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  1. I love turkey! And bowls! So... I love turkey bowls! Go DM!
  2. Well, I couldn’t think of just one person to nominate so I’m going to include everyone! First, the boss man,@KSI WHISKEY82.. an extremely personable person and definitely helpful in anyway he can, good sense of humor and his articles are amazing! I’m glad to be a Wrathian, LOL, and I probably where I’ll stay! @KSI Siren82 A super mega sweetheart that I always enjoy talking to, is always ready to reply to a question that someone asks and generally enjoyable to be around. She’s not afraid to help our bossman find his place! @KSI RezMeIn5 A super nice guy that’s always willing to help people in anyway, especially with questions about Destiny 2, (which is not dead by the way) @KSI LilDreamer✨ another chick who’s very sweet and very helpful, she always replies to people and makes people feel good about themselves with her positive comments. They are welcome and good to see @KSI Uppish or rather, King Uppish! Lol, He is always upbeat, positive and definitely inclusive. He’s always trying to get people to game with him and it’s very nice to see in this community @KSI JonahAlex12 he’s been my buddy through three D2 clans, and I always enjoy playing with him. He has a great personality and impish chuckle and he’s a great time @KSI Trixie for her wonderful personality, her infectious laugh! I seriously mean it, she starts going off everyone is laughing! She doesn’t mind learning new words LOL and is always fun to talk to
  3. @KSI Siren82 you are a sweetheart! Thank you and you are sooo correct in your other comments. Love being KSI Wrath
  4. Please for the love of all that is delicious... do not combine cereal, a sweet, sugary terrible choice for breakfast with delicious cooked soup that has so many varieties and an abundant choice of ingredients, where cold cereal is laden only with diabetes
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