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  1. KSI DrunknNinja @DrunkenNinja736 Awards: Gamerscore Hoarder and Gamerscore Master Evidence He has 59300 gamerscore
  2. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI APPLE P1319 @APPLE P1E19 KSI DragonKing6 @GeorgeLee KSI Highjacked9 @KSI Highjacked9 KSI N3cRo NiNjA @KSI N3cRo NiNjA KSI NFS KING @KSI NFS KING KSI TossAmidget @KSI TossAmidget Award Forums Certified Any evidence if required attended the workshop hosted by me @KSI DCRUNK Profile Link if possible
  3. What is something you wish more people knew about you? I wish people knew that, even though I talk a lot (everyone tells me), I am a great listener. I try to be there for everyone and do what I can to help. I also wish people knew that I try my best not to talk as much, but sometimes its hard due to ADHD. Talking has always been a big issue for me, and I constantly feel like a burden to others or that people don't like me because of how much I talk.
  4. KSI DCRUNK @KSI DCRUNK Three Cheers Award Staff Award: Impy's Cuddle Party Evidence: I have 30 awards
  5. SYTYCW Idea: write a song/rap representing KSI and the ideals we represent. Winner possibly performs in a Productions video?
  6. Over hyped movies seen in theaters that flopped. (Green Latern, etc.)
  7. Gamertag / Forums Name FatRain723 KSI ANTI NAHFOO @M4ST3RQU33F710 KSI ECH0 @KSI ECH0 KSI Highjacked9 @Highjacked9 KSI JeRdEr P @KSI JerderP KSI N3cRo NiNjA @Dr CamelFootMD KSI NFS KING @KSI NFS KING KSI P PEEPIN @DevilChild0907 Award: Train the Trainer Workshop Any evidence if required: Members attended and completed the Train the Trainer workshop hosted by myself. Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK
  8. @KSI RiiOT 7i have like 87 con in osrs. :p ingingot the ornate and everythint For real though i think madden 2 v 2 might be fun
  9. KSI OOOF @KSI Ursidae Gamerscore Hoarder Reason/Evidence: He has a 21570 gamerscore
  10. KSI DirtyBurger @KSI DirtyBurger Awards: Gamerscore Hoarder Gamerscore Master Reason/Evidence: He has 54992 gamerscore
  11. KSI JeRdEr P @KSI JerderP Gamerscore Hoarder Reason/Evidence: member has 20967
  12. Please forgive me for my stupidity. It completely slipped my mind. Please disregard this post.
  13. DrunkenNinja736 @DrunkenNinja736 Awards: 1. Gamerscore Hoarder 2. Gamerscore Master Reasoning/Evidence: he has 59k gamerscore
  14. KSI FlipSyde @KSI FlipSyde Gamerscore Hoarder He has 20,137 gamerscore
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