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  1. Character: As a leader you are charged with developing a higher character for yourself. Your character is defined by the integrity of which you do your job when in the "hot seat" and most importantly when you aren't.  Your character is arguably the most important attribute when being a leader, as this is the example that is put forth to your members for them to emulate and understand as the standard. As a leader you are not only responsible for providing a comfortable environment for your members to game, but you are also expected to make the hard or uncomfortable decisions. Having established a highly respected character for yourself will ease the minds of the people who those decisions effect because they have come to trust that you are the right person to make them. 
  2. Commitment: Making a commitment isn't always about TIME, it is about standing true to the goals and vision of your squad/divisions throughout challenges and adversity.  Nothing will ever go completely according to plan, especially in KSI.  Make sure that you don't lose sight of the commitment you made when you accepted your role as a leader, and know that leadership is not only defined by the successes you've had but the failures you've overcome to get there.  The most successful leaders in KSI are the ones who showed unwavering commitment. 
  3. Courage: As a leader you must show courage and dare to do what others have failed to do before you.  Be bold and accept challenges as they come in order to learn more about yourself as a leader and the members you oversee.  Being courageous allows you to find out what works and what doesn't, which you may not have known had you never taken a chance.  Courage is that which cultivates leadership. 
  4. Confidence: Knowing the difference between confidence and arrogance is paramount in leadership.  As an individual you are aware of what you bring to the table and what you need to work on. A confident person understands what they are best capable of while openly working on what they feel is not their strong suit.  You MUST exude confidence as a leader because if you don't believe you are capable, those you are leading will doubt you as well. You got to this point for a reason, people had faith in you and the leadership you've shown. Knowing you have what it takes is half the battle, knowing that there's always room for self-improvement is what keeps you from being arrogant. 
  5. Communication: The key to any successful organization is communication.  You as a leader hold that key.  Open communication is a must for any leader to establish an atmosphere where others can communicate honestly and freely without fear of judgement.  When people feel the communication lines are open, they will ask more questions and volunteer more ideas that can possibly help with the success of a squad and/or division.  Use your means of communication to effectively explain what your expectations are, train and instruct members on their roles, and LISTEN to what people have to say! 





The references in this piece were found and gathered from this article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkwilliams/2013/04/05/do-you-have-what-it-takes-to-be-a-great-leader-take-the-test/

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