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  1. It's not exactly fun but it still makes me excited, I've got to clean and start to pack to move off to my new university where I'll be starting in under a month, other than that it's ksi most nights while also trying to catch up on some sleep
  2. Gamertag: KSI JonahAlex12 Division: Demonic Mayhem The one thing I want to be the best at: Balance in my life Why: Currently my life is rather hectic, I have University starting again soon, I have a very busy full time job at my local bar and to top it all off my girlfriend is having trouble with future plans. First things first, I'm Alex I'm 18 so fairly new to my current situation of living alone and only being able to rely on me. I have my university course starting next month and I'm still trying to get on top of all of last year's notes and coursework. I'm doing biology so I am required to do lots of field work and if I don't get everything sorted for next month them I could become overwhelmed (not fun). For work with the university holiday everyone has moved back to their parents for the break, of course I'm glad my colleagues get a break but for me it means my workload has trebled. I've gone from part time 18 hours a week to technically full time so I'm now working practically every day. I used to find my job rather fun interacting with the customers on the bar but now it's just too much to do. Unfortunately like most I need the money in order to keep going to university. Next, my girlfriend is struggling on her future education plans competing with her parents expectations of her. She is currently studying at college and plans to do a few more courses there, she's very creative (way more than me) so it's a struggle to find courses that she likes. On the other hand her parents want her to start thinking about moving out and starting a proper career, so obviously she is very stressed lately as she gets to figure this out and I try to help as best as I can. Finally, I love to game. Unfortunately I am running out of free time so guess when I game now. At night, not helped by the fact that most of KSI is America based meaning most people I like to game with are 5-8 hours behind me. So on top of all the stress from work and university I now am having less sleep too. So to sum it all up I need to try to find ways to balance out my life more and to make everything more manageable.
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