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  9. My name is David, but people call me Crunk (last name Crunkilton); hence where I get my gamertag KSI DCRUNK. The beginning: May 28, 2019- It was a hot day and school had just ended. I wanted to start my summer break off right by getting my mind off of teaching, grading papers, coaching etc. by playing some games. I had just started playing Xbox again and none of my friends were on. I decided to clear my friends list, but the problem was is now I didn't have any friends. I decided to find someone to play with on an LFG for Black Ops 4, and I ran across a recruiting post from KSI lordhades26, and the rest, as they say, is history. Recruit: I was recruited into Knights SL on 5/28/19. After my recruitment I added every single KSI person that I saw. I played in a few game nights, and I was hooked. I knew that this was the community for me, and that I wanted to help with whatever I was able to especially since I was about to have a lot of free time since I had the summer off. Private: I was promoted to Private on 6/1/19 because I wanted to make sure that I had been in KSI for 48 hours. Unfortunately, I had to take an LOA soon after becoming a private because I was going to visit family. As soon as I got back from vacation and my LOA was done, I changed my name and was promoted to Sergeant on 6/7/19. Sergeant: I had made a lot of friends since joining KSI, some that were KSI and quite a few that were not. I showed my interest in becoming an officer and was trained by KSI Sasuke08 @Forzt08. He thought that I showed a lot of potential to become an officer, but I had to earn the rank by recruiting and co-hosting a game night. He mentored me and through rigorous training got me prepared for what would become my KSI career. The night I was promoted to SGT @Kakashii 77 told me with all the talking I was doing I better have four recruits by the next Friday, which gave me a full week to get four recruits. I recruited six people that night and in four days time I had recruited eleven people and co-hosted a game night, which allowed me to be promoted to a Staff Sergeant on 6/11/19. Staff Sergeant: My goal as a Staff Sergeant was to get to know every member of Knights by the end of the week. I went through the Knights SL club page and added every single member that I could while checking to make sure their bio/location were correct. My first game night I had the party packed, and I got some big names in my party like Founder at the time @KSI Grifful 7, who is now Division Leader of SL, and Division Leader at the time @Scarface 77, who is now Director over SL. I promoted quite a bit of the new recruits and jumped in numerous parties with the members of Knights SL. I hosted game nights, and attended every workshop that was offered. I continued recruiting, promoting, hosting game nights, attending game nights that I did not host, and offered my help where ever/whenever it was needed. It looked like I was going to be promoted to 4LT since the officer staff was fairly full, but unfortunately new changes to the discord and to squad officer set-up were passed down;however, it did not deter me. I was still extremely motivated and wanted to prove that I would not falter. Eventually, a Lieutenant position became open, and I had earned the position. I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 6/30/19. Lieutenant: I was fortunate that people saw potential in me. Due to unfortunate circumstances my mentor, my best friend in the squad KSI Sasuke08 stepped down from his LT position. He did so because he felt that he did not have enough time to contribute since he was (and still is) stationed in Japan, but he also did not want to be the reason that I was stuck in a rank. I still can't believe that he did that. He stepped down unselfishly to make sure that others who were striving were not being overlooked and were given promotions they had earned. He showed true integrity in his actions, and I am glad to say that he was able to rejoin the officer corps and helps trains/mentors new members, potential officers, and officers in the squad. I worked hard, and I used the training I was given in order to help grow and train the squad. I hosted game nights, workshops, played with members, asked members how they were doing and what they wanted to see change in order to make their gaming experience better. I helped with the security checks, and I made sure to train SGTs properly, so they could become strong officers if they earned wanted to join the officer corp. I wanted to help out with whatever I could to make sure Knights was successful and there were Captain positions open. Almost all of the members of Knights knew who I was and seemed to enjoy playing and talking with me. I even earned top recruiter of the month for the month of June 2019. I earned 3rd Captain on 7/7/19. Captain: I knew that I had big shoes to fill when I took the Captain position. I immediately led a security check and made sure that all members of Knights had the new officer corps added and made sure their bio/location were correct. I wanted to recruit members, but I was put on a recruiting hiatus by my general KSI YeetQueen because she wanted other people to start producing instead of solely relying on me to do the recruiting. I used my time to promote, train, make the squad schedule, keep the updated promotion list, and retain members by making them feel valued. I was promoted to 2nd Captain on 7/15/19 when the position opened due to KSI FlipSyde stepping down. I was told I was able to recruit again and started to recruit like a maniac. I was the second top recruited in SL for July 2019. Talks of a squad split were starting to become common. I knew I wanted to be the person to help split a squad and hopefully help build either a new squad or replenish Knights with new members, but due to some unforeseen circumstances the squad split was delayed when the 1st Captain transferred divisions. It was rough because I had a good feeling that I would either be promoted to general of the new squad or be the replacement general in Knights if KSI YeetQueen would have been promoted to CoFo. I was promoted to 1st Captain on 7/30/19. I did not let the last minute cancellation of the squad split deter me from our goal. I worked hard with our other members and made sure that we were ready for anything. I branched out so I could meet more people and to see more perspectives outside of the SL division when I joined the News and History departments where I enjoyed the responsibilities and assignments I was given. I especially took a keen liking to the History Department (because I am a history teacher and love all things history). I became best friends with @KSI Codyo. We worked extremely well together and got Knights back to where we needed it to be while KSI YeetQueen was out (first she was on vacation and then later she was admitted into the hospital for several days). After some tough times KSI YeetQueen decided to leave Knights and transferred to Hannibal DW. KSI Grifful 7 became our acting general, which was difficult for him because he was the only 7 in our division at the time. I knew that with all my work and training that I was ready to become general. I wanted to run Knights more than anything in the world. I had recruited, trained, and referred about half the squad. The squad liked me, and I worked well with the officer corps. I felt that I had earned the promotion, but I also knew that KSI Codyo had also earned the position. In the end KSI Grifful made a tough decision, and I was not the one chosen to lead Knights. I was told that I did not receive the promotion, but it was not because I wasn't ready. KSI Grifful thought I had the personality to start and grow a new squad; however, some more unfortunate circumstances occurred and the idea of a split was again halted. I understood the decision, and I was not about to let one decision end my career, but it did seem like the odds were stacked against me. I continued working hard and doing my officer duties. I recruited, promoted, and trained like I would every day, but I felt like I had done something wrong. It was tough not being chosen even though I was deemed ready. I earned top recruiter of the month for August 2019 and September 2019. I was nominated for Captain OTM every month from July to September, yet I was never able to earn the award. It seemed like all my hard work was going unnoticed, and it started to eat at me. I was frustrated, but I did not want to take it out on the members. I knew why I was not promoted, and was hoping the squad split would happen soon, yet it never came. I never thought about leaving Knights SL unless the split occurred, and I was not prepared for what happened next. One day KSI Grifful told me he had an opportunity for me. He told me that if I wanted to that I could transfer to Imperial SL to possibly earn a general position. @KSI Rogue 7 was ready to become a CoFo, but no one was gen ready. I told him that I had two stipulations, and if they were met then I would accept the opportunity. The first stipulation was that all of the Knights officer corps members had to approve the transfer. The second was that I had to be interviewed and accepted by the Imperial officer corps: KSI Rogue 7 (general at the time), KSI Bmack42 (3rd Captain), KSI OOOF (1st Lieutenant), KSI Icyemoney (2nd Lieutenant), and KSI TossAmidget (SSGT). Both stipulations were met, and, a week after the interview, I transferred to Imperial SL on 9/20/19. I transferred over as a 2nd Captain and was told I had to earn the general position. Nothing was going to be handed to me, and I understood that. It did not matter what I did in Knights. I had to prove myself to Imperial. I had to readjust my game type so that I could meet the members of Imperial and get them used to me. I did everything that I did as a SSGT in Knights. I needed the members to get to know me, so I made sure to jump in as many parties as I could. I earned the trust and respect of the officer corps and the members. I was starting to become a great leader in Imperial.@KSI Bmack42 stepped down which made me the only Captain. After some training I was promoted to General of Imperial on 10/10/19. General: I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead Imperial. I was and still am extremely grateful to have been given the chance as well as had mentors along the way to help me out through the process: KSI Skarzx 77, KSI Grifful 7, KSI Rogue 7, KSI Codyo, and, my original mentor, KSI Sasuke08. As General of Imperial I have had to make some tough decisions. I decided to leave News after accepting the responsibility, so I did not overload myself or take time away from my members. I have had to handle a tough situation with the newly promoted 2nd Captain KSI Icyemoney, which led to his removal from the division. I have had to decide who to promote when multiple people deserved promotions. I have motivated, inspired, and lead the officer corps to the best of my ability. I was able to fill the officer corps with people that are phenomenal; they are amazing people with great personalities that make the members like them. They have always stayed hungry and worked for promotions, yet they do not do the requirements of the officer positions out of selfishness to get promoted. They have produced high quality work without complaining and have worked hard in order to help and benefit the squad. They have recruited, promoted, trained, and mentored the way that I did when I was in their position and have continued to do as a general. I have been able to successfully lead the squad because of the people around me. They have worked so hard that we are at the point where we were able to split Imperial and form the newest squad VANGUARD led by General TossAmidget on 12/1/19 after the latest split being three and a half months ago on 8/16/19. I am lucky to have met and worked with great people that I call friends. I could not have gotten where I am today without my friends that have helped me along the way. Thank you to KSI Sasuke08 for taking a chance and mentoring me. Thank you to KSI Grifful 7 for always believing in me and motivating me to do more. Thank you to KSI Skarzx 77 for mentoring me and challenging me to become the best officer I can be.Thank you KSI Rogue 7 for giving me the opportunity and allowing me to come into Imperial and training me to become general. I want to thank @KSI TossAmidget who has helped me grow as a person, a leader, and a friend. I want to thank @KSI Ursidae who has grown and continued to work hard as a captain, yet still has time to humor people and let him know that I am always happy to see him, and he makes my day better when he hops into my party. I want to thank @APPLE P1E19 for his amazing work and let him know I can't wait to see the great things that come from him. I want to thank @KSI Highjacked9 for his dedication and work ethic and for always being there for everyone whenever they need someone to talk to throughout the days. I want to thank @KSI N3cRo NiNjA for always being real and 100% honest (even if it is brutal sometimes) with me and everyone else in the squad to make sure things are great. I want to thank @KSI NFS KING for always being eager to learn and trying to make sure that everyone feels welcomed into our community. I want to thank @WBG COUN7RY 94 for being passionate and overcoming personal things in order to help and inspire others. I want to thank @KSI Mayor 7 for always being an amazing friend and for always trying to help me in any way needed (especially listening to my complaining). I want to thank @KSI Punisher69 for working hard and showing that even when things get bad, like having to step down and transfer, you can always bounce back and be a strong officer. I want to thank @Wackinwabbit69 for being eager and showing people that you genuinely care for the members of this community; you have always been a great member and tried to get to know everyone and make everyone feel welcome even before becoming an officer. I want to thank @Tenkwb20cf for his dedication and for wanting to improve the squad by recruiting and trying to learn everything to better the squad. I want to thank @KSI Swag 7 for everything he has done in helping and guiding me since joining the division. I want to thank @KSI Lordhades26 for recruiting me into this awesome community. Lastly, I want to thank @KSI Azrael5509 @KSI Sassy for being amazing friends and helping me become a better person; if it where not for you three then I would not be where I am at. Y'all did not have to allow me to leave Knights.
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  12. What is something you wish more people knew about you? I wish people knew that, even though I talk a lot (everyone tells me), I am a great listener. I try to be there for everyone and do what I can to help. I also wish people knew that I try my best not to talk as much, but sometimes its hard due to ADHD. Talking has always been a big issue for me, and I constantly feel like a burden to others or that people don't like me because of how much I talk.
  13. KSI DCRUNK @KSI DCRUNK Three Cheers Award Staff Award: Impy's Cuddle Party Evidence: I have 30 awards
  14. SYTYCW Idea: write a song/rap representing KSI and the ideals we represent. Winner possibly performs in a Productions video?
  15. Over hyped movies seen in theaters that flopped. (Green Latern, etc.)
  16. Gamertag / Forums Name FatRain723 KSI ANTI NAHFOO @M4ST3RQU33F710 KSI ECH0 @KSI ECH0 KSI Highjacked9 @Highjacked9 KSI JeRdEr P @KSI JerderP KSI N3cRo NiNjA @Dr CamelFootMD KSI NFS KING @KSI NFS KING KSI P PEEPIN @DevilChild0907 Award: Train the Trainer Workshop Any evidence if required: Members attended and completed the Train the Trainer workshop hosted by myself. Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK
  17. @KSI RiiOT 7i have like 87 con in osrs. :p ingingot the ornate and everythint For real though i think madden 2 v 2 might be fun
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  21. Please forgive me for my stupidity. It completely slipped my mind. Please disregard this post.
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