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  1. Type of Image/Size (Choose one of the following): Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: Main Text: KSI YeetQueen Subtext (if any): Non KSI Logo (yes/no): Do you want the KSI logo implemented? Yes Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, themes? Outside the box thinking Most Recent Graphics Request: https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/42373-ksi-magicshadow-gamer-pic-request/?tab=comments#comment-813659
  2. Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Forums: @KSI YeetQueen Award: Extravert I have met all of the various requirements for the Award throughout August and September. @FadeZ 7 Can verify.
  3. Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Forums: @KSI YeetQueen Award: Approachable Evidence: I have won the day 5 times (link to profile), https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/47847-ksi-yeetqueen/
  4. Gamertag: KSI FadeZ 7 Forums: @FadeZ 7 Award: OSLvl 3 Witness statement: Here we are again to witness and read all about this OUTSTANDING member. FadeZ goes above and beyond any and all expectations.Since I met him he has taken me under his wing to train and support me and mould me into a mini him hence the nickname Little FadeZ.FadeZ has been in this community a very long time and during this time he has made a huge impact on different aspects of the community. His career started off in DR where he overcame so many problems that it would make any normal person leave, however this guy is not human he is supernatural and this is where he gets his skills from. In his total career he has been a gen 3 times so this is three times this incredible individual has risen through the ranks and lead multiple squads into greatness. In 2013 FadeZ joined T&E and worked his way through this department and became the Co Head which in itself is a huge accomplishment. After this he joined the News department and with time he was one of the brilliant minds that helped split the News department and made HSI and now is currently the head of this department. His dedication to departments is so inspirational and I wish that his skills and ways would rub off on me. The first time I met FadeZ was when he interviewed me for HSI and believe me this was not a great interview for myself I was a nervous reck, however being the kind, caring and supportive person he is he caught onto this and after the interview he messaged to check if I was okay. From that very moment I knew he was going to be my bestest friend and idol/mentor. Since I joined HSI I have seen behind the scenes what this incredible member actually does and it really amazes me on how he does all of this and still finds the time of day to make me smile. He has this drive inside of him that I have not seen before. All he strives to do is make HSI and the community the best that it can be and I believe that he can lead us to this due to his impeccable leadership skills.Over everything FadeZ is the most supportive of all his staff and will drop everything to come and help us out. When I was in the hospital because of an operation I kept trying to do my HSI stuff and he would be like “focus on yourself you are much more important” and me being stubborn I just wanted to do it but he sat with me all day and night in a party with me while I was in there. To me this is the qualities of a truly caring person. HSI is not the only amazing thing he does, he also a Forums moderator which is a new promotion. He has trained me to be the join mod I am today. Currently I am a senior join mod and FadeZ will stop at nothing to help me when I need advice or help with an application. Every in and out of the join mod process he has gone through with me and always given me the support I need. He is definitely a role model to me and I would have it no other way. I really believe that FadeZ deserves this award and is a prime definition of this award. The amount he does for this community is fornominal and this community would be such a different place without him. So that’s it from me, Little FadeZ out. #HSIFTW
  5. Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen Forums: @KSI YeetQueen Award: Award Hobbyist Staff Award: Optic Requiem Evidence: I have 40 awards.
  6. Team Captain: KSI YeetQueen Division: DW Teammate: KSI Harmony 7 Division: DW Teammate: KSI Greenday 7 Division: DW
  7. I already have clip commander @KSI Jynxie 7
  8. Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK Forums: @KSI DCRUNK Award: Capped Out Evidence: Member is apart of HSI and News. @December @FadeZ 7 Can witness for this.
  9. Proxy post approved by KSI Galahad 7 sDISTURBED666 DW/Hannibal
  10. King? Where do I start? I first met King when he hired me to the Join moderator team. Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know this amazing person of the community. He leads his team to high standards and is always there to help no matter. Join applications can sometimes be difficult but King does it with no doubt and style. Every time I have a question he is always there almost instantly. Truly an amazing leader and one of the communities finest. Next he is a director over WD and even tho I haven’t been in a division with him I see his amazing work he did with ES and his fornominal drive for excellence. I have gone through many challenges in my clan ops career and King has always been there for me to offer advice and support more so than my actual leaders. Not once has he doubted me but incouraged me do be the best I can. He would have one on one chats with me actually giving me scenarios to help with my decisions. I have seen this guy go above and beyond what is expected of him and yet he still gets treated badly. He is one of the best directors in this community and doesn’t get the recognition for it. There has been days he hasn’t wanted to get on Xbox due to leadership not supporting him, however he does he fights it and has this spirit that everyone should have. I have wanted to leave the community many times due to leadership how this man right here has been my light in the tunnel. I have a lot of respect for King and always will do he has a very bright future and I really want to see where he goes next.
  11. Gamertag: KSI RogueLSG88 Forums: @KSI RogueLSG88 Award: Basic Evidence: Member has participated in two months worth of the Twitter blitz. @FadeZ 7 @Greenday 7 Can you verify please.
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