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  1. Gamertag:KSI CryBay  Division: WD My Beginning: My story isnt like any other..It all started in the dead of winter i could feel all the mositure in my nose freeze as i hiked down the snowy moutain side. My whole body was so cold i felt like i wouldnt be able to take another step, the only thing that gave me hope was the light at the bottom of the moutain. I knew if i didnt make it down to the town for help everyone in my village would die. As i kept on walking it felt like i have been walking weeks my knees weak and my body feeling like it was going to shut down at any minute, I could barley see a foot in front of me the snow made my visibility slim to none. I started to give up any hope that i would make it there to save the others, i was sure i was going to be a pack of wolfs dinner. All of a sudden i hear a childs voice in the distance i thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, as i walked closer i could see a little boy and a little girl playing in the snow, i couldnt believe that i had made it, i staggered closer to them and all of a sudden everything went dark.. the next thing i remeber is waking up in a warm bed with a woman taking care of me and the same children i seen playing helping the woman. All i could do was smile i thanked the children, if they werent playing outside i would of died i owed my life to them..
  2. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI CryBaby Award: New Member Certified Evidence: @KSI T1GER 77 Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI JAMCAM
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