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This is pretty cool I feel like I'm writing my own autobiography lol.


My time in SH:

So, the first time I joined KSI, I was 15. The year was 2012. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on Ground War. I was matchmaking and out of nowhere there was a full lobby of KSI. I played against them (and destroyed them).  Not long after that I joined KSI. Instantly once I was trained to a PVT I really fell in love with it. I was automatically attracted to the organization, and how the Officers conducted themselves. It really made you feel like you belonged to something bigger then yourself. That besides you there were 3400 people doing the same thing to build the team from the ground up. I would spend all my free time recruiting. Back then when it was easier to mass message and the KSI security was a lot lower then what it is now. I instantly started to carry a reputation with me in my squad. I was known to be young and eager, but also extremely organized and a great recruiter. I quickly moved up the ranks in my squad. (Which for the life of me I cannot remember the name, its driving me insane. I really want to say it was called Wrath.) Before I knew it, I was a Major and was being groomed to take over that squad because the acting gen was starting to fade out of clan ops and leave KSI altogether actually. So, months went by and I received a message one night, describing that the Gen was leaving. Immediately following that I got an invite from my Co-Fo and Founder and was promoted to General. I really loved being a General, I loved the freedom that came with it. I really liked managing my own squad. Of course, back then it was easier to be a General. There wasn’t as nearly as many policies we had to adhere to.  I spent about six months in that squad as the General and we grew. Eventually a Co-Fo spot opened, and I felt like I earned that. So, I made every attempt to get it. They ended up giving it to someone who I felt really didn’t deserve it. So out of spite, I left and eventually went to the US Army as an Infantryman (11B). Looking back at it, I hate how naïve I was. Because the crazy reality is, is that if I would have just accepted that in the eyes of my 7’s I wasn’t ready. Eventually I would have been ready and by this time I could have been a Senior Director if I just would have stuck it out. I think about that from time to time and I really kick myself in the ass for it. 

My time in FI/SL:

Oh man, how do I even start this. I started off my KSI career for the second time in FI. I joined Velocity as a SGT. Velocity for me was a bleak affair. A month before I rejoined in Velocity, they got poached hard and the worst part about that was it was an Officer that was leading that attack on Velocity. So, that really did a number on the current General. After the attack on the squad she really didn’t trust anyone. In the return of that mentality, officer promotions were rare. Recruiting wasn’t a great idea, because the squad needed to be fixed at its fundamental levels before we could bring in new faces and retain those new recruits. So, for about a month and a half, I just sat in that squad not doing nearly anything. It was very boring to say the least. After I requested a division transfer (which was denied for unknown reasons). The Co-Division Leader at the time, hit me up and wondered what I thought about potentially going to Stryker (which is now Imperial.) I instantly hopped on the idea, and three days later was in Stryker. Let me just tell you this, Stryker at the time wasn’t even a squad. It was just a group of stragglers’ that had KSI in their name. At this point in my life I was leaving the Army, so I had nothing but time to fix the squad. A month later, we had maybe 35 people in the squad and it was forming a shape. As the squad continued to grow, I continued to grow in rank. Once Stryker was settled and stabilized, FI as I knew it was gone. All my seven staff were fired or quit KSI. That was depressing. Then over the weeks they introduced a new seven known as KSI Skarxz 77. It was at this time that I got promoted to General (for the second time.) Since then, today I currently lead Imperial. That’s pretty much it for now. 


So the overall message is this:

KSI will always change, leaders will come and go. Change will always be around the corner. Its really all about how you handle these new changes. There's no point in getting angry over Poop you cant control. So really when it comes down to it, you have to ask yourself "What can I do to better myself, or my squad?" And nine times out of ten, its simply this, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and be the leader your members need. It is because of this why KSI has been around for fifth-teen years. Through all of the ups and downs, were still here. And its because people weren't thinking about themselves, its because they were thing of the over thousands of people in this community. I get on Xbox everyday, and every time you will see me on the home screen, I'm not playing games or passing the time. I'm mentoring leaders for the next generation of KSI. That is, and how we will always survive. 

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I was :

Recruited on April 4th , 2017 by KSI Guyy

Trained to PVT on April 9th, 2017 and Officially joined Defiant Squad in Explosive Outlaws Division. 

On April 26th I was promoted to SGT once I became KSI Skarzx  (formerly SkarzxOblivion)

Shortly after I became a SSGT and an officer of Defiant along with KSI Five Zero (SSGT), KSI Guyy (LT) , KSI R3ap3r 77 (CPT) and KSI Grimshot (Gen).

I rose to the rank of 2nd CPT and approached a squad split in early August 2017 . 

On August 8th 2017, KSI Ronin 77 promoted me to General over Vendetta EO

My officer staff at the time consisted of KSI Toridestnut, KSI Boondock, and KSI DaQuestion. 

I started with 38 members and grew my squad to 100+ by  September 20th , 2017. 

By this time I was also a member of Productions and AAP. 

I split Vendetta and created Predator EO. 

In September 2017, I was promoted to Co-Head of Productions alongside KSI Chicago 7 and became KSI Skarzx 77 . 

I was promoted to Co-Founder by KSI ECKO 77 on September 24th , 2017 and relinquished Vendetta EO to KSI DaQuestion and KSI Techz to Predator EO as Generals. 

From there I was Acting General 2 separate occasions, once in Predator and once in Defiant . (*Predator would later close few months later*)

In Febuary 2018, I came up with the Divisional Hall of Fame idea that would soon be implemented and started this year during the Fall Classic '18.

I was promoted to Founder on February 22nd, 2018 by KSI ECKO 77

In May 2018 I joined the Join/Rejoin Moderator Team 

On June 6th, 2018 I was promoted to Co-Divisional Leader of Explosive Outlaws Division by KSI Grimshot 77 . 

In Late June 2018 I became Acting General again for Rogue EO 

Also in Late June 2018 I joined the CDC - Community Development Committee

In July 2018 , I was promoted to Senior Staff in AAP 

In August 2018 I relinquished Rogue EO to KSI BooyahMonk whom alongside myself and KSISwiggityTaco brought Rogue from 25 members to 50+ within a month time. 

In Early October 2018, I was promoted to Deptartment Head of Productions 

In October 18th I was transferred to FI as a Founder 

On October 22nd FI/CD became Sovereign Legacy where I assumed the role as Founder
In January 2019, I Joined the KSI Courts. 

As of February 2019 , SL reached Flagship status and surpassed 300 members!

On March 21, 2019 I was promoted to the first ever Divisional Leader of Sovereign Legacy

In May 2019, I was promoted to Senior Court Judge (Which makes the 4th different department where I held a senior position)

On June 26th , I was promoted to Director and placed over Sovereign Legacy 

Also during Late June , I was added to the Educational Team as a Lead Mentor (Hosting Lead 101 starting 7/22/19)


To be continued......


Achievements - 

Divisional Resurrection (EO)

Squad Splitter (Defiant/Vendetta EO)

Rebounder (Rogue EO)

Master Recruiter (Pro, Novice & Master)


Jack of All Trades

2x Weekend Warfare Winner

Outstanding Service Level 1 

Outstanding Service Level 2

LT of the Month (EO 2017)

Productions Member of the Year 2018

Divisional Leader Of the Month (SL 2019)

Founder OTY Runner Up 2019

Bright Idea Winner - Div HOF

Dept Head (Productions)

Co-Dept. Head (Productions)

Divisional 7 Ranks Achieved - Co-Founder (EO), Founder (EO/SL) , Co-Divisional Leader (EO), Divisional Leader (SL)

Senior Staff Member of AAP

Author of Member Retention & Time Management workshop, As well as Stress Management & Professionalism Workshop. 

Author of Department Introduction Workshops. 

Beat Writer Award Winner - 5 articles published.

Creator of the Divisional Hall of Fame
Explosive Outlaws Divisional Hall of Famer 2018

Sovereign Legacy Divisional Hall of Fame 2019


7's staff member of the 2017 Division of the Year (Explosive Outlaws)


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Sovereign legacy

My name is Noah

. I’ve been in KSI for about 2  months now, I have enjoyed my time here so far but not here to talk about that here to talk about my journey so here we go.

The beginning 

I was first introduced to KSI by one of my great friends KSI murder7117 (skyler) I noticed that he changed his name to KSI and I asked him he told me that it was a gaming community  he knew that I would fit in so he got me in a party with him and KSI Rockdogg 7 and skyler recruited me it was jaunuary 17,2019  and that when KSI nighmare began his journey.


after only being in KSI for a day I knew that I was going to be here for good, so I got $10 to change my gamertag to KSI nighmare (yes I know I forgot the t) the second day In KSI i was promoted to Sargent by KSI TAZZ  that day was my first squad meeting.

staff Sargent 

after only being I  KSI for a week i had three recruites under my belt and I knew that I wanted to become an officer so I sent my general ( @Darth Kakashii aka KSI kakashii 7) a message explaining what I wanted to do he told me to prove to him that I wanted it so I spent that next week recruiting and that weeks squad meeting kakashii announced that I was one of KNIGHTS  newest Staff Sargents and that's when I knew that I wanted to work my way up to becoming a general 

From SSGT to LT




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When I first joined KSI I was recruited into Templar SL by KSI Scorpi0n and going from RCT-CPL the person who I’d always play bo4 with was my old gen KSI Toxin 7 (Formerly KSI Sinikon) then after a few months I changed my name to put a KSI tag in my name. A few more months went by and my squad was getting ready to split while I was working to become an officer in Templar. A few days later I was told by my gen that I would go into the new squad which was known as Glory. After a few days in Glory my gen told me he needed Officers so I told him that I was interested and I started working to become an officer. After a few days of working hard I became a SSGT and when I first found out about the duties I was a bit confused and worried at first but once I started getting used to it I started to get the hang of it. A few months One of my officers left KSI because of personal reasons so a few days after he left I was promoted to 2LT and started to get trained to become a captain. One day my gen told me he was going to step down and after he stepped down our then COFO KSI Swag 77 became our acting gen and promoted me to. 3CPT a week after. a few months went by and I was training to become gen. After a bit went by the burnout started happening both of my fellow officers started taking about transferring and I was thinking of leaving KSI in general. One day our div leader got a with us to let us know that they would be shutting down glory. While we vacated the squad I was transferred back To Templar one of my officers transferred to Knights and the other one transferred div’s. Now we move on to today currently I’m a 1LT working to become a CPT and I’ve been enjoying it. It took a while to get used to but I’ve been doing better in Templar nowadays. 

To Be Continued...

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Hey everyone my name is Brandon Mack but most of you know me as KSI Bmack42. To give you my history I’m going to start a little before being recruited into KSI. I met @KSI Rogue 7 about two years ago by chance in a random duo game. We played on and off together for a while and then he joined KSI. On 5/19/19 I got a message from him asking if I would like to join the community. I had no reservations and even changed my gamertag during my recruitment. After that one of the first things they put me through was what I want to call the the gauntlet I was put on a team alone against the imperial officer core so they could see what I could do. Since then I quickly rose through the ranks starting May 19

Recruited Into Imperial SL, PVT and SGT on May 23, June 08 Promoted To Staff Sergeant, July 09 Promoted To Lieutenant, August 21 Promoted To Captain. 


SSGT: when I was approached to become an officer one of the reasons I was so happy to take the job is I wanted to follow in @KSI Rogue 7 footsteps and help the community to grow. It was a little hard at first to learn what I needed to because I was at work. However I was able to start doing promotions at work while on a forklift and attend squad meetings and officer meetings. I even did some of my trainings while at work. I was eager and ready to help the community even while at work I was on doing promotions and recruitments. I was in every training that I was asked to be in. I was asked to help other learn to recruit because I was so passionate and eager to get others into KSI 


LT: when I was promoted to Lieutenant I was so happy because I was being recognized for what I had done. At this point @KSI Ursidae was asked to mentor me and help me to learn even more about KSI and to get me ready to run the trainings that I had already been apart of. Even though OOOF was technologically my mentor I learned so much from all the officers and that’s because everyone has a different style and outlook on different situations. I was usually getting one or two recruits when I got on during this time we had to put a freeze on recruiting because we were about to split the squad for the second time first time since I had been a KSI member. After the split on August 16th on the 21st I was promoted to 3rd Captain of imperial. 


Captain: as a caption probably my proudest moment was doing a triple recruitment. I had met three random people on PUBG and played with them for most of the day. To date all three members are still in and two of them have changed their names to reflect KSI. At one point @KSI Rogue 7, @KSI Grifful 7, and @KSI ToXin 7 all pulled me into a party and started to ask me questions about how I would handle certain situations. Little did I know at that time they were trying to find out if I was ready to become the General of imperial. When they told me they were wanting me to become the general I asked them if I could wait till after exams to make a decision. Around this time we also got @KSI DCRUNK added to our squad as a transfer officer. They didn’t tell us that at first they told us it was a mock interview and after they told us the truth and asked if we would like him as an officer instantly it was a yes from every single officer in imperial. About a week later I got my first round of exams back and they were far from what I wanted and unfortunately because of this I made the hard choice of stepping down from 3rd captain. I would be lying if I said there weren’t tears coming down my face because KSI not just imperial had become another family. I was afraid because I wasn’t going to be on as much anymore that I would be fluffed out of KSI. Thankfully @KSI Rogue 7 and later @KSI DCRUNK both agreed that KSI is a family and we couldn’t boot people out just because something happened and they couldn’t be on a lot. We came up with a plan that would keep me in KSI by me being active in the discord as well as attending some squad meetings and still jumping some parties. Once my grades were able to turn around I was able to get on more often and as long as my grades still improve I will potentially have the opportunity to work my way back up through the ranks as an officer. I have loved my time in KSI so far and I look forward to helping build and improve KSI as I grow in KSI myself. 


Step down to SGT: The choice to step down is not an easy one, I loved being an officer and I was so proud that I had been promoted to one. When my grades at school weren’t doing particularly well I had to make the the difficult decision to step down I messaged @KSI Rogue 7 and informed him I was stepping down. At first he thought I was kidding until I explained the situation to him. He allowed me to stay in the officer core for one hour after to say what I needed to to my fellow officers and I won’t lie it was one of the hardest messages to write because I felt like I was abandoning them. During this time I was also not sure if I would be fluffed from KSI because of my low activity but because of the my general at the time and because of the general who took over @KSI DCRUNK we were able to find a way for me to stay in. I would like to say thank you to the current imperial officers as well for keeping me up to date and congratulate them on their squad split @APPLE P1E19, @KSI DCRUNK,@KSI Mayor 7, @KSI N3cRo NiNjA, @KSI Punisher69@KSI WacknWabbit, @KSI GINGER. Jumping forward to today. My grades are much better and my anxiety is way down and I am looking forward to a possible opportunity to come back to the officer core soon. KSI is my family just like my brother is so I’m glad I didn’t have to leave y’all. KSI for life!

Edited by KSI Bmack42

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