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  1. Hey @KSI Blue974 can you please provide the photo that you are wanting? This will make it easier for the designer to create your request using your preferred viking photo. To make sure this is correct, KSI Blue974 is what you are wanting as the main text and Vanquish WD is what you want as the subtext correct?
  2. You are welcome. Signature accepted topic closed
  3. @KSI Bastet Cookies Here are two versions of a Standard Signature that you can place within your forums profile signature section. Let me know which you like!
  4. @KSI Draco you would need to put in your own request in this section but you will also need 20 non-spam posts before requesting here are the rules we have. @KSI Bastet Cookies I will see what I can do and see if I can find a bigger size of the second photo.
  5. @KSI Bastet Cookies so the image is extremely small. If it was to be blown up at all it will become blurry/grainy and unclear. Do you have any other photos?
  6. @Airborne This topic can be currently closed and moved
  7. I am glad you like it! @Airborne this can be closed and moved!
  8. Hey @KSI Bastet Cookies do you have any other photos by chance? preferably a render due to this being another artists work we wouldnt be able to use it. Also with looking for the type of artwork we would need to know what you are wanting. Take a look at this: This has the official request form to fill out for the one you filled in was for department requests specifically which also will be that this post will be moved to the correct part of the Graphics Department. @Airborne
  9. Name: Huntr X Link to Forums Account: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/6606-huntr-x/ Award-/-Achievement: Forum Addict Reason-/-Evidence: I have 1,029 posts at the time of this post being created. Award-/-Achievement: Three Cheers Reason-/-Evidence: I have 33 awards Staff Award Requested: Halo
  10. @KSILycanBlut It's not that google images are no good. Most people pull their images from google. its only artwork/photos that were created by another artist. Take for example artwork on deviant art. Most if not all of these will either have the artists sig or a watermark within the artwork, drawings are other artists work as well. But renders that you can grab off of google are what we are able to work with.
  11. @KSILycanBlut hey man! by chance do you have any other photos that you would want used? I ask this for due to the photo you are wanting is a drawing created by another artist we cannot use that photo. Also we will be having your request moved to the correct section within the Graphics section.
  12. Hey man! I definitely know you want to have a gamerpic completed. Though we do have some rules before we can fulfill your request with these two being the most important: More information on the rules that we have can be found here: I do extremely recommend reading it. Also this next link is to our direct request form page: We also will be moving this to the correct section on the forums and will be closing this request. Though once you do gather 20 non-spam posts (which can be completed by chatting with your fellow squad members and division members within the divisional and squad chats on the forums.) go ahead and message me here on the forums and we can get your request opened back up.
  13. You are very welcome. Gamer pic accepted. Topic closed.
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