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    KSI DC 7 reacted to Fennyishere in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    Though I haven't known DC as long as some others have, he has left the same impact on me as he has on many others in SL and KSI in general. Its hard not to over look the fact that he is a powerhouse and was/is the best recruiter I've seen in KSI. During my time in SL he has proven to not only be a great leader but also a great motivator for others as well. When my squad (Elysium) 1st transferred over to SL we needed help. Our leadership wasn't where it needed to be and our squad was falling apart. When DC was put over us the first thing he did was have a discussion with all the officers and let everyone's thoughts and ideas be heard. He went with that info creating game plans which overall saved our squad but also revived and motivated us to be good leaders in the future. You can tell pretty easily that DC cared a lot about SL and the people in it. It didn't matter what your rank in KSI was or where u came from, if you needed help he'd play games with you, gave you advice and just helped others whenever he could. He is seen as both a mentor and teacher to many including me and doesn't just see things in the now but looks more at the bigger picture. From splitting a squad to keeping many others alive in SL its not hard to see why he deserves to be in the history books
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to KSI Swag 77 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    I’m gladly here to be witness for DC DHOF. DC has been an inspiration for not only for the members, by myself to. His dedication to make change and go above and beyond for the members in the time he was here in SL has made a positive mark into the SL future and success. With not only his dedication with clan ops , but he also take his time to be in News and AAP departments and is on the senior staff in each department. If that don’t explain how much he is dedicated for the community. I’m very proud to had him under my 7s team in his time in SL and I’m very proud to been his mentor and I’m very proud to be his friend , he definitely deserves this award , no question.
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to Scarface 77 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    As the Former Division Leader of SL and Director in KSI, I witnessed first hand DC rise from the ranks of SGT all the way up to now a Co-Founder. During that rise, I watched this man help grow 2 separate squads through his amazing recruiting efforts, his ability to be available to EVERYONE and overall just his natural leadership that all of his peers respected him for. He even allowed another fellow captain to assume the role of General because at the time he was having a tough time with schedules and felt it was what was BEST for the squad. He then was asked to business transfer to ANOTHER squad to help them and he despite being the new guy, was the clear cut best officer in that squad. Continuing his string of dominance as a leader he was promoted to the general of Imperial SL and wasted no time getting into the role and doing well. One of the proudest moments of my KSI Career is watching this guy despite all hardships and weird things that have happened to him, he was eventually promoted to Co-Founder while also splitting his squad prior. Just one of the many accomplishments he has earned during his SL time. As the originator of SL and the Architect of the Divisional Hall of Fame, when the idea was created it was intended to honor members who gave 110% to the division and helped shape it to what it is today. DC is one of those type of members and you will see no-one like him for quite a long time. No Brainer for SL HOF
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI Uppish 7 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    Division: Sovereign Legacy
    Gamertag: KSI DC 7
    Link to Profile: @KSI DC 7
    I had a long and wonderful career in SL. I was recruited on 5/28/19 by KSI lordhades26 to KNIGHTS SL and earned my way to 1CPT by 7/28/19. I transferred to Imperial where I became general in 3 weeks under the guidance of KSI Rogue 7. I was able to split Imperial and create vanguard two months after being general and became a cofounder after 4 months. I was able to help multiple squads rebuild while being in both squad and division leadership. I recruited 120+ members and referred quite a bit as well. I mentored numerous members, helped members overcome their problems, be a friend to the members, and be an active voice for the members. I earned OS 1 as a captain and OS 2 shortly after becoming a co-founder. I transferred to help WD through their tough times on 8/2/20, but I will always consider SL my home. I am glad I was able to help such an amazing division and appreciate the friendships I made while in SL. 
    Novice, Pro, and Master Recruiter
    Outstanding Service LVL 2
    Co-Founder of the Month
    7s spotlight
    Captain of the Year Runner Up 2019
    Squad Splitter
    Helping Hand
    Good Samaritan
    Member Assistance
    Write Right
    Pave the Way
    Jack of All Trades
    Graduate Leader
    Has Nominee been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1? Yes
    Nominee’s Current Rank: Co- Founder WD
    Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes. I joined SL 5/28/19 Transferred to WD 8/2/20
    Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes. I was recruited on 5/28/20.
    I call upon @Sasuke08 @KSI Gruntier 7@KSI Slick 7 @Kakashii 77 @KSI Swag 77 @KSI Rogue 7 @KSI xReckless @KSI Bmack42 @KSIxAsuma25 @KSI xBLACKOUT @Fennyishere @Ken Kaneki @KSI BeanBean @KSI xRaven 7 @Scarface 77as witnesses
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to KSI xRaven 7 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    Where do I even begin with DC? Seems like every where I go hes there. Whether its news team, AAP, even was my cofo in SL. This man has done so much for this comunity, even for me. I know i can be brash, and a bit of a drama queen at times. This man right here has always been one to step in and be like.. nah uh girl, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Always coming at things with a level head, ans slowly teaching me to do the same. 
    He is a true inspiration foe me, and has taught me a lot about different . He was a teacher for news team, a teacher for AAP, and a mentor in SL. He always had the backs of his members, while not afraid to put a boot up someones rump. I cant tell you enough about how hard this man works. Specially the things he's put put for news! This man has busted his arse from here to Timbuk 3 for the news. All while being a dad, a teacher in hard times, and juggles everything like hes in the circus. Though to be frank, he makes it all look easy. 
    I first met DC when I was in WD, and I first joined the news team. Him, uppish, and myself would have news meetings, and it just bw us for a small time. We fed off each other's ideas, ans motivations. With out DC or Uppish, my insperational minds wouldn't have come to pass... my ideas would not have life to them. DC has inspired me, as im sure he has others with news. 
    As foe when it came time that I has hit a rough patch in WD. He was there to listen to me, I didn't know his division, I didn't know anything past him being an amazing friend from news. So when I decided to go to SL due to other friends, I was shocked to see him there. He pushed me to be better, to di better, to become a better leader. Right from the geko when he took over as cofo of my squad. He went straight to work. Not a single one of us had slack, he made sure we where on top of it all. All while still letting us know, he is there for us.. giving us a good kick in the ass because we needed it.
    If ANY PERSON in KSI deserves this, it is Crunk. So let's pull the lever on this nomination, because this man has been the spine of so much Insoeration that I don't even think he realizes what being my friend has meant to me. Being my 7, working with him has been a true blessing. LUV YA @KSI DC 7
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to KSI xReckless in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    KSI DC 7 was a key part in SL’s growth during his time here. Not only is he literally the best recruiter I have ever seen, but he will train and teach anyone anything he can. DC is an educator outside of KSI and it shows in his dedication to the improvement of all officers in SL. It didn’t matter what squad you were in, DC was willing to be your friend, teach you, train you, and improve you. He has sacrificed an incredible amount of his own personal time to ensure that SL would grow, even in the face of several adversities. Anyone lucky enough to know DC, will advocate the same thing, this man will give his heart and soul to the success of KSI and the individuals around him. The most amazing part about DC is that he isn’t worried about his own rank, or anything like that. He’s willing to take a bullet, or sacrifice an opportunity for those around him. I mean, what else do you want from this guy? He left his home division to help another division in need, and expects nothing in return! I could write volumes on his triumphs, his selflessness, and his outstanding abilities as a leader and mentor. 
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to Kakashii 77 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    DC was a pillar of SL's success, i remember him having the same level of commitment and passion for the community when i first made him an officer. He never failed to dissapoint in any aspect of KSI career, the statements above speak volumes, but still only scratch the surface. I would love to have DC among me, and the fellow SL HoF members. 
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    KSI DC 7 reacted to KSI Rogue 7 in KSI DC 7 SL DHOF NOMINATION   
    I will gladly attest to the amazing and undeniable incredible work and dedication @KSI DC 7 has had in SL. He has been substantial in Soveriegn Legacy's growth and success. Being recruited into SL in May 28, 2019, in 2 months he made it to CPT and I heard many amazing things about DC while he was a Captain over in Knights SL. A literal recruiting god and amazing officer, not only a mentor and trainer to other officers but an example. I had the fortune to have him as my Captain in Imperial. Right out of the gate he began to make his mark and shortly afterwards became General of Imperial when I moved up. As a General, he faced obstacles and overcame them. When he needed help he asked and when someone needed help he helped them. As a CoFo, I watched him grow an awesome officer corps and he was able to successfully split the squad and create Vanguard. When time was right and a suitable replacement was trained and ready he was promoted to CoFo. Throughout his time as a 7 in SL, he greatly assisted and mentored so many officers and Generals. His leadership was imprinted on so many successful leaders and members in the community. From his out-of-the-box ideas to recruiting workshops, from officer training to some of the best member retention; there is not much that DC can't do and when he does it he does it above and beyond. He is always encouraging those around him to reach out to members and go have fun. One hell of a party hopper and always willing to drop that knowledge that he has obtained. I've seen him handle some of the craziest situations as both a General and CoFo. Always striving to learn more by taking LEAD 101 and CT 201. His passion and intensity is one that others should replicate. His diversity and forward-thinking will do wonders for him as he continues his career in KSI. It was an honor to work alongside him. Even though he isn't in SL anymore, he has stamped his name in this division for years to come. Just look at his profile and see all the amazing award achievements he has earned. Between Captain of the Year runner up 2019, CoFounder of the Month, OS1 and OS2, Squad Splitter and many more. But what these awards don't tell you is the day to day dedication and sacrifices that he has made for this division. Members come and go sometimes, but few are truly worthy of Divisional Hall of Fame. When it comes to DC, he more than fits this bill. He has been more than just an exemplary member, he has been a pivotal and vital leader as well. Without his guidance, who knows where some of these squads would be. Logistically, he is God-tier. He may not know it, but I highly respect and value him both as a member and fellow 7. SL wouldn't have been the same without him. Time to put him down in the history books for Sovereign Legacy. SL will always be his home. 
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from AWOL in AWOL II - Merica - Self Nom.   
    Merica- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI Thash in KSI Thash Meta Award   
    On Point: Verified- Yes
    The Elite- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI Uppish 7 in KSI DC 7 Approachable   
    I accept the nomination
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSIxAsuma25 in KSI D3KU Multi Nom   
    @KSI AceStrkr25 this needs to be posted in the multinom section only. It does not need to be posted in here as well
    @KSI Starset 7
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSIxAsuma25 in Muti-Nom Award   
    Forums Newb: Verified- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSIxAsuma25 in Muti-Nom Awards   
    GS Hoarder: Verified- Yes
    Dedicated: Verified- Yes
    Committed: Verified- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI xRaven 7 in KSI xRaven 7 Award   
    I can verify as a Co- Founder that KSI xRaven 7 is a member in Imperial SL. 
    I can verify as news senior staff that KSI xRaven 7 is a member of news.
    I can verify as AAP senior staff that KSI xRaven 7 is a member of AAP
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSIxAsuma25 in Donor: June   
    Out for Summer- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from AWOL in AWOL II - Out for Summer - Self Nom.   
    Out for Summer- Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from AWOL in AWOL II - Meta Award - Self Nom.   
    Yes to both
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from AWOL in AWOL II - Meta Award - Self. Nom.   
    Yes to both
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from AWOL in AWOL II - Donations/Twitch Awards - Multi. Nom.   
    2020 Donor - Yes
    Luck Of The Irish - Yes
    Spring Chicken - Yes
    May The 4th Be With You - Yes

    First Step - Yes
    Rolling Subscriber - Yes
    Enduring Subscriber - Yes
    Anniversary Subscriber - Yes
    You're Still Here - Yes
    Marathon Subscriber - Yes
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from DrinkYourDamTea in May 2020 SYTYCW   
    If I could be any God from mythology, then I would choose to be Chronos. Chronos was the original God/Titan in Greek Mythology. He was all-powerful, and no one stood in his way. His power was absolute until his sons, led by Zeus, banded together to defeat and ensnare Chronos until the ends of time, but that is not why I chose Chronos. I picked Chronos because he is the Greek God of Time. If I were Chronos, then I would never be stuck in the constraints of time. I would bend time to my will. Never again would I have to worry about a deadline for any work that I was tasked with. I would stop time whenever I pleased, so I could enjoy the precious little things in life that most people don't notice because of their busy schedules. I would relive perfect moments. I would control time: the most precious gift that humans have ever created. With my power I would lead the other Gods. What good is Helios' sun if there was no time for it to rise or set? Who would care about Aphrodite's love and beauty if they could not admire it through time? Demeter's crops would not grow, nor her flowers blossom if I did not allow the time. I could stop Ares' wars with ease by stopping all time until mortals begged me to end their suffering, so they could return to their loved ones. Hera would not oversee marriage unless I permitted. No life would be born without marriage and love, and no life would end without war unless I wanted it to end, which would leave Hades' underworld empty. In the end all Gods would rely on me for them to be so important, and all mortals would need me for their lives to be fulfilling. 
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI HIPPARU in KSI HIPPARU OS1 Nomination   
    KSI HIPPARU definitely deserves this award. She has been one of the greatest assets to Prestige SL. If it wasnt for her the squad might have ended up closing. She became a SSGT during/right after her squad got poached by its former general. With only a general and two other (not as active) officers she dedicated all her time and energy into rebuilding prestige. She worked so hard that she eventually earned her way to the rank of general. She is a staple in Prestige and a main reason it is successful today. The members in her squad and in others all know and love her. She has earned the novice recruiter and jack of all trade awards. She does a great job of motivating her officers and leading by example. She is an excellent trainer. She is sympathetic, but she does not allow anyone to take advantage of her. She is an excellent leader and mentor within KSI. For these reasons @KSI HIPPARU deserves OS 1.
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from Kakashii 77 in CT 201 Sign Ups Weeks 1-5 With KSI Gruntier 7   
    Gamertag: KSI DC 7
    Squad/Division: SL
    Rank: Co-Founder
    Discord: KSI DC 7#5540
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI Rogue 7 in KSI Rogue 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination   
    KSI Rogue 7
    @KSI Rogue 7
    OS LVL 2
    I will be more than happy to drop my vote to nominate one of my closest colleagues, mentors, and friends within this community. A lot of my leadership traits come from KSI Rogue 7. He has taught me more than most people will ever learn during their time in this community. In September 2019 I was transferred to his squad in order to benefit the division. Three weeks after the transfer I was promoted to general and he was promoted to Co-Founder. Although I received training in Knights SL, he completed my training, so I could be fully general ready at the time of my promotion. Things were extremely tough at times, such as when I had to rank suspend a Captain that eventually was removed from the division, yet he was there to mentor me. He would always give advice, but he allowed me to make decisions. If I made mistakes, then he was there to guide me, so I can learn from those mistakes to become a better leader. Rogue helped me tremendously when Vanguard split from Imperial (December) while I was general, and he was able to do so easily since he had literally split Prestige from Imperial 4 months prior in August 2019.
    The mentoring did not stop at the general level. He was one of the first people to help mentor and train me when I was promoted to Co-Founder. We may not always see eye to eye, but he is always willing to listen to other people's ideas before making a final decision. He has done this all for me, but I am not the only one that notices how outstanding Rogue is in the community. Everyone in SL knows Rogue because he is constantly jumping into parties, posting in discord, and playing games with the members. Rogue revamped SL's entire recruiting process and created what is known as the Standard Recruiting Process that every squad in SL uses when recruiting. He also did the same thing with promotions, so that training new officers, recruiting, and promotions are done efficiently by all officers and potential officers. Rogue cares about all of the members and is constantly reaching out to them to check up on their well being. He has sacrificed a lot for this community (time, money, mental health, etc.) just so he can make sure others are enjoying their time in KSI.
    He recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary, and since the start of his KSI career, he has been subscribed to the KSI Twitch (two weeks from a full year), which proves how much he invests into the community.  He also has the following awards that are quite notable: General of the Year 2019, Co-Founder of the Month Jan. 2020, Master Recruiter, and Squad Splitter. He created the Divisional Tournament Council, which he completely funds just to promote growth, activity, and camaraderie between squads and divisions. As a co-founder he has been acting general of every SL squad (other than Elysium that just transferred into SL on 4/30/20) for a minimum of a week and a half and the maximum being six weeks. He even was acting gen of two squads at the same time for a one week period. Rogue has done a lot for this community, and it is clear that he is truly outstanding in his actions. For these reasons I believe that KSI Rogue 7 deserves OS LVL 2. 
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    KSI DC 7 got a reaction from KSI xReckless in April 2020 OTM Awards   
    Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO)
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -
    Link to forums account -
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -
    Link to forums account -
    Reasoning why they deserve this -

    Division Leader
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Swag 77 SL
    Link to forums account - @KSI Swag 77
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    KSI Swagg 77 deserves this because of the insane amount of work that he does for his division and the community. The man probably dedicates 14 hours a day to better his division and community. He party hops so much that he is probably in upwards of 30 parties a day. This month alone he has lead SL to reach new heights to have over 420 members while encouraging his generals to actively fluff. He recruits, promotes, adds people to discord, and even adds people to the omega in order to help his generals when they are busy. He has successfully led his division throughout this month even though we had two generals step down. He actually talked both of them into reversing their decision, which helped the strength of the division. He is always preaching about member retention and practices what he preaches. He is even on the G14 Classified helping people transfer and welcoming the new members from Elysium. For these reasons I believe that KSI Swag 77 deserves Division Leader of the Month.

    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Rogue 7 SL
    Link to forums account - @KSI Rogue 7
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    KSI Rogue 7 is an amazing Co-Founder, and he has done so much for SL and for the community. He has actually created something called the DTC, which is a bi-weekly tournament that has a monetary prize for the winners (a monetary prize that he completely funds). He has been acting general of two squads this month, and he has helped turned those squads around to the point where they have hit the ground running and the morale has completely changed for those squads. Everyone in the division seems to love Rogue, and it is not hard to see why. He leads squads effectively, boosts morale among all squads, keeps discord activity high, and goes above and beyond his responsibilities to make SL a great place for our members.
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Kakashii 77 Prestige SL
    Link to forums account - @Kakashii 77
    Reasoning why the deserve this -
    KSI Kakashii 77 is one of the most veteran generals that has ever graced KSI, and this month he has proved why he deserves this award. Kakashii has led Prestige SL to become one of the strongest squads in the division. He has not done it by himself, and he will even tell you that. He is one that will give credit to others rather than take all of the credit himself, which is what makes him a fantastic leader. While Elysium continues to transfer Kakashii has led a charge for his squads officers to help Elysium officers get used to the new division. He is always training people, motivating his officers and members, and he has paid for multiple members name changes, games, and xbox live. He does this for everyone not just his squad. He puts his squad first, but he always thinks about what he can do for the division. For these reasons I believe that KSI Kakashii 77 deserves General of the Month.

    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xReckless Knights SL
    Link to forums account - @KSI xReckless
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    KSI xReckless is one of the strongest captains in the entire community. He stepped up as acting general this past week, and the members were extremely receptive. The members love and respect him. He is always in parties with his members. He attends every workshop and gamenight. He is always looking to learn and wants to help all members grow in the community. The work he has done is amazing. The officers listen and respond well to him. He leads by example. He recruits constantly, promotes, and runs security checks. For these 

    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI WVUA11EN Templar SL
    Link to forums account - @KSI WVUA11EN
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    KSI WVUA11EN kicks butt in all aspects of his role as a LT. His name is always popping up in the security stats channel. He is always recruiting, promoting, hanging with members, etc. He is always impressing the officers in our division, and it is no surprise why. I cannot wait to see what this member does.
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI MRSBLITZ
    Link to forums account - @KSI MRSBLITZ
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    Although she has been part of SL for a short amount of time, I have already seen the amount of work that she has put in to acclimating herself into the new division. She has asked plenty of questions, so she can improve herself and her knowledge. She has helped transfer multiple members into the division. She is always willing to take criticism, and her officers absolutely love her because of her personality and the work that she puts into the squad.

    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Starset 7
    Link to forums account - @KSI Starset 7
    Reasoning why they deserve this - 
    KSI Starset 7 does an amazing helping the forums stay up to date. He oversees the new gaming section mods and helps with the join area. He does all this while running AAP and leads as a Co-Founder in his division.
    Department Member
    Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Uppish 7
    Link to forums account - @KSI Uppish 7
    Reasoning why they deserve this -
    Uppish has worked his butt off in AAP and in News. He has led as a senior staff in AAP and was senior staff in News before his rightfully deserved promotion to Co-Head of News. He is always doing what he can to help the news members with their articles (editing, inspiring, etc.) and helping the aap members by giving friendly reminders if they have not posted on a nomination/voting.
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