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  1. Summertime Scorcher- Yes
  2. Over Achiever: Verified- Yes @KSI Swag 77 you are eligible for a staff/meta award. Which would you like?
  3. Division: Sovereign Legacy Gamertag: KSI DC 7 Link to Profile: @KSI DC 7 I had a long and wonderful career in SL. I was recruited on 5/28/19 by KSI lordhades26 to KNIGHTS SL and earned my way to 1CPT by 7/28/19. I transferred to Imperial where I became general in 3 weeks under the guidance of KSI Rogue 7. I was able to split Imperial and create vanguard two months after being general and became a cofounder after 4 months. I was able to help multiple squads rebuild while being in both squad and division leadership. I recruited 120+ members and referred quite a bit as well. I mentored numerous members, helped members overcome their problems, be a friend to the members, and be an active voice for the members. I earned OS 1 as a captain and OS 2 shortly after becoming a co-founder. I transferred to help WD through their tough times on 8/2/20, but I will always consider SL my home. I am glad I was able to help such an amazing division and appreciate the friendships I made while in SL. Awards: Novice, Pro, and Master Recruiter Outstanding Service LVL 2 Co-Founder of the Month 7s spotlight Captain of the Year Runner Up 2019 Squad Splitter Helping Hand Good Samaritan Mentor Member Assistance Write Right Pave the Way Jack of All Trades Graduate Leader Has Nominee been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1? Yes Nominee’s Current Rank: Co- Founder WD Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes. I joined SL 5/28/19 Transferred to WD 8/2/20 Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes. I was recruited on 5/28/20. I call upon @Sasuke08 @KSI Gruntier 7@KSI Slick 7 @Kakashii 77 @KSI Swag 77 @KSI Rogue 7 @KSI xReckless @KSI Bmack42 @KSIxAsuma25 @KSI xBLACKOUT @Fennyishere @Ken Kaneki @KSI BeanBean @KSI xRaven 7 @Scarface 77as witnesses
  4. Human BillBoard: Verified- Yes
  5. KSI DC 7 @KSI DC 7 Human Billboard Evidence: sent to aap chat
  6. Summertime Scorcher- Yes
  7. Helping Hand: Verified- Yes
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