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  • Birthday 05/03/2001

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    San francisco CA
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    I love to cook I enjoy video games making new friends drawing bowling and hiking
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    KSI Siberian
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    Wicked destruction
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  1. Gamertag/Forums name:KSI Siberian/ @KSI Siberian Award:New Member Certified Evidence: Workshop completed on 5-9-22 Person(s) who ran the workshop: @KSI Celebi
  2. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI Siberian @KSI Siberian Award: New Member Certified New member workshop hosted by @KSI Celebi Note workshop was hosted on 5-9-22

    Thank you so much to everyone that I have come in contact with in KSI in my first month it has been truly amazing 

    Special thanks: thanks to @KSI Mamatankfor believing in me and even when I couldn't think I could do something you made it so I had the confidence to do so


    Thank you @KSI Harmonyfor being such a amazing friend and being there when I feel down as well as in my eyes my mentor I can't thank you enough for everything 

    Lastly @KSI VALI 7 you have given me the courage and confidence I needed to be able to get where I am today I don't know what I'd do without your advice 


    Much love to everyone I mentioned here as well as everyone else in Samurai and the rest of KSI I hope to meet as many of you as I can have a awesome day/night y'all 

    1. KSI Courage

      KSI Courage

      always here for you homie

  4. Gamertag: KSI Siberian Division: WD
  5. Name KSI Siberian Link to forums @KSI Siberian Reason/evidence My birthdate is 5-3-2001 Current date 5-3-22
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