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KSI Gruntier 7

KSI Gruntier 7 Leadership Development 101 Week 1 (7/7/19)

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Leadership Development 101 - Week 1 Leadership 

Your Mentor is: KSI Gruntier 7


Leadership Development 101 is a development course with the goal of increasing not only one's knowledge, but also your ability to think critically. Below you will find the sign up for this round of classes.

This is a 6 week commitment, and unless otherwise specified by the Education Mentor in charge of the class, the class will take place on the same day, at the same time very week.

As KSI operates in EST that will be the format given for the times listed.

To enrol in these classes, you will Sign up on Week 1. You will then stay with the same mentor throughout their 6 weeks of classes. Should you miss a class, it is your responsibility to talk to your mentor about the options available to you.

You will be added to an Xbox Group Message, with your fellow classmates. Please do not leave this message otherwise you may miss your invite to the class!

You can not sign up mid way through a set of classes, you must enrol at the start of week 1.

MENTOR: KSI Gruntier 7
DAY: 7/7/19 Sunday

Time: 8pm EST 

To receive credit for completing this course you must attend all six classes for completion as well as participating in each class. It is at the discretion of the mentor if your participation was sufficient enough to receive credit.
Below is the template to sign up, please copy and paste it in a reply to this post.




Schedule for this Mentor;

Week 1: Leadership on 7/7/19 8pm EST 

Week 2: Code of Conduct and the Open Door Policy on 7/14/19 8pm EST 

Week 3: Squad Development on 7/21/19 8pm EST 

Week 4: Sustainable Growth on 7/28/19 8pm EST 

Week 5: Recognising Burnout & Motivation on 8/4/19 8pm EST 

 Week 6: Conflict resolution & Court Case on 8/11/19 8pm EST 

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@KSI Heathen If I’m not mistaken you should be able to make up the 7/14 class under a different course. Maybe see if you could attend Week 2 with Scarface instead?

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1. KSI Harleygirl

2. KSI Fax

3. KSI UppishB592 



6.KSI Heathen



9. KSI Vonner 7

10. KSI Mannya1r

The list so far we have 1 more open spots left. Loving the enthusiasm make sure to bring that to the classes.

@KSI Heathenyou can miss a class and if there's enough space in a future class then you can make it up with another mentor or myself at the next round of classes.

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Gamertag: KSI Vonner 7
Squad/Division: Insanity DM 


my 2nd time doing these classes  the last  time I did it was 2014

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