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  1. @KSI Starset 7 I sent them to you , you’re discord is star to the set correct?
  2. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSIxMitsuki @gemqigaming Award: 2020 donor Any evidence if required: I can send pics on discord
  3. Gt :KSIxMitsuki forums: @gemqigaming award: Gamer Score Hoarder evidence: pic upon request
  4. Gt :KSIxMitsuki forums: @gemqigaming Award: Twitch Sub Club, Summertime Scorcher Evidence: can send a pic on request
  5. If we could get rules/regulations of a tournament at the time of it being announced
  6. Name/gamer tag: KSIxMitsuki link to forums: @gemqigaming Award: Gamerscore Hoarder Evidence: look up my gt won’t allow a pic, Gt:KSIxMitsuki
  7. name/gamertag:KSIxMitsuki Link to forums account: @gemqigaming Award: Twitch sub club Evidence:
  8. KSIxMitsuki New Member Certified Evidence: KSI Callan05 Host:Callan 05
  9. Team Captain: KSIxMitsuki Division: SL Teammate: KSI Callan05 Division:SL Teammate: KSI Twizy Division:SL
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