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Name: KSI Ascend 7
Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/26961-callipygian/
Award-/-Achievement: Die Hard
Reason-/-Evidence: As Division Leader Ascend was constantly dealing with challenges within LW 2 squads were on the verge of a shut down and one was brought back I know being a DL its normal to deal with challenges on a day to day basis but ascend takes time away from his family and sometimes he comes  and is bombarded with drama and just utter chaos if out in this situation I know most members would've left KSI without second thought, but no Ascend stayed and prevailed


KSI MuddyGirl 7

KSI Sycdan 7

KSI xFatality 7

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20 minutes ago, Lafayette 7 said:

Need to get a ton of witnesses who can witness that this member has never given into the pressure and has been able to stand up to the strife.

Shouldn't be too hard since ascend is obv so sexy.


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