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  1. Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Venum 7 (Founder DW) Link to forums account - @VENUM 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - recently VENUM became the leader of DW, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is one of the most dedicated leaders I have ever met in my KSI experience. Every day he gets on willing to talk to any member of DW about anything. He is willing to help any member in need and makes him self available anytime, even when he’s out doing stuff in real life. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Tiger 77 (CoFO WD) Link
  2. Team Captain: KSI Havoc 7 Div: DW Teammate: KSI Mikester IV Div: DW
  3. Certification: Division Leadership Certified Attendance: KSI Bane 7 @Bane 7 KSI Majesty @KSI Majesty Evidence: The above members completed the Divisional Leadership workshop hosted by KSI Havoc 7
  4. DIVISIONAL LEADERSHIP CERTIFIED Award: Division Leadership Certified Gamertag: KSI Taywick 77 @KSI Taywick 77 Gamertag: KSI HawtTrott @KSI HawtTrott Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze @KSI xKamikaze Gamertag: KSI Mikester IV @Mikester IV Gamertag: KSI Fadez 7 @KSI FadeZ 7 Evidence: Above individuals completed the Divisional Leadership Workshop hosted by KSI Havoc 7
  5. King has been here a long time, but for someone who has been here so long, King is still very young. Despite this however he has endured a long list of trials through out his time in KSI, sometimes with his head held high, and other times yearning for more. He has helped build divisions, squads, and leaders within the community, but it’s not in his successes that King’s true strength lies. In his failures is when King truly stands out. For many, failure is a loss of something meaningful, failure means giving up, failure means the end. Nothing is ever the end for King, because even in defeat he
  6. Captain: KSI Havoc 7, DW teammate: KSI Artifice, DW teammate: KSI Nebula 7, DW
  7. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Mikester IV @Mikester IV Award: Squad Leadership Certified Evidence: Attended Squad Leadership Workshop hosted by KSI Havoc 7 Gamertag/Forums name: KSI ShaynePain @KSI ShaynePain Award: Squad Leadership Certified Evidence: Attended Squad Leadership Workshop hosted by KSI Havoc 7 Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Iced Ares @WOW iTz Uranus Award: Squad Leadership Certified Evidence: Attended Squad Leadership Workshop hosted by KSI Havoc 7
  8. Name: KSI December 77 Link to Forums Account: @December 77 Award-/-Achievement: Beat Reporter Reason-/-Evidence: Author of "Recruiting Effectively". This article was published on Global back in April. It is a great instructional topic that has even been added to one of the PO workshops! It is also used and referenced by many members of the community. December is also the creator of the "Monthly Top Recruiters" HSI record. This record keeps track of all the the top recruiters from each division. This has been an ongoing thing since September. Monthly Top Recruiters: September 20
  9. Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link: @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award: Coming into DW, working underneath Ronin i noticed one thing immediately he talks a lot, I MEAN A LOT, Bringing memories of college and sitting through a lecture the key difference being that a lot of the things that Ronin would say actually had application in my current style of leadership. When Ronin talks there is always something he is trying to explain or get across, even his silly metaphors hold meaning. He is the type of leader who will challenge what you thin
  10. Pretty sure android don’t have FaceTime miss Hatter >_> and Apple has them for awhile too >_>
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