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  1. So we are gonna talk about the one time that I cut my wrist open with a beer bottle while kicking a soccer ball!!!! So I was 7 years old living in Marshall, Texas living my best live! Going hunting, fishing, four wheeling, even chasing chickens around 83 acres of land. I was living the best life a kid could have! It was a very hot Saturday afternoon just got done hunting snakes down at the snake pond, just got done putting the guns up that we where using, hanging the snakes getting ready to skin them. Out of know where one of the snakes just fall off the railing that it was on and starts going crazy. I have to run inside and get the 30-30 rifle and shoot that thang!!!! It stopped moving instantly just because I have the best shot in my family. I pick it back up and just stare at it because I was young and like snakes for some odd reason. I put it back on the railing and put the gun back inside. My PaPa told me to run to the back of his truck and get him a bottle of his favorite beer, Budweiser! So I'm like ok I can do that, no problem. I decided to kick my soccer ball while I walking over there to get him a beer. It's about a good little walk because he parked down at the deer camp which is down by the pond we where at. So I'm just playing with the soccer ball. Blah Blah Blah. I finally get there climb in the back of the truck and grab a nice cold Budweiser out of the nice Yeti cooler! It was so cold it was freezing my hand even though it was 104 degrees outside at least. So I finally hop out of the truck and start walking back kicking my soccer ball. I get back on the street of where our house was and BOOM!!! I trip over my ball beer bottle goes flying in the air, soccer ball goes who knows where, and I go to the ground. The beer bottle fell right on my wrist and it took me a couple seconds to realize it. I was gushing out blood. I didn't even feel it that was the crazy part. I run back to the house and apparently my cousin already knew something was wrong. It the most country accent you can think of I hear this "Boy what in the hell did you do". I explained I fell while kicking my soccer ball, he just said that sounds pretty dumb. My cousin comes back outside with 3 to 4 roles of paper towels and just start wrapping them around my arm and my mom tells me go get in the truck and we where on the way to the hospital. Even though I had blood gushing out of my arm I still had to wait in a line to even see a doctor. I thought I was gonna pass out but then the nurse comes and gets me and takes me to my room. I see at least 10 needles that was numbing stuff inside of it, another needle with the stuff that do stiches with, and then a nice shiny pair of purple non latex gloves!!! I think they where non latex I don't know. They start shoving needles in my arm I feel the first 4 but after that I couldn't even feel my arm anymore. I was just staring the whole time as a needle went through my arm over and over again. I got to choose the color of my string they did the stiches with I forgot to mention. I chose my favorite color which is purple. We where all done with the stiches. But here's what is really horrible. My doctor told me that cut was at least 2cm closer to my hand I would've lost my hand and I would've had to get a hook as my hand. I feel real lucky to still have my hand. But long story short please do not I say do not kick a soccer ball and carry a beer bottle at the same time it is not smart at all. I'm sorry if anyone reading this doesn't like blood or anything like that. But that is my story that I wanted to share with all of KSI! I really hope everyone enjoys reading my story and if you don't mind leave a comment!
  2. I can witness this for minion!!! She is always online even if it's on her phone, she'll be at work and I'll get a invite from her at 3 in the morning! She's always active and she just has a good work ethic for KSI. She can always be there no matter what the deal is, like I said she'll be at work and she'll be able to talk because she's on her phone in a party! She spreads so much positivity through out the community but mostly through DW. Weather I'm waking up to Good Morning KSI or Good Morning DW it always something special from her. She's very dedicated to making sure her squad and division are always on the right track!
  3. Applicant has accepted work! Closed!
  4. KSI xMinion/ @KSI xMinion Award: Helping Hand Evidence: Buying a game for @KSI Gary 7 (Spyro) Witness: @VENUM 7 @KSI ShaynePain
  5. Freaking ORANGE JUICE IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!
  6. GamerTag: KSI ShaynePain/ @KSI ShaynePain Award: Helping Hand: Evidence: @VENUM 7@KSI Havoc 7@KSI HellsKnight Gave out to someone in need of a name change so they could be promoted!
  7. Category: Co-Fo Gamertag; KSI Venum 7 Forums Account Link / @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Always able to help no matter what the problem is. Every time I've had a problem I've been able to go to @VENUM 7 he has helped me out with everything! Outstanding CoFounder in my opinion!!!!
  8. well you know facetime is pretty awesome android doesn't even had ooVoo anymore
  9. Applicant Has Accepted! Closed @Tavie
  10. Applicant Has Accepted Work @Dragon 7 closed
  11. I would like to say I am rocky road because im sweet but mean!
  12. I have a iPhone so you should already know what im gonna go with!! lmk what you like more im very interested in knowing!!!!
  13. Enchiladas are the way to go especially chicken
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