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Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

I am FuzzyMeep™

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This is a topic to give some shout outs to anyone for spirit week, this topic will be open the Sunday prior to spirit week, if and when we get to the 200th poster, he/she/luci will win a prize! let the games begin

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Let the games begin, i will start with a shout out to @KSI Greg 7 ™ for slaving away on Halo reach with myself setting up the maps and also for him to keep suggesting new tournys we could do, cuz like7 was not enough , @ImPyyy @True 7 forsetting up news stories, and for prepping all the social media and coordinating the chaos that will ensue @Broken Pliers @VeRiiDaD for Getting a host for all events from the lovely TnE dept @KSI Doctor 7 for breaking his computer and thats all i got so far......

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Yay! Shout outs to the Board for getting this junk set up for another year! Especially @I am FuzzyMeep™ and @KSI Greg 7 ™ for leading the way. Also shoutouts to @True 7 and @KSI Gary 7 for stepping up leading News and Productions, respectively.

I'll be gone for the first half of Spirit Week, but can't wait to show up on Friday. :)

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Okay so my shout outs are going out to the entire BoD for setting everything up! You guys have done a great job setting everything up! @ImPyyy for getting all the Departments ready for spirit week! I have a feeling this is going to be a great week!!!

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Now for the Poop talking



WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN @go away I dont believe you have been working in the AM....lies lies and all lies


Hi @KSI Gary 7

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Shout out to my dad for bringing me into this world happy and all other dads on this lovely fathers day. A huge shout out entire board for organizing and planning these events as well as a huge shoutout to my t&e staff that will be helping with hosting. But most importantly the biggest shoutout is to our memebers who without them we wouldn't have a spirit week so good luck everyone and may the best division win!

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Shout out to @KSI Gary 7 on becoming a FOUNDER.. 

Shout out to @KSI BadKitty 7 & @BigsBunny7 just for being freaking AWESOME...

Shout out to @KSI Gambit 7 even tho you never downloaded that game.. (damn right i am petty AF) :baby:

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Yayyyy time for shout outs!!! 

Shout out to @I AM W1CKED and @Pirate Chinbeard 7 for their recent and very well deserved promotions to Director! You both have put in a lot of work for your divisions and definitely deserve it!

Shout out to @KSI Igan for being my person, keeping me sane, and reminding me of all of the things I forget.. which is pretty much everything. 

Shout out to @KSI x Karma 7 for making every party fun! Your laugh is infectious, and people love being around you. <3

I don't know if this is technically a shout out.. but @KSI Gambit 7 and @BigsBunny7, yall suck at Uno. #gitgud

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Since I'm lame, and am no good at the @, I'm just going to do gamertag's cause... why not? 

Super exciting for another year of Spirit Week! Since I won't be attending as much as I would like, I am going to make up for it with some shout outs!!! 

This year has been extremely rough and I am so glad that these people have keep me up and slightly running in the gaming world and the real world. 

First shout out goes to my old friend KSI WICKED 7! First of all he is a pretty hilarious dude! I don't think he realizes it but every time he rants about his work I literally die of laughter. He is straight forward and a great friend. I wouldn't be in KSI without him. Not only is he a great friend but an amazing leader and knows how to get his Poop done!

Second goes out to some people from my time in DR. KSI DarkAngel7 has been an amazing friend to me personally, I know she has a few people who may bring her down, but she always manages to pull through. Also I think his gamer tag is currently KSI Charming 7? Aka KSI Grumpy, let's just say the second name is more suitable for this gent. He is one funny dude that's for sure. He is hard working and once he has a task he sets his mind to it and gets it done. KSI Breakfast 7, aka KSI Brutal, is also a great friend. Sometimes I don't know what he''s doing but he seems to get it done haha ^.^ 


KSI Bixby 7 is my other shout out! Congrats on your growth within KSI and as a leader. I have watched you leadership grow and I'm personally proud of you. If someone would have asked me when you joined if I pictured you as a leader now it would be hard to believe. Keep going!! 

Same goes for KSI Gambit 7, except i knew that he would succeed in the leadership category!  Keep up the good work!! 

And wait... there's more 

Shout out to @go away, (haha I did that @ thingy) for being a funny character haha, he always seems to make me smile on days I don't want to and I appreciate that

Shout out to @ImPyyy, he is a hard working guy and is always inspiring those around him! Also I'm totally jealous of thoservice rocket league skills XD 

Lastly huge shout out to McPillars!!  (Mpliers) you're a huge inspiration to me and you never seem to let me down with those pizza memes!!! Thanks for being there and all that you do!!

OK I'm done for now... it's like 2 in the morning lmao ^.^ 

Happy shout outs!!!!!!! 

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Shout out to @KSI Silence 7 @KSI Gunner 7 @KSI BOOGA 7 And @KSI RebelFire 7 for being the coolest group of 7s I've ever worked with!

also shoutout to the following for all of the hard work they do 

@Airborne 7

@KSI Plu

@KSI WhiteWolf



@KSI night halk


@KSI DarkFear (can't find forums :()


@KSI Jade Rabbit

@Chaos Caesar

And there are many many more thank you all for making FI what it is day in and day out!

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I wanna give a shoutout to my boy KSI PandaBear19 (Jose) for being a great and always encouraging friend. It really sucks that he's at football camp during spirit week but I know that he's having fun no matter where he is.

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Shout out to @VeRiiDaD, @KSI UNDERDOGG, @KSI night halk, @AYELOVES 7 For being hand down some of the best people I've met here in KSI and always drove me to do hard work. 

Shout out to all the BOD on making Spirit Week happen

and shout out to all the members who make this community such a welcoming home to everyone

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Big Shout to @KSI Collector 7 for paving the way for me and being a good friend.

Big Shout to @KSI Poison Ivy 7 For getting me into the streaming thing. lol, You're an awesome friend. 

Big Shout to @Chi Town 7 For never giving up and helping me in LW and not changing his name yet. lol

Big Shout Out to @KSI BOOGA 7 For his promotion. 

Big Shout out to @KSI Trendies 7 and the entire WD staff for always staying positive.

Big Shout to @ImPyyy For Giving my the chance to host Happy Hour (Weekly Update) 

Big Shout to @KSI Bixby 7 For helping out Happy Hour. 

Big Shout to All KSI members for keeping the community strong. 

Big Shout to @Guru Green For recruiting this greatness and being a good friend.

Big Shout to all who believed in me.

Big Shout to the future. Rear to the butt, Eyes to the front.

Enormous Shout to all our military. May KSI be your sanity. (Or drive you nuts, lol) 


P.S. :ass:

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Shoutout to @KSIDarkxAngel 7 & @Breakfast for there hard work and dedication to DR. They always found a way to make me feel at home. Proud of you both, and keep pushing!


Shoutout to @KSI Serapheeeem 7 & @KSI Gary 7 for accepting me with open arms into their division. I look forward to helping get LW to the top of the mountain. 

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Not very good at these but here goes.

@Widow thank you for being a great friend to me over the years. Starting off when you were a captain while I was gen of Menace and then again in titan. You helped those squads be great. I am especially thankful for you coming to DR with me so I would have someone I knew around. You are one awesome person. No matter what you always have a smile on your face.

@Breakfast I really appreciate everything you have done. I know sometimes we argue sometimes but I couldn't do this without you. You have so many great ideas that help squads achieve to the maximum potential. I wish things weren't the way they are but we got this.

@xTheKing 7 Thank you for giving me a shot here in DR and not giving up on me when I gave up on myself countless times. I wouldn't be where I'm at if it is was not for you.

@True 7 @Broken Pliers You guys have taught me so much and have helped me achieve to my fullest potential. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone through tough times.

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