches his SGT's how to recruit, host a game night, and has hosted a multitude of workshops for his squad's benefit. He has done an amazing job and fits "LT of the Month" exceptionally.
  8. Gamertag/forums: KSI AtomicJ / @AtomicJay11 KSI DaKeech / @KSI DaKeech KSI Kaneki O / @KSI Kaneki Ø KSI LoneWolf / @KSI LONEWOLF684 KSI NOT BATMAN / @KSI NOT BATMAN KSIxSwag / @KSIxUSMCxSWAG Award: LEAD 101 Graduate Evidence: These members have completed LEAD 101 to satisfaction. I taught the class. PS If you could slide me that award too, (since I taught the class) that would be grand.
  9. Do you just get on here to Pooppost?
  10. OS3 is a tough feat. I will witness though and hopefully describe him well. To start, Swag has a KSI tattoo on his right arm. (That's LIFELONG COMMITMENT) Swag goes above and beyond for this community and his division every damn day. Everyday Swag is party hopping even with our casual SGT's, just to get to know them. He knows every soul within SL, and vice versa. KSI is the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and its the last thing he thinks about before going to sleep. He is on top of his Omega, his divisional history, his magnitude of meetings (even squad meetings), he handles the recruits accepted responsibility (typically this is tasked out to the junior Co-Founder.) he has even invented an "Audit System" for our Co-Founders within SL. The "Audit System" is this. An SL Co-Founder has routinely maintained the relationship between their respective Omegas and Squad Clubs. Swag will go through the Omega and Club alphabetically and will ensure 100% accuracy of all personal within SL. An SL Co-Founder is also expected to host a workshop once a month. I'm bringing this up because I want to point out the school of thought that Swag is using to gauge the best route for his division. Swag has identified that SL is extremely high op temped, and the only way to slow down the train is the rails wearing dull over a long course of use. So, Swag routinely charges the rails of his train (being the Co-Founders) by assigning his Co-Founders responsibilities that affect the division in real-time. The Co-Founders now feel like they have a direct impact on their division. He also has recognized that he cant burn his 7's, because they are typically not easy to find. So he makes the goals convenient and easy to obtain. The Audit system serves a dual purpose for the division. The Audit System is a self-pacing tool our Co-Founders use to answer their own questions when it comes to what they should work on next within their respective squads. Because the Co-Founder will know exactly how many people they have, therefore they will know how many Officers they should have. It also tells the Co-Founder a rough estimation of fluff and what the overall activity looks like within their squads. It serves as a benchmark for their performance as a Co-Founder, its an accountability tool. If "KSI CoolGuy" has not gotten his SGT promotion, even though he has KSI in the gamer tag, that is recorded and if the errors persists after two more weeks, then its a warning to the Co-Founder in charge. With that, the 7 can access the best route to take the squad on that matches the current General's leadership style. But, that's what makes Swag the leader he is. That forward-thinking is not common, and often found in the board of directors. But, here he is as a Division Leader using everything he can within his arsenal to uphold and routinely exceed the standard that I have personally given him. I met Swag when he was a Co-Founder, just transferring from LS to SL. I have personally seen his attitude shift to a more deliberate, capable, component, and a deeper sense of thinking. I can tell when Swag speaks that he has started to forecast positive and negative events that will alter his division's current atmosphere and performance. Like right now for example, right now he's planning to split Templar. ANY normal Division Leader would see this as an easy opportunity to claim a nice victory to make their own squad so that they will always have a direct tie to the division. But, not Swag. Swag has identified his true potential and how far he can really go within the community and he instead decided to use this awesome momentum that Templar has generated and is using it to retain and grow more life into another squad within SL. He's doing that because he has identified that if he uses all of his squads to their maximum but effectiveness, that is going to be the final route to obtain every Division Leader's wet dream, a sustainable, self-independent division that will only have one course of action to release the stacking momentum this would provide. A DIVISION SPLIT. Swag makes my job as his director incredibly easy. The incident reports are always done on time, there is minimal drama or emotionally charged incidents within the division, his Generals and 7's Staff are phenomenal and charged with incredible morale and knowledge. All I have to do is just watch the chats and attend their meetings. In the 7's Meetings, I am typically silent, because there is nothing for me to say. Swag knows what he is doing, and it's incredibly obvious. Again, please don't forget Swag has a KSI tattoo on his right arm. I'm, sure he will give you a picture if you ask for it. This man is more than qualified to wear the OS3 award in my book. Give it to him already. Swag and Leaders like him are the future of this community.
  11. I'm honestly surprised Cody does not already have this award. Cody is a pillar that SL uses to support itself. Really, without Cody, we would not have at least a third of what SL is now. Cody is responsible for probably 33%+ for the leadership that SL uses to manage our squads. Zakrasil, Kakashii, Tuggory, NOT BATMAN, etc. The list just goes on. Then, we also need to consider the domino effect that Cody has installed while going about and further mentoring our established leaders. Again, he is one of the main pillars that SL uses to routinely grow itself out. Cody has had his entire career within SL. He has seen it as an infant when we were at 120 in November of 2018. Now, he's here to see the infant become a beast at 390 in the present time. With that being said, Cody has defined over and over with his achievements what kind of quality in leadership SL demands routinely to keep itself above water. Throughout all of the squads that he has Co-Founded, none had complaints, and typically complimented him in private when it came to his relaxed style of interaction, and how that comforted the situation at hand. Like I said earlier, Cody has seen the worst of SL. Thankfully, he has learned tremendously from that failed experiment. And because of that, he knows how to build a squad and manage a squad to keep it united and growing from the same cultural atmosphere. He always has plans on the back burner, failed SSG's or potential candidates do not slow does the squad he's over, he always knows how to keep the ball rolling even without the most opportune route at hand. This guy does not deserve OS1, he genuinely deserves at least OS2. This community needs more 7's like this Cody.
  12. I will witness for KSI DC 7. Since earning his 7, Crunk has come out in full force for SL. DC 7 has been overly excellent in handling all of his responsibilities as a GEN/Co-Fo, omega usage, and overall attitude to all of the division's members that come to him for his guidance. DC has been a great role model for our junior members, he always uses a positive outlook on situations that typically earns the respect of whom he is leading. DC is still a fairly new Co-Founder, but he does handle both of his squads with precision attention to detail. DC has been a sponge when he was promoted to 7. This member typically puts in 20-30 hours a week into this division and collectively his departments that serve KSI both (clan ops and department ops). There's nothing more we as a 7's staff that we can ask upon DC. He has done and molded to everything we have asked for. I think that quality is what makes him eligible for OS 2, he's straightforward, dependable, and adaptable.
  13. Award: Squad Leadership Host: KSI Grifful Attendance: KSI GRiMMM12 / @KSI GRiMMM12 KSI CrownMe / KSI ENERGY / @KSI Energy KSI Luckyy / @KSI Luckyy KSI SlickNick / @KSI SlickNick KSI XpldinPanda / @KSI XpldinPanda KSI xXJustyXx / @Asuna KSI Zakrasil / @KSI Zakrasil Evidence: I hosted a squad leadership workshop on 12/14/19
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