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  1. Outstanding Service Level 2: YES Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication @KSI Tiger 77!
  2. Legen-: Yes Staff Award: Airborne's Legion
  3. I will drop my vote to witness Pam has also assisted me with many KSI questions and taught me a multitude of things
  4. @KSI Lord Alcarin @KSI Zordon @KSI DANK2216 @DrinkYourDamTea @KSI Irksome11 Squad Leadership Evidence: They all attended the workshop as hosted by me 2/22/20
  5. DrinkYourDamTea @DrinkYourDamTea Forums Newb She currently has 100+ posts on the Forums
  6. Novie Recruiter (Verified): Yes Trainer (Verified): Yes
  7. 1. Xbox Gamerpic 2. Discord me for the image. @KSI UppishB592#3386 3. Main Text: KSI Joe 7 4. Subtext: Fangasm 5. KSI Logo: Yes 6. Maybe a theme styled after Harley Quinn? Like the chaos and wickedness of her character Most Recent Graphics Request:
  8. KSI Uppish #DMMasterDiv GTA V https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-uppish/video/88162060 Lol, the getaway gone wrong. Atlas https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-uppish/video/88163221 You know how sometimes you're able to react just in time even though you're actually freaking out and you still live somehow? Yea that happened to me lol
  9. Enduring Subscriber: Yes Highest of Fives: Yes Staff Award: Support Group
  10. We will need detailed witnesses statements attest to how this member has gone above and beyond.
  11. KSI Uppish @KSI Uppish Rolling Subscriber Evidence sent to @Airborne via Discord
  12. KSI Uppish @KSI Uppish 2020 Donor & I LOVE ME Evidence sent to @Airborne via Discord
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