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  1. I miss my friends 

  2. Sucks not being an officer anymore, but at the same time I feel a weight off my shoulders.  

    Also sucks some of my friends left KSI.  Others seem so distant, that it doesn’t feel the same as when I first joined.  

    One day I hope to be a bigger part of the community, and change things for the better, that more people could enjoy this community.

  3. Feeling conflicted, aggravated and unhappy.  I feel as though things have changed, and I wanna go back.  

  4. Subscribe to my channel?



  5. I have witnessed this, Kato is always stirring the pot. But then again, isn’t that why we love Kato?
  6. Counting down the days until I can play Anthem! 8 more days! I’m dying to play!

  7. I will be a witness for this. Kato has been a great mentor ever since he recruited me in January.
  8. Not how I planned my day... was planning on sleeping for a few hours and gaming tonight.  Ended up only getting 2 hours sleep, babysat my sisters kids all day.  Now laying down trying to relax but my body is not well, so I have to stay up longer.

  9. Not the usual all-nighter but a peaceful one, just relaxing watching tv and playing mindless games.  Listened to some music and sketched a cool demon.

  10. New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski Jimmy Garoppolo Julian Edelman Wes Welker Danny Amendola Aaron Dobson Richard Seymour Aaron Hernandez (despite the fact he murdered someone, he was still a good player) Malcom Butler
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