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  1. Gamertag: KSI RezMeIn5 Division: Demonic Mayhem Character name: Voiceferatu Abilities: Much like a vampire, he has the ability to steal the life energy of somebody else and use this to keep himself immortal, though with a much classier way to achieve this than sucking their blood. He uses his voice almost as a compulsion to gain this energy from others when they interact with him and give him permission to take that energy without them knowing. Story: Strange phone calls happen all the time, hangups or nobody being there when it's answered maybe. But this is about one of the strangest for Jason Doe, and it's all true. One late Halloween night Jason was home alone, when his phone rang. It was a restricted number, usually he didn't answer those but he felt a strange urgency to the way the phone rang and so he did. "Hello, can i help you?" The voice on the other end was soft and polite, with an old world charm that spoke of education and culture. "Yes, can I have a few minutes of your time young man?" Thinking it was a telemarketer, but unable to hang up without being rude, Jason replied yes. "Thank you." The well mannered man on the other end said, and abruptly hung up without anything more. As Jason put his phone down he couldn't quite put a finger on why the call was so strange besides the abrupt end to it. He did feel just a little older though, one step closer to his life running out, as if he had indeed given the stranger a few minutes of his time left to live.
  2. I kept wondering why the ball was getting bigger, then it hit me. What does a clock do when it is still hungry? It goes back four seconds How do you swordfight with cheese? Use extra sharp cheddar What do they do with a scientist when he dies? They barium
  3. I'd like to take a minute and recognize a group of people. @Wrath The whole squad from top to bottom. You guys are a joy to game with and to shoot the breeze with. Always down to help each other and to personify never leaving another member behind, the officers that I work with are amazing and some of the most genuine people I have ever interacted with, a strange thing to say about people that are on my Xbox or my phone but it's true. The members are awesome and make it easy to want to put in the extra work for them, pulling late nighters making sure we keep them around for the benefit of KSI as a whole. I can't think of a better group of people that I would rather be a part of than KSI as a whole, and Wrath in particular. I miss some of those discord members but I am so proud of my squad and everything they continue to accomplish. Love you guys
  4. Gamer tag: KSI Trixie Forums link: @KSI Trixie Award: Outstanding service level one Reasoning: Trixie has always been there to help with any questions I have had since I first came to KSI. She has worked super hard with the recent squad split to make sure that everyone stays comfortable and happy with their time in KSI. She's kind and thoughtful, and knows how to use humor to help when the situation calls for it. She's a great leader and person as well, which is a rare combination and that makes her a valuable addition here. She's knowledgeable and anything she doesn't know off hand she is willing to work to find and fix whatever it might be for her members, she shows outstanding loyalty and respect for everyone and nobody who spends any time talking to her could have a bad thing to say. She 100% deserves this
  5. @KSIxROMEO 7 'Outstanding service lvl 2 What can I say that hasn't already been stated much more eloquently before me. Dedication, that's the main thing. He has absolutely given his all to each and every one of us in DM and has worked himself ragged in some cases to make sure that everything is running smoothly and nobody feels left behind or like there is too much pressure on them by themselves. The man is a powerhouse when it comes to his KSI duties and yet still finds time to join game nights and to be seen by members from RCT all the way up. And let's not forget the wicked singing voice that puts Billy Ray Cyrus to shame with that old town road. In short, he's everywhere and doesn't let anything stop him from being there for each and every one of his members.
  6. General: KSI Trixie @Trixie She was put into the position earlier than expected and still ran with it, and has been doing wonderfully, making sure that everyone is being kept in the loop and making sure everyone is up to date and has a good time. Everyone is included with her and she listens to everyone, her time is largely spent in matters of KSI and she is a great addition to the general rank. Captain: KSI Whiskey82 @KSI WHISKEY82 He's worked tirelessly for months to recruit and build a strong squad and has done such a good job of it that there has been a new squad created from his, and other's contributions. He is always available or quickly gets back to anyone who comes to him for help or even just friendly chatter. He's a one man powerhouse when it comes to admin duties and even works with the writing for a department.
  7. Planning to surprise the wife this weekend with a dinner at this hibachi place she really likes, our neighbor will be watching the creature so we can relax a little saturday night. Working sunday, ideally getting at least a little work done on my writing in between but it's unlikely. Doing weekend homework packet with the creature, should be fun to see if i'm as smart as a second grader lol.
  8. Whiskey is very accepting and easy to talk to, but also not afraid to be the bad guy if he has to be. In the time i have been here in KSI he has quickly become one of my favorite people. He can be serious when he needs to or the situation calls for it but he is also humorous and outgoing, very likable and easy to talk to about whatever is on your mind. He works tirelessly for the betterment of the squad and KSI as a whole. He has always been there when called, ready to drop things at a moment's notice for his squad and it shows just how much he cares about us and our organization. I admire him as a person and an officer and i hope that he continues to be such a positive striving infliuence.
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