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  1. When I first met King, he was slipping into a slightly broken division where people were afraid of those in 7's staff. It may have taken a couple weeks to warm up to him but after that we hit the floor running. His efforts tireless in that he would give up his breaks at work and even his sleep for those oh wait let's have a 2 am meeting to think tank. All he cared about was pushing the division and its members to change from the normal and push for the extraordinary. Through his steadfast encouragement to his members, I know many still look to him as their mentor and leader. You can vent to him, think things through with him, and all the while you are frustrated he can both tell you like it is but also lighten the mood and make you feel better than you entered the conversation. Whether it is crunching those numbers to make a squad a gem or just being his silly self and getting people to relax, have fun, and game King is ready. His guidance makes you think things through differently, approach things differently and appreciate the history of the community you are involved in as well as its values. Personally I miss his silly jokes and humor in our divison's discord every day because he had become such a cornerstone to ES and never in my time in KSI did I take someones promotion harder than I took his. He was the number one reason people had found their reason to step up and be the leaders they are today and I feared without him there people would lose their focus and drive as King regularly gave all he had to make sure those people around him succeed. Many times when it came to Web-Ops people ask for his advice to find the right department for themselves. I know when I was looking for better understanding of all of them in general, He was there with his heaps of knowledge of the ins and outs as well as how much time each department would take from me as I never wanted to be over extended. I guess what I am saying is King leaves footprints or his passion for KSI on our Divisions, Our Leadership styles, as well as our work ethics when it comes to clan ops. King is someone who makes such an impact on every person he has contact with that their time in KSI is in one way or another permanently changed for the better.
  2. Jack of all trades- yes forums newb- yes
  3. Award Senpai- yes Staff award: Lady Luck
  4. Information on Nominee: Division:Eternal Souls Gamertag:KSI LadyJenny 7 Link to Profile: @Lady Jenny Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: SGT Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: Spirit Week 2016 Spirit Week 2017 Spirit Week Participant Spring Break 2019 Spirit Week 2019 Spirit Week Participant Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. Where do you start when it comes to this woman. When it comes to KSI I don't think a person could say a bad word about her. She is almost like our very own KSI Disney Princess. Her mood and demeanor is always uplifting and cheerful. You would never know she has a stressful day as when she is around, you hear nothing but happiness and giggle. She is a former leader of Es, that worked her tail off to help build and keep this division strong when there was little help by her side to do so. Even though she is in the lower ranks just enjoying the reason she joined KSI, playing with people and having fun, people still come to her to vent, learn or just simply ask for advice. When I first came here there was a deep segregation of the squads, no one played with others outside their own squad. After first getting to know my new home, Hatter and I decided to start pushing for everyone to start playing together. One of the first people that I felt like explained the personality of Succubus in a way I didn't feel like they were aliens was Jenny. She explained how even though they weren't as hard and stubborn as my squad, they were great people. That the members had a kindness and loving nature to them that they grew attached to people and treated others as family.It made me a little jealous I didn't know them very well. Though most don't know me too well, I have a hard time getting close and warming up to new people of an already established niche. Through the power of Minecraft and this wonderful need to learn from the master builder herself, she helped kindle quite a few new friendships for me making me not feel like an outsider. She continually tries to be included in everything from small little parties, to massive community events, and pushes people to try to step outside their comfort zone and do so as well. We always ask her when we will be our fearless fighting leader again and she, with great humility, say when she has time. I commend her for knowing her limits and valuing what she can do as a SGT rather than overwhelming herself by stepping into a leadership position again before her life settles down. Through thick and thin, no matter the struggles in her real life or her KSI life, she bleeds Eternal Souls. Personally when I think through the history of those who fought hard to keep this division afloat during the struggles of ES, one of the first people I remember being mentioned the most is this woman. Although she is taking a break from a leadership position, I know with out her, ES would probably not be standing where it is and I wouldn't have had the home to come to when I first came to ES.
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