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  1. Division: Sovereign Legacy Gamertag: KSI Kakashii 77 Forums account: @Kakashii 77 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: SGT (retired) Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? yes Awards: General of the month Divisional Mad Max Outstanding service Level 1 Commited Squad Splitter Trainer Mentor Head Hunter Testimony: This was for me a choice between 3 people but im gonna have to give it too Mr KSI Kakashii 77. This guy has done so much for this Division and for KSI as a whole is truly astonishing! i know this is a divisional based award but ive got to give this guy all the credit he deserves, over the past 7 YEARS this man has been here i am truly in shock in how he is not in the divisional HOF already. he is also the LAST remaining member of a division CO that shut down back in 2012/2013 in he's time in SL alone has trained an grown 3 generals including myself the amount of officers he has trained and helped and had a direct impact on not only as an officer but as a person ive honestly lost count! If he was not at work he would be doing KSI stuff to the point he would literally fall asleep. He would be there for any member whenever you need it whether he would be at work home or the other side of the world! When i joined back in February of this year he was my general of knights and instantly he was the Leader i strive to be like, he taught me not only how to be a leader but also to be a better person in real life. when he retired it honestly shocked the division MASSIVELY which lasted even until today. I honestly feel this man does not get the true recognition he deserves. He will do whatever it takes to not let something fail and has that 'captain goes down with the ship' mentality which i know is truly rare to find not only in KSI but also in life. From what he has done and the way this man he is and even tho we live on the other side of the world as i am British he is a true brother of mine and i friend i call for life. i can honestly go on for hours how this man deserves to be the next SL Hall Of Famer but i honestly this gives enough evidence. Thank you for you're time. Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. same as above
  2. Gamertag/forums name: KSI Punisher69 - @KSI Punisher69 KSI TossAMidget - @KSI TossAmidget Award: basic training certified evidence: hosted by myself 7/31/19
  3. KSI Itachii award: clip commander evidence: I had a clip that was tweeted on the KSIGlobalGaming page on twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/KSIGlobalGaming/status/1156211942513623040
  4. I also enjoy rainbow six siege, the dynamics and tactilism it inherits is truly awesome. And with the community of it being quite toxic and brutal, when bringing in new members they think it’s awesome and refreshing that we try to prevent that
  5. @KSI UppishB592 oh yeah I know, I was just saying as I am british and their are lot more british members with in KSI than I thought. And with also quite a lot of family have done military service if we yeah maybe could get awards showing our support for the british armed forces
  6. Yeah I replied, thank you @Airborne
  7. Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Skarzx 77 - Director/SL Link to forums account - @Scarface 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - honestly since the day I joined I have seen nothing but great things from this man! He is a prime example of fierce leader and a great friend and role model to us all! He never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face! He always spends times with he’s members and is always there to assist you and guide you if ever needed even as our director! He is someone who i strive to be like in this division! He really is the father to us all and I hugely admire him for the way he has handled the struggles this division has endured over the past few months! Thanks for being awesome brother!  Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Grifful 7 - Div Leader/SL Link to forums account - @KSI Grifful 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - this man is honestly a definition of KSI itself! The way this guy educates and mentors he’s gens and officer cores is just unreal! And with over the past month with him being the only 7 staff, he’s handled he’s job like a BOSS!! The amount I learn and have learned from this guy is phenomenal, without this guys guidance and education over the past month and my entire KSI career in general I honestly wouldn’t be in the position I am today about to become a gen. I really wouldn’t! I honestly can’t thank him enough for bringing me in to such an awesome and amazing community and it gives me great pleasure that I can make him proud in what I am achieving and the direction I’m going!  General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Sinikon - General - Templar SL Link to forums account - @Sinikon Reasoning why the deserve this - Since Transfering to Templar at the beginning of the month, I honestly couldn’t believe the toughness and hardship this man has gone through, with pretty much half of he’s Officer core and members being poached and leaving for something he never did wrong was honestly horrible! This man does so much for he’s squad and is honestly such an awesome guy and someone I love having as my gen because I have learned so much from this guy in the last month! He recruits, mentors, promotes, gives out gift cards this man honestly does it all and is a true inspiration to this division and to KSI as a whole! Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Scorpi0n - 1CPT - Templar/SL Link to forums account - @KSIREDNECK22 Reasoning why they deserve this - this guy Honestly since coming over seen come from the brink of quitting to now being a gen of a squad! Over the last month ive honestly seen him do nothing but great things for he’s squad! Give out name changes and helped out members and officers whenever needed! I also give him a lot of credit for being pretty much the only officer that never left, stuff like that goes a long way with me! I hoenslty can’t wait to see how he does in he’s next role as I think he will be awesome! Keep up you’re awesome work bro! LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Weed Smoker - 2LT - Templar/SL Link to forums account - @KSI Weed Smoker Reasoning why they deserve this - over the last month this guy has been the man getting it done! He has honestly surprised me with how much he does. After speaking with him and him telling me that he wasn’t sure about being an officer, I was worried. But man has he been kicking a**! Whenever something needed to be fixed, he was on it. And what also I loved was that he would always ask questions, weather it would be forums, Officer related literally anything he would ask and that’s what I love to see in an upcoming officer. I really hope he carries on with it becasue he can really go far and be great! Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI YeetQueen - General/marketing/HSI - Knights/SL Link to forums account - @KSI YeetQueen Reasoning why they deserve this - over the past month this woman has been just amazing for her departments! She has been a rocket force for marketing making sure her division knows everything that’s going on! But what really stuck out was her time capsule which was a gem of a masterpiece! It just shows how much she loves this community and how much time she puts into it with also being a general, a join app mod and marketing rep, this girl does it all and in amazing fashion!
  8. Would you know when you guys might be hiring as I would really really like to join
  9. It’s not a major award but with the supplemental awards where you have US Army, US marines and so on. As I am British would it possible if we could have one showing our support for the British Army it that’s possible? Thank you
  10. KSI Grifful link to forums: @KSI Grifful 7 award: KSI Mentor Reason for this nomination: The reason why the big boss man Griff or (uncle griff) which is what we like to call him here in SL deserves this award is becasue he is a true inspiration and mentor to the whole of SL alone. He is the man who brought me in here and is the reason I have become so passionate about KSI and is one of the reasons and inspirations behind my drive to do great here in KSI. He has helped me and guided me through a few struggles where at some points I thought about giving up but he talked to me and (the reason why I’m nominating him) Mentored me how to approach and handle situations better and become a better leader and I owe him a ton of respect for that. I admire him for he’s passion and drive in this community and the pivotal role that he plays as the Division Leader, he is a PRIME example of great leader and mentor to anyone. I am very honoured to call him my recruiter and my mentor.
  11. How do we get access to the VIP section once getting the donor award?
  12. KSI Itachii link to forums: @KSI Itachii awards: forums newb, round of applause evidence: I have 102 posts on the forums and I have 21 awards on the forums staff award: execute order 77
  13. Ahh gotcha! Thank you for the information. Yeah sure no problem man @KSI xKamikaze
  14. KSI Itachii link to forums account: @KSI Itachii awards: 2019 Donor, gold donor, July donation and twitch sub evidence: I have donated $15 dollars to KSI in the month of July and subscribed to KSILive on twitch. Screenshots to follow
  15. I myself too as he’s fellow captain can witness that he has paid for a name change for one of our current officers KSI Lethal1 becasue he was very interested in becoming an officer but didn’t have the money at the time, I was there when he did it I can get him to verify if needed @Airborne
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