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  1. Ripple Effect verified-yes Bacon- of course
  2. Perhaps an award for the Departments for being committed to that department for a certain period of time like the Committed, Dedicated, and Devoted awards for length of time in KSI. Though instead of years possibly 6 Months and 1 year for Departments. Some examples could be: News Seasoned Scribe/ Veteran Scribe AAP Achievement Seeker / Appreciation Specialist PO/CDC Education Activist/ Knowledge Guru T&E Game Host/ Games Master Productions Hype Man/ Influencer HSI Librarian/ KSI Wiki Design Team Starving Artist/ Virtuoso Marketing Adman /Front Man
  3. @KSI Spicy Saucy Could you please edit your original post to the correct format please and thank you . I have included it below, for you to copy and past and fill out accordingly. Format for the Post: Name: Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Reason-/-Evidence: Staff Award Requested: (Included only with Meta Awards category)
  4. Gamerscore hoarder and master-yes
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