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    jupiter :)
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    i love halo, obviously lol, drawing is my passion. :) i love just hanging out with friends and having a good time. i love anime and manga so if you know any good yuris (or other anime, i prefer yuris, but there are some awesomeones out there, like fma, wolfs rain, trigun, ect. ) let me know lol ( ive seen most of them but yea. )

    Here are links to my animations done in college :
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    SGT (Former Director)

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  1. Team Captain: KSI Jupiter 7 Divison: DM Teammate: KSI Blocky Divison: DM
  2. Vote for your favorite Spirit Week 2016 Promo Video!! The 6 Video/Intro contestants are : ** ( NOTE - The names ARE NOT the order of the Videos, The videos are are in another order ) *** KSI JESSI<iframe width="759" height="452" src=" KSI Warrior Ace<iframe width="734" height="438" src=" KSi Jupiter 7=" KSI SnipDaWabbitiframe width="734" height="438" src=" KSI POISON IVYidth="734" height="438" src=" KSI intros KSI Graphic iframe width="734" height="438" src=" Thank you everyone who help create these videos and intros !! All of these are on The KSI Productions YouTube channel! VOTE NOW !!!! *** NOTE *** - You MUST vote in order for the VOTE to COUNT, commenting someones name or the number does not count as a VOTE!
  3. Ok we have our videos coming in now. I will post them on here when I have more. KSI POISON IVY - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Video Submission - Number 1 - KSI Graphic - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Graphic / Intro - Number 2 - KSI Warrior Ace - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Video Submission - Number 3 - KSI JESSI - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Video Submission - Number 4 - KSI Jupiter 7 - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Video Submission - Number 5 - KSI SnipDaWabbit - SPIRIT WEEK 2016 Video Submission - Number 6 -
  4. Its time to announce.... THE KSI SPIRIT WEEK 2016 VIDEO COMPETITION !!! :D Below you will find all the info you need to create your video to compete in the competition! The video will be for The KSI 5th Annual Spirit Week Event! The winning video will be shown through out the spirit week stream to promote the event, and also be posted on our youtube channel. All video submissions will be posted on the youtube channel but not necessarily shown on the live stream during the spirit week events. The winning video will be determined by community vote. The video with the most votes wins!! Requirements: Video must be for KSI Spirit Week Video must say KSI Spirit Week 2016 or KSI 5th annual Spirit Week somewhere in the video Must represent all the divisions - (divisions are: ) Must represent the games in spirit week - (games are: ) Must be at least 15 Seconds long Preferably under 1 minute in total video length Follow KSI Code of Conduct with all video audio and clips ** Please PM KSI Jupiter 7 and/or KSI Mpliers 7 with your video. Once they have your video we will post them here in Numerical order so they can be voted one! ** PM KSI Jupiter 7 and/or KSI Mpliers 7 if you have any questions. Feel free to submit solo video edits or group edits, we welcome both for this competition. Happy Editing! :D UPDATE : COMPETITION WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAY. MONDAY WE WILL START THE VOTING PROCESS.
  5. Name: KSI Jupiter 7- Lethal, DM Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/user/72-ksi-jupiter-7/ Award-/-Achievement: The Dedicated award (Been in KSI with a gold tag for 3 years) Reason-/-Evidence: I have been in KSI for a little over 4 years now, come may 8th 2016 i will be going for the Devoted award as well I also have the 3rd year forums award... lol
  6. LETS GOO DM!!! DM gonna rock it again this year !!!
  7. your Rotoscope is Awsome :)

  8. Fem Fatal Battle Royal This would be an event ONLY for the female's of KSI. From all squads and divs will have their girls reppin them. I vote on HAlo, but im bias . I think at least giving it a try would be nice, but giving a heads up in advance would def help with this. I know in the Pillow Chat ppl are liking the idea :3
  9. ( cant place my vote cuz i have threes but ) DM LS GZ ftw!!!!!
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