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***New Department Event Awards***

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As of August 2019 the Awards and Achievements Program will be collaborating with the History, Statistics and Information Department to bring a whole new group of tiered awards. These awards are for regular participation in community wide events that are held generally monthly, or bi-monthly.

For the first tier of the award, a member will have to participate in each and every of the events listed below (that are offered in that time) throughout a 2 month period. If for some reason one of these events listed is not held, it will not count against the member's participation. 

     The events that require participation are as follows:

  • AAP - Of the Months or Of the Years (Months with Divisional of the Months will not count against members)
  • News - So You Think You Can Write
  • T&E - At least (1) Weekend Warfare during the month
  • Productions - Montage Competition
  • Graphics -  Voting in at least (1) Signature of the Week
  • Performance Operations - Discussion of the Month
  • HSI - Member Spotlights (These run every other month, will not count against members)


     The full list of the tiers for this award are:

  • Extrovert (2 Months consecutive)
  • Socialite (4 Months consecutive)
  • Specialist (6 Months consecutive)
  • Aficionado (8 Months consecutive)
  • Savant (10 Months consecutive)
  • El Presidente (12 months consecutive)


These awards DO NOT start until August 2019, the second half of the 2019 Divisional Cup season. Meaning the first time one of these awards can be applied for would be at beginning of October 2019. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to:

@Airborne AAP Department Head

@FadeZ 7 HSI Department Head

@Scotland Chief Department Manager

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