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  1. Link to Forums Account: KSI TheFiend Award-/-Achievement: Luck of the Irish Reason-/-Evidence: I sent it to bane the evidence
  2. Hey Tink how are you my friend

  3. I hear that you are a really good halo player

  4. I love being the friendliest person in KSI

  5. Congratulations on becoming a general dude

  6. Congratulations on becoming a general

    1. KSI Drastic#1557

      KSI Drastic#1557

      Thank you!! I appreciate it bro. 

  7. Would you be down to play some Halo 5 sometime?

  8. What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

    1. KSI Airborne 7

      KSI Airborne 7

      I really like Return of the Jedi. 

      Right now though, the Mandalorian has been great as a show!

  9. Thank you for teaching me about  different wrestling promotions? 

    What do you think of the Wrestlemania card so far?

  10. You make the best podcast on Twitter ivy

  11. How are you doing today my friend

    1. KSI Ish

      KSI Ish

      Im pretty good! How are you my man

  12. Hello my name is KSI TheFiend. I just want to say thank you for for all the hard work you put into making our Workshop I hear that you're a wonderful teacher I hope you're having a blessed day thank you for being a total blessing to our Gaming Community

  13. Hi squeaks how are you doing today my friend

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