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  1. I nominate KSI Streak for Legen- Ripple Effect On Point Optic Requim All Hail the Pickle King Bacon Apex Legends Minecraft Call Of Duty Halo Rocket League Air Force Support Army Support Marines Support Navy Support Support Group Forza Gang Beasts Madden Sea of Theives LBGTQ+ The Double Agent Gamerscore Rookie Gamerscore Hoarder Round of Applause Three Cheers Annual Event Participant 2021 (Turkey Bowl) Welcome to 2022 Merry Christmas 2021 @KSI Streak
  2. Hosted: KSI TRU USMC

    Game: open game night 

    Date: 1/15/22



    KSI Downish

    KSI Frog1192

    KSI Salt CSR

    KSI Vexey


    KSI Kat

    KSI Uppish 7

  3. Host: KSI StreakX Date: 01/15/2022 Workshop: Recruiting Certified Attendance: KSI Zordon @KSI Zordon Evidence: CS Activity Log
  4. CS Director KSI Slick 7 @KSI Slick 7 Reason for this award: Why dosnt he deserve this award? He is running the most well rounded division in KSI with some of the most self sufficient Squads we have seen in a while. He has continued to be very consistent within his division and has been a role model to us all as to what we should be looking to become. CS Division Leader KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Reason for this award The guy has been amazing plain and simple. He has been maintaining a well balanced Division. Whenever there is a problem we don't even see it because it is handled so quickly. He has been a very good leader and somone everyone should look up to and strive to be he has shown in the last year why he has earned his rank and is destined to go higher. The always pushing forward mentality for this man has landed him a great reputation! CS Co-Founder KSI Grogu 7 @KSI Grogu 7 Reason for this award When this guy comes to my mind I think of the power of word of mouth. This man hasn't gained a reputation by people talking about him. He gets to you before somone even mentions him. I was recruited into KSI 6 months ago and I saw him within 2 days. He is no doubt an inspiration within the community everybody knows his name or of him. He has made his round and done above and beyond the Call of Duty. CS WRATH GENERAL KSI MercX @KSI MercX Reason for this award This man I knew before I even joined KSI and was one of the soul reasons I joined. Not even because of him being a nice and inviting person but because of the way he represents this community. He is the most proud member I have ever seen he follows this community more than most people do their favorite sports team. He knows everything about this community inside and out and he has a drive to get him far. He is a very impressive man who I can see becoming a very high member of this community and probably the most proud officer and dedicated officer and consistent officers this community has to offer and I have ever met! CS WRATH CAPATAIN KSI KingdomX @KSI KingdomX Reason for this award This man has been my role model from day one as of half of the Squads role model. This man has produced amazingly high quality officers and has ran through the ranks of WRATH and for good reason. The guy litteraly holds the rank of captain and still tries his hardest to micro manage. He always has a hand in everything and always helps out. When there's a problem in the Squad we don't call Ghost Busters we call Kingdom. He is our fix it Felix and we have problems and at this point in time have no idea where he could even improve anymore. He is well deserving of this award and is a pure embodiment of what KSI stands for. KSI CS WRATH LEUTENANT KSI Walrus @KSI_Walrus Reason for this award This guy started off as a member and over the course of 3 days instantaneously became Staff Sergeant qualified. This guy has continued working harder and harder as the days go on. He is a outstanding officer and gets better and better everytime I see him. He is always learning and always taking notes and always moving forward. KSI CS REBELLION STAFF SERGEANT KSI Tru USMC @KSI TRU Beast Reason for this award The guy flew through his training to become a staff Sergeant and it wasn't because of a hasty promo. The guy does his work and he does it well. Once he was promoted to a SSGT in WRATH he was then transfered from our Squad over to Rebellion to help out and since then has continued to improve at a steady and continuous rate. The guy never stops pushing and grinding and people genuinely look up to him and it's obvious why. He is a shining star in that squad and it's not because of good looks. It's because of his quick wit and dedication to provide for this community.
  5. Host: KSI Groudon Date:11/18/2021 Workshops: Leadership Aspects CAPS Awards: Leadership Aspects Certified CAPS Certified Attendance: KSI Walrus @KSI_Walrus Evidence: I Hosted them
  6. Date: 11/15/2021 Workshops: Recruiting Workshop Basic Training Workshop Awards: Recruiting Certified Basic Training Certified Attendance: KSI Kyogre @KSI Kyogre Evidence: I Hosted them
  7. Host: KSI Groudon Date: 11/02/2021 Awards Advanced Training Certified KSI Forums Certified Rank Structure Certified Attendance: KSI Blk0ut21 @BlackKaiser
  8. Division Leader KSI Uppish 7 Division Leader/CS @KSI Uppish 7 KSI Uppish has really branched out this month and it has shown in my eyes. Not to long ago I knew who he was and I heard a lot about him but my actual interactions with him were very slim. This month he has really branched out in joining gamenights and making sure all members are comfortable and all Officers are confident. He has made a very noticeable change and it has been making our Division run very smoothly and has kept a consistency within our work. KSI MercX General CS/WRATH @KSI MercX KSI MercX has been the General of WRATH for a moment now and he has been the acting general since before I joined KSI and all I have to say is the man dosnt sleep. He has made contact with every member he has made sure that every officer knows the criteria and he has spent countless hours throwing any and all information he can to said officers to prepare them for any instance/situation that may arise. The man is a machine who never stops working and it really shows within the consistency and performance of the Squad. KSI T StackG Captain- CS/WRATH @KSI T StackG Reasoning why they deserve this - From contacting hard to reach members to helping the General on almost a daily basis to being super responsive on discord and Xbox to creating a potential Fluff list to training one of our Lieutenants to party hopping to contacting members and integrate them more within the community. The guy continues each and every single day to prove more and more why his name is known and he continues to shine like crazy. Our numbers were down in the Squad 1 week ago. We look at the state chat and he brought in 4 members. Promotion list backed up T Stack is online for 1 day and all of a sudden 3 promotions are done along with a Gamertag change. Officer has a question he has the answer problem in the community he solves it and then some. The man is just a miracle worker! KSI Walrus (SSGT - CS/WRATH) - @KSI_Walrus Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI Walrus was introduced a potential officer on a Monday. The day prior on Sunday we had our officers meeting and we hadn't really even mentioned him. The following Wednesday he had all of his requirements done. That being all 3 workshops ,3 recruits, his potential officer test, Mock Promotion and Mock Recruitment. He was a absolutely driven animal like I hadn't seen before. Like I said the man was never even mentioned as a PO in the meetings he went from nobody to officer over the course of 3 days and since then he hasn't fallen off one bit. Broken controller no worries he is on discord every morning and every evening. Promotions need to be done he's on it. He is a gem that shown nothing but excellence since the moment he took the step to becoming an officer and I have no doubts he will continue to show his stuff as time continues.
  9. Team Captain: KSI Groudon Division: CS Teammate KSI Ranger95 Division: CS
  10. Date: 8/17/2021 Basic Training workshop Awards: Basic Training Certified Host: KSI Groudon @KSI-Groudon Attendance: KSI CalmMars @KSI CalmMars
  11. Date: 8/17/2021 Recruiting workshop Awards: Recruiting Certified Host: KSI Groudon @KSI-Groudon Attendance: KSI Relikin @KSI Relikin01
  12. Date of workshop 08/09/2021 Gamertags: KSI Airborne @KSI Airborne KSI Relikin @KSI Relikin01 Forums Award: Basic Training Certified Evidence KSI Streak hosted @KSI Streak
  13. Date of workshop 08/03/2021 Gamertags: KSI CalmMars @KSI CalmMars KSI Airborne @KSI Airborne KSI Erza @Banite sith KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 KSI Infid3l @KSI Infid3l Forums Award: Recruiting Certified Evidence KSI Streak hosted @KSI Streak
  14. General-Choas Syndicate/Wrath Gamertag-KSI MercX Link to forums account- @KSI MercX Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI MercX is cool under pressure, dedicated and unwavering in determination. This man was a acting general for a little while before even getting promoted to general because of how respectable, responsible and reliable he was and since his legitimate promotion to general he has only proven those points even further. Taking our squad to a more successful state would be an understatement. He has been a massive impact to say the least in Wrath and CS as a whole and continues to take another step forward each day. Lieutenant-Chaos Syndicate/Wrath Gamertag-KSI KingdomX Link to forums account @KSIDeMoNk1NG Reasoning why they deserve this- KSIDeMoNk1NG or as he is now called KSI KingdomX has had a huge impact on Wrath and I can say that very very easily. He has been training 2 people for officer rank that being myself and KSI Finest while also handling his duties as a LT. During my training to become a SSGT KSI KingdomX brought me to a new height as he helped me fit all requirements to become a officer before my 2 week requirement was finished. Also ontop of also training another SGT to become an officer he has been hosting game nights and bringing those to a new height as well spending close to 13 hours on a maze running map on mine craft just so people would have a different experience. He has gone beyond the call of duty and it is hard for him to not stick out like a sore thumb whenever peaking into Wrath.
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