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  1. Division: Sovereign Legacy Gamertag: KSI Kakashii 77 Link to Profile: @Kakashii 77 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: SGT (RET.) Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? yes Awards: Spirit week 2019 Spring break 2019 General of the Month DIV. Mad Max Out standing service level 1 Helping Hand squad splitter Head Hunter Winter is coming Legen Exercute Order 77 The double Agent On Point Ripple Effect 2019 Donor New member Certified Divional Leadership Certified Turkey Bowl 2018 Committed Airbournes Legions Basic training Certified Spirit week 2018 Roxy Foxy Train the Trainer Certified Spring Break 2018 All star Spirit Week 2017 Scotlands Jacobites Gamerscore Horder Hot Topic Trainer Officer Testimony: Kakashii without a doubt deserves to be in the hall of fame due to his continuous dedication to SL and the amount of people he has mentored and supported. Personally Kakashii nurtured me from a baby member all the way to where I am now. He has mentored me through every single rank and has been there very step of the way. Even when I was in another squad for a short while this guy without a doubt is the face of SL despite of his current rank. Everyone knows who he is and that he is a fornominal leader. This guy just has the raw natural talent to lead and succeed more so than anyone else in the division. Kakashii has mentored me through so many hard decisions and times that I can’t even count anymore. Right now I can say hands down that he should be a division leader with the amount of effort he puts into this community. Unfortunately he had to step down due to work commitments however he is still here supporting and guiding people through their ranks. Kakashii has also mentored so many officers within SL to become gens such as KSI Itachii myself (KSI YeetQueen) and KSI RHUBARBxPIE.Also every officer he has mentored is a fornominal leader and has skills which those he didn’t mentor lack and could use. I cant stress enough how much Kakashii deserves this. By far he is the most down to earth and caring person who will always help you no matter what.
  2. Team Captain: KSI YeetQueen Division: DW Teammate: KSI Harmony 7 Division: DW Teammate: KSI Greenday 7 Division: DW
  3. I already have clip commander @KSI Jynxie 7
  4. Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK Forums: @KSI DCRUNK Award: Capped Out Evidence: Member is apart of HSI and News. @December @FadeZ 7 Can witness for this.
  5. Proxy post approved by KSI Galahad 7 sDISTURBED666 DW/Hannibal
  6. King? Where do I start? I first met King when he hired me to the Join moderator team. Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know this amazing person of the community. He leads his team to high standards and is always there to help no matter. Join applications can sometimes be difficult but King does it with no doubt and style. Every time I have a question he is always there almost instantly. Truly an amazing leader and one of the communities finest. Next he is a director over WD and even tho I haven’t been in a division with him I see his amazing work he did with ES and his fornominal drive for excellence. I have gone through many challenges in my clan ops career and King has always been there for me to offer advice and support more so than my actual leaders. Not once has he doubted me but incouraged me do be the best I can. He would have one on one chats with me actually giving me scenarios to help with my decisions. I have seen this guy go above and beyond what is expected of him and yet he still gets treated badly. He is one of the best directors in this community and doesn’t get the recognition for it. There has been days he hasn’t wanted to get on Xbox due to leadership not supporting him, however he does he fights it and has this spirit that everyone should have. I have wanted to leave the community many times due to leadership how this man right here has been my light in the tunnel. I have a lot of respect for King and always will do he has a very bright future and I really want to see where he goes next.
  7. Gamertag: KSI RogueLSG88 Forums: @KSI RogueLSG88 Award: Basic Evidence: Member has participated in two months worth of the Twitter blitz. @FadeZ 7 @Greenday 7 Can you verify please.
  8. I think that department people should be able to get awards like for T&E staff or HSI or Productions because these people work so hard and deserve recognition and awards. Because if it wasejt for them there would be no events and other things.
  9. Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK Forums: @KSI DCRUNK Award: Member assistance Evidence: While being DCRUNK’s general I have witnessed him assisting people within the squad multiple times. Personally he has assisted me with questions that I have asked him for example I asked him about a topic on the forums and he was able to explain it to me in detail which them enabled me to answer that topic.
  10. Here I am to witness for this star of SL. Where do I start Rogue as I said before is one of the stars of SL. I have worked closely with Rogue before my transfer and we always relied on each other for advice and support. This guy goes above and beyond what is expected of a gen and an officer. I joined KSI much before Mr Rogue but it didn’t take him long to catch up to me in the rank structure. However this guy right here put in 300% into his squad. He came up through the ranks doing EVERYTHING the officers at the time literally did nothing and deserved demotion. He then suffered the big attack of GDU which was the current gen and aload of officers and squad members going and foruming their own community and poaching people left right and centre. But this didn’t stop Rogues determination. He rebuilt the officer core and recruited like 18 people even more in one month. He is a real power house. Next he got promoted to gen after a bit of time and continueing to work his butt off. For the longest time he kept suffering from people up and leaving or becoming inactive but eventually get got himself a brand new officer core and this kicked ass. However many times he tried to split his squad and always was the front running squad to split in SL but time and time again every time he got to a day within splitting one of his officers left or had to get demoted. Eventually he split this squad and I can’t tell you how much work Rogue has really put into SL. Definitely the future leadership of SL and by far the best in the division including current leaders he is going to be a super star in the development of SL. Rogue is constantly there for his members he has even brought name changed for member and also games. I have also seen him put up gift cards for competitions to get people more enthusiastic. This guy right here is the shining definition of 0S Level 1
  11. Mr Airbourne here is the true example of real accomplishment. He has completely turned around the AAP department and done so swiftly and in style.Airbourne made this department the best it has ever been. He took it over and it was like a flower bloomed to its full potential. The department is now in full swing and really showing us what it’s made of. This department is now full of active and hyped staff that take pride in what they do and this is down to Airbourne being an amazing leader and role model.
  12. Gamertag: KSI SorrowValen Forums: @KSI SorrowValen Award: Train the Trainer Certified and Basic Training Certified Evidence: I hosted the workshops on 08/24/19
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