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Fall Classic 2019 Announcement!

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It's that time of year! Get ready for hoodies and PSL's - Fall is just around the corner!


Fall Classic - Divisional HoF Nominations

Twice a year, KSI nominates and inducts certain deserving members into the Divisional Hall of Fame. During the period of time leading up to Fall Classic, members can post their nominations right here on the forums! Read about the HoF Nomination process here. 

Make sure you nominate those in your own division who you believe are worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame! 

Divisional Hall of Fame Nominations


Fall Classic - Event Schedule*

✦ Day 1 – Thursday 9/26

  • Prominence Poker (7’s Event) – Ring Tournament
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Overtime Rumble

✦ Day 2 – Friday 9/27

  • Black Ops 4 – 4v4 Heist Tournament
  • Halo 5 – 4v4 Capture The Flag Tournament

✦ Day 3 – Saturday 9/28

  • Apex Legends – Speed Run Tournament
  • Karaoke – Theme TBD

✦ Day 4 – Sunday 9/29

  • Black Ops 4 – Gun Battles TDM
  • Closing Ceremony – Divisional Hall of Fame announcements & Community News


7's Playing With Members

Starting this year, 7's will be able to play in all regular events alongside members. Each 7 will only be able to participate in two (2) non-individual events. In the event of an emergency, Directors are able to fill in for one (1) event on behalf of their assigned division to ensure participation.


Social Media

You gotta keep up to date on what happens. You KNOW you do. Plug into all KSI's Social Media outlets to stay informed about Fall Classic as it unfolds!

  • KSIGlobal.org (Detailed event information and recaps)
  • Twitter - @KSIGlobalGaming (Event information, score updates, divisional standings, special announcements)
  • Instagram - KSI Global Gaming (Screenshots, announcements, updates)
  • Facebook - KSI Global Gaming (Announcements, updates)
  • Twitch - KSILive (Live event streams and Closing Ceremony)
  • YouTube - KSI Global Gaming (Tournament footage, clips, montages, recorded stream footage)


*Schedule and events are subject to change

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