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  1. Name: (Member-/-Squad-/-Division of the person you are nominating) KSI CHAOS 7 SMITE SQUAD DIVISON AWESOME Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums.org/user/50-ksi-chaos-7/ Award-/-Achievement: (The award you are nominating this person for) gamescore hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: (Please give reasons to why this person is deserving of the award you are nominating them for) my shiny Xbox says i have 20006 now so..... Also trying to do this from a phone to see how easy this was or wasn't.
  2. I win!!!! Not saying who i voted for
  3. what pay my mortgage this month? YES I like that idea!
  4. 1. She had the bright idea of doing a division split from LS to SH and since no one knew what the hell we were doing she did a great job and pulled it off. 2. Spirt week well she did that twice! 3. Lead she changed our entire education to streamline to what we needed. 4. She married me and puts up with me so not sure that was a bright idea but yeah she did that too. 5. She puts up with an all male board right (luci you half way count lol) now and does a great job of keeping us all in line ish during meetings 6. Hell half the rewards were currently using in the aap were her idea which this whole thread is odd how she does NOT have this. I am confused. 7. She put luci in timeout a few times and that was the 1st time that ever worked 8. I am just typing stuff now to see if your actually still reading this 9. I think this is bordeline spam now but not sure so I might want to stop. 10. She is awesome! O yeah and tonight we had 6000 members on Access Denied go team! If I get banned from aap for a bit for this post it was so worth it lol
  5. You clowns! There are only 3 senior director in KSI and he is one of them! I mean I saw this and was like ummm wtf how does he not already have this but hey it happens . Which IMO shows we are doing the same things we have always done by ensuring our members are getting awards and forgetting the ones running the whole thing lol. WOOPS. So lets see anyone that knows me would know there is no way in hell I would have let someone become a director let alone a senior director if they did not go WAY above and beyond what I feel it takes to run things in KSI. His recent actions with helping with spirt week show not only does he get the clan ops aspects but KSI as a whole. The productions stuff he does is great. Ensuring we actually have videos and steaming being done! Ummm he is a senior Ummmm he shaved his head for spirt week! Ummm do we really need me to go on lol. He is doing a great job and like jess posted Most Standing should be concidered for this member.
  6. 2. To see which division brought the most support!! -- A poll will open up in this thread, and members must vote for the division that they are representing! The division with the MOST points will get the first set of points to kick off SPIRIT WEEK 2013!!! After voting, ANY member who posts in this thread will receive the official "DAT SPIRIT" participation award!!
  7. I can concur with all the above statements. I honestly thought he already had this award and am kinda surprised I missed this. Jiggy has been a pillar in this community for this time and has done a a great job not only present day but back when he was a director has done so many things above and beyond his job description in clan ops but in his other ventures in KSI in other spots.
  8. Doc by far is one of the best applicants I have ever seen for this award. I know the AAP want to know things he has done that go well and above what normal members have to do to earn this. 1. He has had a rough year with serving with the military and trying to balance KSI and has done so like a pro. Most that do the military thing kind of just go away for a bit (no offense to them of course they got things going on and we understand) Doc has still been there for not only his division for cofo jobs but has kept their facebook active and their sections on the forums active. 2. Doc uses all tools we have via forums and xbox to communicate with not only his members but all members in KSI. He is one of the best examples of using your tools that KSI and xbox has given you to keep members informed on the going ons in KSI be it weekend warfare, changes in policy and procedures or just random shout outs to people doing a good job. He adds his own color to his messages and not the same bland messages that even I find myself sending out and when I see messages from Doc regarding stuff I want to read it I want to see what he put because he puts that little bit extra into them to make it where you want to see or hear it. 3. During GL7's reign as GLB1 on mw3 doc was a crucial part of us getting to level 50 and being able to rank in the top 10 in the world on a weekly basis getting our names out there into the xbox gaming world in a positive way. His gameplay etiquette and lobby chats during games even if we are not doing well has always been something to look up to because he holds our standards and what KSI is all about to that level where it should be. 4. Lastly since i could keep writing and i know your like chaos stop typing Doc is one of the 7's that I can honestly say I have NEVER had an issue with his choices and his ability to deal with the politics that come with becoming a 7 in KSI. He takes alot that the military has trained him to do in leading people and shows how that can be used in KSI and does a GREAT job at it making it where his members are knowledgeable and are having fun which is exactly what I need and want to see from the 7's in clan ops.
  9. I can witness this one Not sure if you needed more or not
  10. No longer with us no reason to even give shiny award
  11. I can vouch for this one . Smokes been a master at this for sometime and will be able to do great things with his new place in SH because he is 100% about quality and not bulk and has the best interests of KSI and how we want to grow and build!
  12. With the amount of issues this one has caused me and my upper leadership in clan ops he has to be crazy to keep pushing me to wanting me to do my job. Ask any director we have and they can vouch not many keep pushing my buttons unless they have some serious mental issues. And yes by me saying do my job those that know when I jump into a party and it gets quite because chaos just got here that is EXACTLY what I am talking about when I say do my job.
  13. I witness! I am on a roll tonight!
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